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Dom Edmund Ceolfrid Trehearne O.S.B. – ‘Martyr of Charity’

To download Richard Barton’s essay entitled, ‘Dom Edmund Ceolfrid Trehearne O. S. B. – ‘Martyr of Charity’,’ please press the link below:

5 comments on “Dom Edmund Ceolfrid Trehearne O.S.B. – ‘Martyr of Charity’

  1. Peter Trehearn
    October 4, 2021

    Dom Edmund Ceolfrid Trehearne. Great Great Grandfathers Cousin. x

    • btsarnia
      October 4, 2021

      Thanks Peter. Any further information would be hugely appreciated as Abbot Geoffrey is considering a fuller article for the Douai Magazine. Please correct, alter or add. With kindest regards Richard.

      • Peter Trehearn
        October 4, 2021

        I will need to collate my family history materiel from many years ago. However from memory I know that Edmunds father William Thomas Trehearn left Ruthin, North Wales for England – Billericay is the birthplace for many of their children and married Mary Canny or Canney from Newmarket, Ireland. Which Newmarket in Ireland I do not know. He was, as you already know, a gardener. In an Obituary for his eldest daughter Mary Ann Trehearn of Cambridge the local newspaper in Wales stated that he had ‘verted’ to Catholicism. Mary Anne Trehearn was according to ‘The Tablet’ an outstanding headmistress of the Catholic School in Cambridge. She died relatively young, aged 44.I think in a Flu epidemic and is buried in Mill Road Cemetery, Cambridge. Inscription ‘Pray for the soul of Mary Ann Trehearn Jan 7th 1892. Erected by ‘The Catholic Our Lady for and the English Martyrs in grateful remembrance of the Mistress of their school for 23 years. I think several other of Edmund Trehearns sisters may have become teachers. Four of his sisters had the name Mary among their Christian names. – More to follow

  2. Peter Trehearn
    October 5, 2021

    I have Edmund as Edmund Stanislaus Trehearn, born 1863 in Brentford. The youngest of up to 9 surviving children of William Thomas and Mary Anne Trehearn nee Canney. Edmunds father was the eldest of 8 children, born April 6th, 1817, to William Thomas and Anne Trehearn, Market Square, Ruthin. Baker and flour dealer. I’m not sure what denomination of the church they were at this time but when Edmunds fathers brother, my gt gt grandad, Thomas Owen Trehearn moved to Rhyl from Ruthin in 1868 he belonged to the Welsh Baptist Chapel. By 1841 Edmunds father was living in Isleworth, Middlesex, aged rounded to 20 though in would have been 23 / 24. In 1845 in the april – june quarter he married Mary Canny in Brentford, Middlesex. his name was recorded as William Treharn. I cannot find Edmunds obituary but recall that he always attended to the sick in I presume Douai.I think it said he was beloved of Protestants and Catholics alike. I have his sisters obit from ‘The Wrexham Advertiser 1892, 6th January’ Headmistress for nearly a quarter of a century of St Andrews Roman Catholic School, Union Road, Cambridge. Trained and educated at the training school of The sisters of Notre Dame, Mount Pleasant, Liverpool. It is a wonderful obituary saying she was ‘immensely liked and respected by all irrespective of creed or religion’. Presumably you will have access to ‘The Tablet’ and may find info re the Trehearn name there. The name is usually easy to find though there are approx 30 different varients in spelling made up mostly of changing / adding to the different vowels.Though this is irelevent I’ll give you a little info re my branch of the family. Thomas Owen Trehearn, Edmunds uncle and my Gt gt grandfather came to Rhyl from Ruthin approx 10 years after he had challenged the ‘intimidation of voters’ pre secret ballot by ‘powers that be’ such as landowners and in his case the headmaster of Ruthin School, Edward Lowry Barnwell who wished him to vote Tory rather than Liberal and it is alleged had threatened to damage his bakery business by stopping the school bread, Church bread and any other people he could influence supplied by Trehearn.The case went before three law lords on the Court of the Queens bench as reported May 16th 1857 in the ‘Carnarvon and Denbigh Herald’. The Thunderer ( Times) also reported and the case was used to promote the secret ballot. Unfortunately Trehearn lost the case which may have contributed to his stay in a debtors prison in 1868/69. However it shows that the family had a certain amount of character in those days. His stay in prison was fortunately fairly brief probably because of his brilliant brother in law, Professor William Williams, a farriers / publicans son who founded The New Veterinery College, Edinburgh, and I believe bailed him out. The family has been in Rhyl now for more than 150 years and have done okay! It might amuse you to google ‘Rebecca Trehearn Biog’ our Olivier award winning daughter who is currently playing ‘The Queen’ in Andrew Lloyd Webbers ‘Bad Cinderella’

    • btsarnia
      October 5, 2021

      Thank you so much, Peter, for sharing your research and what a fascinating insight it gives into Father Edmund’s family background. The story of Thomas Owen Trehearn is absolutely fascinating. It is sad that his nephew, Edmund, died so young. With kindest regards Richard.

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