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Burials at St Mary’s Church, Thornbury, Gloucestershire, 1684-1812

Thornbury Registers: Burials (1684-1812), transcribed by Richard Byrd

Notes about the Parish Register 1684-1736 by Richard Byrd:
The Thornbury Parish Register covers the years 1684-1718 and 1728-1736.  The years 1719-1727 are missing.  I have supplemented the parish register with the Bishops Transcript for the years 1719-1727 minus the year 1725 which is missing from the transcript.
I have not checked every entry in the Register against the Bishops Transcript.  I have only check those which are unreadable, unclear or suspicious (there are quite a few for a couple of years starting with 1728).  There are some instances which are probably unnecessary (a difference of one letter in the spelling). I came across at least three entries which seem to place the parish register in conflict with the Bishops Transcript.  There are  some entries that appear in the parish register, but not in the Transcript and vice versa.  I have not attempted to identify the missing, but I did happen upon one that I included in the parish register transcript with a note

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Gloucestershire, England, Church of England Baptisms, Marriages and Burials, 1538-1813 – Parish:  Thornbury 1768-1812.

Omitted from the Transcription is information that was scratched out, “buried at” or “At” over parish column and Thornbury or Thornbury/Oldbury in the fold of the register.

Transcription is as read, so if something appears to be incorrect, I would suggest checking the original register.

You will find some information in “red”.  I used red where I took a guess, supplied information, wanted to point something out, had a question or was unsure.

You will find Bold names that indicate family members or grouped individuals.

The burial page numbering is not continuous and jumps around.  Earliest burials appear near the back of the register while the later ones are found closer to front of the register.  I have arranged dates in sequence 1768 to 1812.  Only the burials were transcribed.  Omitted were the indices and pedigree details.

Burials Pages and Dates:

Back cover going forward 4 blank & 3 indices pages.

Burials begin:

burials (Jan. 1, 1768 – May 16, 1771)

Pedigrees omitted

burials  (May 26, 1771 – Sep 5, 1771)

burials (Sep 13, 1771 – Mar 3, 1772)

Pedigrees omitted

burials (Mar 8, 1772 –Jul 8, 1772)

burials (Jul 26, 1772 – Dec 3, 1772

Pedigrees omitted

(2 indices & 2 blank pages).

burials (Dec 10, 1772 –Nov 24, 1776)

(unnumbered pages 114 & 115)

burials (Dec 4, 1776 – Nov 21, 1784)

Family Pedigrees (not transcribed – family names below)

Howard, Stafford, Hill, Courtenay, Blackall and Drewe.

Skay or Skey, and Crowther

Raymond, Cox, Knapp (blank), Salmon, Mathew, Rolph (blank), Osborne (blank), Stone, Raymond, Crowther, Holwell de Hoppynge, Grove, Parnell, Whitefield, Thurston, Parnell,

Marsh and Hollister.

Tidbits of information:

Signatures at the bottom of pages:

WHolwell Vicar – 1769/1770 – 1797

Wm. Llewellyn Official Minister/Curate – 1798 – 1803

R. Slade Vicar – 1803 – 1812

Page 132

Duty upon Marriages, Baptism’s and Burials Commenced October 2, 1783.

Page 155

Regs. Tax ended Octr. 2. 1794.

Tax shown in parish column:  3d per burial or P for pauper – exempt from tax.

About the same time as the King’s tax, other monies appear to have been received by the church, shown as s6. 8d. (which I assume is 6 shilling, 8 pence).  There are few odd ones that appear to be (1 6s. 8d., Rd. s6. 8d. and 6s. 8d. – 10s. 6).  This may be for other services provided by the church since quite a few of the burials indicate that the body was brought from some other place.

Wm. Llewellyn initiated the use of S, M, W, B – Jan 1799 to Apr 1801.

Whether these letters are to denote the residence of the parents was not noted.

Numbering of individual burials began with Wm. Llewellyn in January 1800 and continued with R. Slade to December 1812.

An attempt to translate some Latin.

N.B. (nota bene) – note well

aet. (aetate) – age

  1. (obitt) – died

aet. sup. 60 (aetate supra 60) – over age 60

aet. 7 et circ. 3/4 (aetate 7 circiter 3/4)  – age 7 and about 3/4

aet. 76 et supra (aetate 76 et supra) – above age 76

aet. inter 14 et 15 (aetate inter 14 et 15) – age between 14 and 15

aet. 60 et sup. sed incert. (aetate 60 et supra sed incerta)

– age 60 and upward, but uncertain

Page 156 aetate 79 vel 80 – age 79 or 80

Page 162 aet. circiter 7 years (aetate circiter 7 years) – about age 7 years

Page 163 vide – look

Page 165 alii dicunt circa 97 – others say around 97

Page 182 aet. incog. (aetate incognita) – age unknown

Page 188 aet. incert. (aetate incerta) – age uncertain

Page 195 vid. Inf. (vide Infra) – see below

Sm. P. – Small Pox

N. Sm. P. – Natural Small Pox

For Baptisms 1768-1812 see:

For Marriages (Weddings) 1767-1812 see:

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