A tribute to the life and work of Brian Torode

‘Living Stones’ and ‘Completing the Good Work’

St Gregory

St Gregory’s Church, Cheltenham


‘Living Stones’ (2013) and ‘Completing the Good Work’ (2018) by Joanna Vials


IMG_3243 (1)



The development of the 19th century Catholic mission

The building and furnishing of St Gregory’s Church

The worship and prayer life of the church

The people who are ‘the living stones’ of the church



The Tablet: ‘Reflecting on the Catholic story was an aim of the Year of Faith. In one community it inspired the writing of a guidebook, spreading the Good News of faith and the delights of a historic church building at the same time During the Year of Faith, Catholics were invited to reflect on our story as a community, and to be grateful for the countless ­individuals who have given so much over the years to hand on the richness of our faith and tradition. St Gregory’s parish is home to a diverse and vibrant community in the heart of Cheltenham…’





Twenty-one Aspects of the Catholic Church of St Gregory the Great, Cheltenham

The Jericho Appeal and its Predecessors

  1. Decorative stones p.8
  2. An Old Photograph p.10
  3. The Sartorius Memorial p.12
  4. The Ceiling of the Lady Chapel p.15
  5. The South Porch Memorial p.16
  6. Statue of St Peter p.18
  7. The East Window p.20
  8. Brass and Enamel Shields p.23
  9. The Pulpit Crucifix p.24
  10. The PAX Symbol p.25
  11. The Raven Votive Candle Holder p.26
  12. Station of the Cross, IX p.28
  13. The Apostles of England and Ireland p.29
  14. Jesus Christ the Apple Tree p.30
  15. St Benedict’s Chapel: Altar Panel p.31
  16. The Forward Altar p.32
  17. ‘From Some of the Women’ p.33
  18. The Inner Sacristy p.34
  19. The Painting of Our Lady of Czestochowa p.35
  20. The Limewood Crucifix p.36
  21. A Box of Bits p.38

Completing the Good Work p.39


Both booklets were printed by Top Flight, Cheltenham.


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