A tribute to the life and work of Brian Torode

Holy Cross, Wotton-under-Edge

To download this essay by Richard Barton entitled, ‘Holy Cross Church, Wotton-under-Edge,’ please press the link below:

See also ‘St Dominic’s Dursley’ by Richard Barton:

2 comments on “Holy Cross, Wotton-under-Edge

  1. Tom Seaborn
    January 19, 2021

    Richard, thank you for the information. I have reason to believe we may be related. My immigrants to Virginia were two teenage brothers. Nicholas and John Seaborne in 1636. They were indenture to John Yates. I have some information concerning the Seaborn and Yates families may have existed during the times of St. Edmund Campion’s capture. Katherine Seaborne was the wife of 2nd Baron of Tenyham were recusants.
    If you are interested in pursing let me know

    Tom Seaborn

    • Richard Barton
      January 19, 2021

      Thanks Tom, I am descended from two or three lines of Seabornes from Wotton who seem anxious to clink to this name but also use aliases such as Plummer and Beale. I also have a Yeats Family from Wotton too. However, my lot tend to be clothiers and weavers and also protestants whereas your Seabornes sound much wealthier. In the area there are families with recusant links such as the Poyntz of Newark Park and the Throckmortons who have Catholic recusant links. It would be great to see your material if you are willing to share and see if we can find common ground. Thinking about it, I seem to remember that one line of Seaborns from Wortley did end up in the USA during the C17th – perhaps this is your family? My email address is: should you wish to take this further. Kindest regards Richard

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