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Reverend Peter Hartley – ‘A Martyr to Duty’ and ‘Victim of Charity’

To download Richard Barton’s essay entitled, ‘Reverend Peter Hartley – ‘A Martyr to Duty’ and ‘Victim of Charity’,’ please press the link below:

See ‘Gloucester’s saintly Abbe Josse’ by Richard Barton:

2 comments on “Reverend Peter Hartley – ‘A Martyr to Duty’ and ‘Victim of Charity’

  1. David Evans
    November 27, 2021

    In Richard Barton’s essay on Revd Peter Hartley there is a picture of an engraving of 1838 showing St Oswald’s priory in Gloucester. I would like to enquire if you think it may be subject to copyright and, if so, whether you would let me have permission to use the image from your website in a book I am planning on the ‘Ancient Schools of Gloucester’. As you may know, one of the medieval schools of Gloucester was run by the canons of St Oswald’s from the 12th century. Many thanks in anticipation of a reply.

    • btsarnia
      November 27, 2021

      Thanks David. This is actually a postcard published by the British Publishing Company Ltd., Eastgate House, Eastgate Street, Gloucester. I hope that helps. With kindest regards Richard

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