A tribute to the life and work of Brian Torode

Baptisms at St Mary’s Church, Thornbury, Gloucestershire, 1768-1812

Thornbury Registers: Baptisms (1768-1812), transcribed by Richard Byrd



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Thornbury Parish Register Baptisms 1768-1812



Notes about the Parish Register:

Pages 1-7 are blank, 8  & 9 are indices, and 10 gives yearly counts of baptisms, marriages and burials from 1737 to 1800.

The baptisms begin on the page 1 (image 11) and end on page 232 (image 242).  My page numbers match the register.

Because of the difficulty of reproducing the original arrangement of baptisms, I simplified the entries.  The same information is in the transcription except that I omitted information that was scratched out and that stated below.

I did not include the page headings, “At” that appears on a few pages above the parish column, or Thornbury or Thornbury/Oldbury notations found at the top of some pages in the fold of the register.

Transcription is as read, so if something appears to be incorrect, I would suggest checking the original register.

You will find some information in “red”.  I used red where I supplied information, wanted to point something out, had a question or was unsure.

You will find Bold names that indicate twins, siblings, or individuals grouped together.

Tidbits of information:

Signatures at the bottom of pages:

WHolwell Vicar – pages 8-151 (except 33, 35, & 103)

Wm. Llewellyn Official Minister/Curate – pages 152-176

R. Slade Vicar – pages 177-232

Numbering of individual baptisms began with Wm. Llewellyn in January 1800 and continued with R. Slade to December 1812.

Page 96

            Duty upon Marriages, Baptism’s and Burials Commenced October 2, 1783.

Page 138

Regs. Tax ended Octr. 2. 1794.

Tax shown in parish column:  3d per baptism or P for pauper – exempt from tax.

N.B. – (nota bene) or “note well”

R. Slade initiated the use of M, K or (M), (K) in August of 1809.

N.B. The letters M. K. are meant for the initials of the Tythings of Morton & Kington in order to denote the residence of the parents.

Vid: supra (Vide supra) – see above

Vide p. num. (also v. & vid.) – see page number


For Burials 1768-1812 see:



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