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A Lost Church by Scoles – Our Lady of Lourdes, Wroughton

To download this essay by Richard Barton entitled, ‘A Lost Church by Scoles – Our Lady of Lourdes, Wroughton,’ please press the link below:

See also a Centenary Celebration of Canon A. J. C. Scoles:

4 comments on “A Lost Church by Scoles – Our Lady of Lourdes, Wroughton

  1. The Organic Celebrant
    August 8, 2020

    Love the piccie of the tablet and an interesting story – perhaps a venture out one day? I’ll look at the maps and see if there is a footpath nearby off which we might stray to peer at ruins.

    But woof woof, St Mary le bone – Marylebone?


  2. The Organic Celebrant
    August 8, 2020

    Oh, and the 14-18 was [sic] in Captain Coddington’s recollection ?!

    Toodle pip

  3. Jo Sparkes
    August 9, 2020

    How lovely to read this, the history and sacred content is v beautiful, I love old churches and the wonderful R Catholic Faith. BLessings and good health love Jo S

  4. Richard Barton
    November 9, 2020

    From Harriet Bird:

    I am a historian and I have been researching Augusta Zelia Fraser (Webb) (1859-1925) who wrote a book called ‘Livingstone and Newstead’ in which she quotes from her uncle Codrington’s diary in relation to his expedition of Africa with her father (and there is a painting at Newstead of the expedition with Codrington in). In the near future I hope to start a project trying to piece together the families’ history more concisely and then begin looking into their social circles and relations with their wider families. I am just scouting sources at the moment but i think it is going to be a bit like finding a needle in a haystack trying to find primary sources – it appears Augusta’s family were a fan of destroying personal documents.

    As for the diary mentioned, Augusta’s cousin, Mr Edward Codrington, (although on my ancestry tree there are 2 cousins with the middle name Edward but no first name) provided it to her along with some family letters. I have not come across these in any online archive searches yet and they may be back with the family if there were descendants, or now lost.

    If you are able to assist Harriet with her research please contact

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