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St Mary’s Church, Cricklade – Property Log (1862 – 2004)



1862/3 Restoration of the Church. Architect: John Galpin of Oxford. Builder: Mr. Smith of Highworth. Church re-opened 7th January 1863
1882 Churchyard closed by Order in Council
1893 An Organ built by Albert E. Pease of Kenmure Road, Hackney, London NE was placed in the north chapel. Pease was one of a band of small London organ builders working in the last decade of the nineteenth century. This instrument was probably second hand when it was acquired.
“When the organ was installed in 1893, the balance sheet includes an item “For new roof to organ chamber £18.9s.11d”. The roof was raised to make room for the organ pipes” (Lovell). “The roof was renewed in 1893 at a steeper pitch than before to accommodate the organ pipes” (National Building Record (1980) – Council for Places of Worship.)
1908 Restoration of the Church. Architect: C.E. Ponting F.S.A. of Marlborough. Builder: G.B. Lansdown of Cricklade. Dormer windows restored to south side of aisle roof. New east window (see old postcards of the church).
1963/4 Restoration work at St Mary’s. T.R. Thomson and H.M. Taylor carry out an archaeological excavation and survey.
1976 Survey of monumental inscriptions in the graveyard. See Cricklade Historical Society Bulletin Vol. II, No.1
1981 St Mary’s Church declared redundant by the Church of England
July 1983 Survey by S.W.Hookway & Co., Chartered Surveyors with the advice of Mr D Stirling of North Wilts D.C. Cost £115.64
1st October 1983 Key handed over to the Catholic Community
Autumn 1983 Work undertaken in preparation for the reopening of the Church as a Catholic place of worship. Roofing by C. Rogers of Lechlade, carpentry work by Joe O’Leary, pargetting and replastering by Bill Giles, decorating etc. Total cost £1,763.31
1st January 1984 First Catholic Mass celebrated by Bishop Mervyn Alexander.
The beginning of the 100 year lease. Agreement relating to furniture, goods and ornaments signed on 8th October 1986
7th February 1984 Induction of Fr Eamon McGlinchey as Parish Priest
1984 Memorial to Kathleen Therese Lawson-Arnot (1955-75) and ashes moved to the churchyard from St Augustine’s Church
1984 St Augustine’s Church sold for £20,000
1984 Two bells sold from St Mary’s for £600 and £500 Proceeds given by the Church of England to
St Mary’s Restoration Fund
19th June 1985 Report on the condition of the building by J.F.G. Sparrow ARIBA of Stratton, Davis and Yates of Gloucester. Appointed as Architect
October 1985 Demolition and re-building of parapet and retaining walls on the north side of the property by W.J.Giles with stone from D.Collett and Son of Filkins. Cost £1,240.
1985 Memorial to Dr Charles Hickie (1917-1985) erected in churchyard
1985 Holy Water stoup in memory of Joe O’Leary who died on 8th September 1984 Gift
10th February 1986 Initial enquiry to Southern Electricity to install a heating system for St Mary’s utilising Quartz Radiant heaters. This was later turned down because a loan had been secured on the condition that the heaters were not wall mounted.
23rd February 1986 Blessing of Thurible given in loving memory of Annie Kinchin (1904-1985). Gift
14th July 1986 Grant of £300 Waylands Trust
28th May 1987 Southern Electricity contacted to discuss other forms of electrical heating.
30th June 1987 Gift of £78.81 from RAF Fairford Chaplain’s Fund towards heating fund RAF Fairford
6th November 1987 Grant of £450 Wilts Historic Churches Trust
January 1988 Supply and installation of 34 No. 5 foot tubular heaters with wire guards and associated timeswitch control by Southern Electricity for the cost of £2993.00.
1988 Re-roofing of Nave and Chancel by Ivan Cook of Tetbury. Cost £15,369.72 (Specification July 1986)
1988 Timber treatment by Bedford Timber Preservation Co. Cost £1449
1st July 1988 Grant of £800 Waylands Trust
2nd August 1988 Grant of £7,150 English Heritage
16th August 1988 St Mary’s Church listed Grade II*, Churchyard Cross listed Grade I, Gate piers and Street wall listed Grade II, Pair of Monuments in Churchyard listed Grade II
10th October 1988 Re-decorating of Church by A.E. Anns of 4 Abingdon Court Lane. 60 hours work for £240.
26th October 1988 Grant of £1500 Historic Churches Preservation Trust
1988 Architect’s fees £2,243.10
September 1989 Marian super frontal Miss Bernadette Yarnold
1989 Legacy of £100 Late Mrs D.M. Frith
January 1990 Installation of the aumbry/tabernacle by Dike & Son of Cirencester. Cost £65
Votive Candle Stand and Sanctuary carpet Christine Spearing
1992 Re-roofing of aisles and south porch by Ivan Cook of Tetbury and the demolition of the outside store. Cost £12,093 and VAT. (Specification May 1991)
July 1992 Architect’s fees £2078.25
2nd August 1992 Grant of £3,690 English Heritage
29th September 1992 Grant of £1500 Waylands Trust
8th March 1993 Grant of £1,000 Wilts Historic Churches Trust
May 1993 Mr Sparrow ceased to be the architect
Sanctuary chairs re-covered Sheila Bellamy-Knights
30th May, 1993 Departure of Fr Eamon McGlinchey
20th October 1993 Complaint to Southern Electricity regarding heating system
3rd December 1993 Induction of Fr Anthony Fejer as Parish Priest
4th December 1993 Southern Electricity approached to service and simplify the heating system
17th January 1994 2 Quartzray heaters provided by Southern Electricity for the cost of £340.40 + VAT . Existing time clocks were removed and replaced with a run back timer and wiring was amended and heating checked out. This work was carried out in response to there having been no heating in the church for eighteen months.
23rd May 1994 E.A.Cawston Organ tuning £102.70
2nd August 1994 Ormsbys of Scarisbrick Servers’ cottas £137.13
October 1994 -April 1995 Pointing of tower and aisles and varnishing of furnishings etc. by V.Wilks, 4 Paterson Road, Beeches, Cirencester GL7 1BU Total cost £3,362.26
10th February 1995 Cricklade Craft Workshops Votive candle stand £48.75 Adjustment
1995 Memorial to Christine Veronica Spearing (1939-1995) in churchyard
10th March 1995 East Electrical Contractors Electrical work £154.81
24th April 1995 MG Scaffolding Ltd Church Tower £932.13, extra charge £185
August 1995 Subsidence discovered in the north aisle
16th August 1995 Stewart Craddy of Craddy Pitchers of Bristol appointed by the Diocese as Surveyor and Consultant Structural Engineer for project
6th September 1995 E.A. Cawston Tuning organ £84.60
22nd September 1995 V.Wilks Plastering ceiling £24
1st November 1995 Treatment for dry rot £135.90
19th January 1996 Surveyor’s fees £791.81 Insurance Claim. Reimbursed by Diocese November 2001
15th April 1996 Wardrobe £12.50
21st June 1996 David Greaves benches £170
10th October 1996 Timber Treatment in the Organ Loft by Rentacure. Cost £387.75
31st May 1997 E.A. Cawston Tuning organ £88.71
29th April 1997 Surveyor’s fees £1,547.91 Insurance Claim. Reimbursed by Diocese November 2001
28th September 1997 Arrival of Fr. Michael D’Arcy Walsh as Parish Priest
15th October 1997 Removal of vegetation by Cotswold Tree Surgeons. Cost £1,151.50 Insurance Claim
1997 Sample of pointing for tower by Nimbus Conservation Ltd. Cost £176.25


1st May 1998 Arrival of Fr. Richard Barton as Parish Priest
22nd May 1998 Survey by PRJ Contractors for Clifton Diocese. Cost £324.28
Transfer of Minister’s Stall to St. Sampson’s, two oak Choir stall Fronts put in store
30th June 1998 Inaugural meeting of the Friends of St Mary’s Church, Cricklade
Summer 1998 Gift of the statue of Our Lady, acolytes’ candlesticks, hymn book cupboard, lectern, thurible stand, servers’ stools, Advent Candle stand
And Crib figures. Sisters of St Clotilde, Lechlade
January 1999 Covers for kneelers in pews, £390 Friends of St Mary’s
January 1999 Oak altar top incorporating altar stone from Lechlade Convent, made by Mr Hatchett of Cricklade Craft Workshops, £397. Blessed on Sunday 7th February 1999 by Fr R Barton Anonymous donor
15th March 1999 Surveyor’s fee of £3,491.34 Insurance Claim – Paid by the Diocese
March 1999 Framed list of incumbents produced by Bernadette Yarnold £30 Friends of St Mary’s
Purchased fabric and covered Kneelers for pre-dieu, communion rail etc.£345.73 Friends of St Mary’s
Hanging brass Sanctuary lamp from St Teresa’s Church, Taunton
Credence table, purchased for £50
Font lifted by four men and repositioned at the west end of the nave
Carved crucifix from Oberammergau (placed in the Sanctuary in February 2003) Dorothy Foreman of Purton
August 1999 Replacement of broken cast iron rain water goods and painting of same, clearing drains etc .by Colin Ash of Highworth, £5,077-88 Friends of St Mary’s
6th October 1999 Grant of £500 towards restoring the clock chimes Waylands Trust (see January 2002)
15th February 2000 S/h Johannus Opus 220 electronic organ purchased from George May of Wootton Bassett, £600.
Communion Altar Rail put in store
29th March 2000 Grant of £10,000 to the whole parish to be shared with Fairford Esmee Fairbairn Charitable Trust
8th May 2000 Grant of £2,500 Wilts Historic Church Trust (paid 25th January 2002)
8th August 2000 Faculty from the Historic Churches Committee to carry out repairs in response to the subsidence in the north aisle, to replace rainwater goods and to rebuild the boundary wall on to the street.
31st October 2000 Grant of £1,500 towards the cost of restoring the boundary wall. Red Lion Charity Fund (paid 8th January 2002 but requested that the money be allocated towards another project)
Brass canopy for Tabernacle by Lesley Webb of LR Manufacturing, Milton Farm, Fairford Gift
November 2000 Anthony Thompson FRIBA of Falconer Partnership, Stroud, appointed architect
4th November 2000 Permission for window guards from Historic Churches Committee
1st March, 2001 D R Jones Clock Restorer – Restoration of Clock 30% deposit £1,551.00 (No VAT) Friends of St Mary (paid November 2001)
2nd March 2001 Surveyor’s Fee £1,732.43 (non insurance claim work)
2nd March 2001 Surveyor’s Fee £2,587.82 (Including VAT) Re Insurance Claim paid by Diocese
12th March 2001 Crown Electrical Services for new heating contactor on the Central Heating System £192.11
16th March 2001 Architect’s Fee £1,000.55 (Including VAT)
23 March 2001 W M Classical Organ Centre – repair to Electronic Organ and installation of internal heater £184.48
24th March 2001 Legacy of £1,000 for The Friends of St Mary’s The Late Arnold Robert Giles
27th March 2001 Crown Electrical Services – Inspection by M I Electrical £122.20
April 2001 Carpet runners for pews, supplied by Tony Watkins, T.W. Carpets, Unit 34A Hartlebury Trading Estate, Kidderminster £276. Friends of St Mary’s
April 2001 Hassocks provided for the church St Anne’s Bewdley
April 2001 Set of Pulpit falls Sue Rowe of Cheltenham
4th April 2001 Wrought iron Sanctuary lamp bracket forged by Bill Pankhurst of Oakridge Lynch, £129.50
9th April 2001 Work on north aisle roof by Maurice Hanks of Cirencester, £197-40 (Including VAT) Re Insurance Claim – paid by parish
1st June, 2001 Planning permission for boundary wall and re-instatement of railings from North Wilts District Council
9th June 2001 Notice board made by John Bint and painted by Maggy Fitzpatrick of Clanfield, £200
26th June 2001 Grant of £250 Cricklade Show Committee
27th June 2001 Woodspring Electronics – repair to Electronic Organ £77.00
8th July 2001 Grant of £1500 towards the boundary wall and railings Waylands Trust (paid in full by 8th Jan 2002)
August 2001 17th century houselling benches returned to church from St Sampson’s
1st September 2001 After two years of work, the completion of the restoration of the Cicely Butt Miller Altar Frontal by Bernadette Yarnold, Mary Pugh, Pat Charlton and Helen Lee under the guidance of Isabel Elliott of Quenington. Super frontal attached by Miss Yarnold’s niece, Charlotte.
Cost of materials £95 Friends of St Mary’s
7th September 2001 Faculty for heating system from Historic Churches Committee
15th September 2001 Woodspring Electronics – repair to electronic organ £70.20
October 2001 Guards fitted on south windows of Saints Hubert, Christopher and Nicholas; by Multi Mesh, £384.58. Fitted by Mr Maurice Hanks of Cirencester for £88.12 including VAT (Paid on 17th March 2003 by the Parish) Friends of St Mary’s (paid in November 2001)
September 2001 Key made by John Williams from a bolt found in St Sampson’s tower Gift
September 2001 Four keys made by East Glos Engineering, Fairford, £52.87 (Including VAT)
3rd October 2001 Parish of St Thomas of Canterbury, Fairford with St Mary, Cricklade decree of alteration to Parish Boundary by Bishop Declan Lang
16th October, 2001 Transco paid £318.59 (Including VAT) for installation of gas supply. Finally installed on 16th January 2002
20th October 2001 Deposit( including VAT) paid to Niche Ltd for the heating system £5,131.21
31st October, 2001 Wells Masonry Services Ltd. for walls – 1st instalment paid £2,350.00 (Including VAT) Project: rebuild/restore boundary wall with Bath stone and lime mortar. Prepare wall for railings and restore gate pillars.
November 2001 Gas and electrical services brought to Church. Trenches and other work by Blackwell Construction Ltd of Chalford. Subject to archaeological watching brief by Edmund and Helen Lee. Also construction of disabled ramp, adjusting of gates, cleaning out tower and removal of ducting for clock winding mechanism.
New work associated with Central Heating £11,383 in total. £2656 paid on 12th December 2001. Remaining £8727 on 28th August 2003.
Repairs subject to V.A.T. £1171.48 on 28th August 2003
6th November 2001 Jewsons for Meter Box £41.41
19th November 2001 Cricklade Town Council resolved to accept responsibility for the maintenance of the grounds of St Mary’s Church and further resolved to carry out a complete audit of the grounds. (Minute 01.89 iv)
27th November 2001 Survey of bell frame by Father Paul Wilkinson for the H.C.C.
November 28th/29th 2001 New lead liner for font by Mr Cox of Cox & Hall of Tetbury. Cost £233 (No VAT) Anonymous Donor
2nd December 2001 Blessing of 15” chiming bell – J Taylor & Sons 1876
12th December 2001 Wrought iron gates and ornamental arch removed for restoration work by A.P. & P.C. Carpenter of Chosen View Road, Cheltenham
13th December 2001 Gift of £1,000 towards the cost of the railings Anonymous Donor
17th December 2001 Wells Masonry Services Ltd for walls – 2nd instalment paid £10,035.68.(Including VAT)
20th December 2001 Blackwell Construction Ltd for first stage of work paid £2,656
(balance paid in August 2003)
9th January 2002 Grant of £10,000 to the whole Parish to be shared with Fairford Esmee Fairbairn Foundation
14th January 2002 Meeting of St Sampson’s PCC to discuss the removal of the Pease Organ from St Mary’s. Unacceptable conditions imposed.
16th January 2002 Wells Masonry Services Ltd for walls – 3rd instalment paid £8,462.35
(Including additional costs of £4,746.00 for 90% stone replacement of the right hand wall and £136 for an extra coping stone for the left hand wall) (Including VAT)
From 15th January 2002 until 22nd January Restoration of clock, installation of automatic winding mechanism, reinstatement of chiming bell, restoration of Sanctus bell and re-painting of clock face by David R. Jones M.B.H.I. of Helston.
Total cost (including deposit already paid) £5,450. (No VAT)

VAT paid 22nd October 2003 on maintenance work (£2,030 of total)
£355.25 Friends of St Mary’s paid £4,950 towards this project.

Clock face paid from Waylands Trust grant
18th January 2002 Installation of Central Heating System by Niche Ltd completed. Total cost (including deposit already paid) £17,645. (No VAT – refund of earlier sum)
From 14th January 2002 until 2nd February Wiring for Central Heating System, renewal and replacement of faulty wiring in church, replacement of dangerous light fittings and installation of deaf loop by R. Lewis & Co of Stroud. Total cost £9,167.70 (excluding VAT). Supplying, wiring and fitting Loop system cost £1,253.20 of the total
From 3rd until 15th February 2002 Carpentry, plastering and decorating in conjunction with new central heating system, repair of leaking organ loft roof, repair to priest’s door, minor repairs to the sanctuary dais by Blackwell Construction Ltd of Chalford. Work included casing of ductwork, removal of metal ladder, provision of new ceiling, cutting back dais and provision of oak threshold and risers. Oak screen crafted by Jamie Watkins, a second year apprentice. (Paid August 2003)
7th February 2002 Discovery of rotten timbers under the pulpit.
February 2002 Restoration of railings and refurbishment of gates and archway by A.P. & P.C.Carpenter of Chosen View Road, Cheltenham. New lock and handles for gates – replicas of the originals which were dated to about 1828. The original is to be offered to the Cricklade Museum.
Friends of St Mary’s paid £5384 towards this project
14th February 2002 Permission given in principle by the Diocese of Bristol Redundant Churches Uses Committee for the removal of the Pease Organ.
14th February 2002 New Sanctuary Carpet supplied and laid by Cirencester Carpet Centre. Cost £675 Anonymous Donor
15th February 2002 Architect’s fee £3,525 (including VAT)
7th February 2002 Invoice from Stone King Solicitors for professional charges in connection with investigating the responsibility over maintenance of the Churchyard. Correspondence with Coroner’s Dept of the Home Office, Copy of the Order in Council and correspondence with Cricklade Town Council. £350.80 (including VAT)
25th February 2002 Wells Masonry Services Ltd. for the walls – 4th instalment paid
£4,885.65 (including VAT)
28th February 2002 R. Lewis & Co. VAT paid on part of earlier bill. Cost £491.84
7th March 2002 Historic Churches Committee Meeting granted faculty to remove the Pease Organ together with permission to place drainage holes in the boundary wall and to repair wooden floor underneath the pulpit.
27th April 2002 Repairs to platform beneath pulpit, other minor carpentry and provision of the base for the altar by Blackwell Construction Ltd of Chalford
(Paid August 2003)
21st March 2002 Re-pointing of boundary wall and creation of drainage holes in the boundary wall by Wells Masonry Services Ltd.
9th April 2002 Wells Masonry Services Ltd for the walls – 6th instalment paid
£685.03 (including VAT)
19th April 2002 Wells Masonry Services Ltd for the walls – 5th instalment paid
£2460.45 (including VAT)
May 2002 Purchased fabric and made throee new altar covers. Cost £242 Friends of St Mary’s
7th/8th June 2002 Organ removed from the Church by Paul Derrett, Organ Builder of The Old George, Dymock, Glos. He intends to restore it and sell it on to Frank May of Tyrywen, Llanthony, Monmouthshire. Donation of £200 received from Paul Derrett for the Friends of St Mary’s.
10th June 2002 Grant for £5,000 received from North Wiltshire District Council towards the cost of restoring the boundary wall and railings. North Wilts District Council to the Parish
July 2002 Sanctuary Carpet loaned by Heather Harris, former head teacher of St Clotilde’s School
2nd/ 9th August 2002 David Bowman of Cuddington provided new grilles for east window, repaired two panes of glass and renewed two casement windows in the nave. Total cost : £1870.00 Paid by the Friends of St Mary’s
September 2002 Gift of the plinth for Our Lady’s Statue together with the Ciborium presented to the community by Pope Leo XIII from the Benedictine Nuns of Fernham Priory, near Faringdon. The Frontal Press was moved to the former organ loft.
22nd November 2002 Replacement of 3 leaded casement windows by David Bowman of Cuddington, Bucks. Cost £540. Paid for by the Friends of St Mary’s
24th November 2002 The Crib: Crib set from St Clotilde’s Convent, Lechlade brought to St Mary’s to replace the set of plastic figures. Platform under altar made by James Russett for the Crib. Helen Lee to design sides etc.
15th December 2002 Coffin stool returned having been stripped of varnish by Peter Blackwell of Chalford.
December 2002 Peter Baister re-painted wall behind the statue of Our Lady
17th December 2002 Maintenance of clock by David R Jones £110. VAT paid Oct 22nd 2003 £19.25.
January 2003 Janet Heneghan presented the Crucifix which is in the Confessional
30th January 2003 Completion of the repair of the Statue of Our Lady and the repainting of the statue of the Sacred Heart by Gillian Arengo-Jones, a pottery and porcelain restorer, of 2 The Leaze, Ashton Keynes. Total cost £100.
4th February 2003 Minor repairs to the wooden floor of the south aisle, gutters cleaned, plastered ceiling touched up and new lock fitted to sacristy door by Maurice Hanks of Cirencester. The erection of the carved wooden Crucifix above the chancel arch. The oak cross was carved in 1960 by Patrick Conoley of R.L. Boulton & Sons of Cheltenham for the Chapel of the Annunciation at Lechlade where it was hung until the closure of the chapel at the end of 1998. Total cost of this work £588.67 including VAT paid March 17th 2003 Re-painting of wall behind the statue by the Friends of St Mary’s (self help).
10th March 2003 Large wooden screen for the old Organ Loft purchased from Gloucester Antique Centre for £195.
4th April 2003 Niche serviced Central Heating £264.38 including VAT
4th April 2003 Meeting with Fr Michael Fountaine, Chairman of the Diocesan Liturgy Commission, to discuss re-ordering of the North Chapel
8th May 2003 Quinquennial Inspection of St Mary’s Church by Tony Thompson FRIBA of Falconer Partnership. Cost £464.13
Mid August 2003 Scaffolding erected by Mr Maurice Hanks for work on north aisle and work commemced.
28th August 2003 Settled bills with Blackwell Construction from November 2001. Cheques for £8,727 and £1,171.48 (including Vat)
22nd October 2003 Cheques for £355.25 and £19.25 for David R. Jones to reimburse VAT from 2002 and 2003 maintenance and restoration work. New work is exempt from VAT.
23rd November 2003 Cheque for £11,450 to Mr Hanks for the work carried out on the North Aisle (including VAT). Further instalment to follow in due course Paid by the Friends of St Mary’s Cricklade
25th November Advent Candle stand refurbished by Alistair Pugh
18th December 2003 Bills from O’Brien Price of Stroud, Consulting Civil & Structural Engineers, £705 (incl VAT) and Falconer Partnership (architect) £2,056.25 (incl.VAT) for professional services in connection with North Aisle Subsidence. Passed to Diocese for payment
18th December 2003 Bills for professional work of Falconer Partnership in connection with re-roofing north aisle and proposed work in the side chapel £998.75 and £1,292.50 (both incl VAT) paid by the parish
Paid by the parish
18th December 2003 Decorating of North Aisle and Organ Loft by Maurice Hanks begun and largely completed for Christmas. Estimate: £934.75 including VAT
23rd Dec 2003 Work began on repairing the lead on the tower, re-aligning guttering, installing lightening conductor, pointing of exterior, new Yale lock on door etc. by Maurice Hanks. Estimate £2,831.75 including VAT
1st January 2004 The former Organ Loft was re-hallowed by Fr Richard Barton at the end of the 9.30am Mass as part of the Twentieth Anniversary celebrations and the chapel was placed under the patronage of St Augustine of Canterbury. Floor polished by Philippa Hunter etc. The wooden carved crucifix in the chapel was the gift of Fernham Abbey and the altar frontal from St Thomas’s Fairford.
4th January 2004 Framed commemoration of St Augustine’s Church by Margaret Fitzpatrick of Clanfield. Cost £50 and framed by Whistler’s of Lechlade for £39.40.
January 2004 Fr Richard Barton left the Parish


Repairs to Churchyard Cross – awaiting consent
Refurbishment of north chapel, re-pointing tower, confessional and sacristy furnishings, work on gravestones – Falconers.
Faculty to be sought in due course
Provision of an Organ – John Rowntree, Paul Derrett etc.
Application for Landfill Grant

2 comments on “St Mary’s Church, Cricklade – Property Log (1862 – 2004)

  1. Jo Sparkes
    March 22, 2019

    A lot of research went into this, very interesting timeline !!

    • Richard Barton
      March 22, 2019

      Thanks for taking a look. I thought it was worth adding to my blog site as the Friends and parishioners achieved so much.

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