A tribute to the life and work of Brian Torode

Church of St Thomas of Canterbury, Horcott – Property Log (1845 – 2003)







12th October 1845

Church was solemnly opened by Reverend John Mitchell. East window  by William Wailes of Newcastle-upon-Tyne 1845.


Erection of Presbytery, School and Schoolhouse by Father Peter Seddon.

Additions to the the Sacristy


Closure of the school


Brick kitchen range added to the rear funded by a legacy from the Late Susan Elizabeth, Lady Sherborne, who died on 9th March 1907 aged 83 years.

Lady Sherborne


Window depicting the Seven Seals of the Lamb installed  in memory of the Iles Family.


Father Michaud acquired the rood, three hanging candelabras, votive candle stands, riddle curtains, statues of the adoring angels which flanked the altar. George Loughton made the exposition throne


St John the Evangelist’s window installed in memory of John Francis Iles. Jones & Willis


Our Lady’s window in memory of John Chard who died 30th August 1918. Jones & Willis


St Patrick’s window installed by the employees of Sir Robert MacAlpine & Co Ltd. By Hardman Studios of Birmingham.

Employees of Sir Robert MacAlpine


St Augustine’s window installed by Hardman Studios of Birmingham

Early 1950’s

Statue of Christ the King   erected  in the graveyard.

June 1955

Picture of Our Lady of Czestochowa painted by “STUR”. for the Hostel Chapel Later reframed by Dympna Flatman and re-hung in St Thomas’s.


Father Edmund McSweeney was succeeded by Father Michael Roche

28th April 1964

Survey of the Church by Eric Cole & Partners of Cirencester

December 1966

Alterations & Repairs to the Church and Presbytery. Architects; Eric Cole & Partners of Cirencester. Contractors: H.R. & G. Baldwin Ltd of Horcott. Total cost £5475.13.11d. Major refurbishment of the Church with full details on file.

19th June 1972

Damage to flooring caused by a burst pipe. Insurance claim £274.32.


Sale of the old school building

17th April 1978

B.H. Morley of Fairford. Decorated the church. £461.

January 1982

Plans drawn up by Eric Cole and Partners to re-order the church. Not carried out.

August 1983

Father Patrick Evans leaves the parish

Christmas 1983

Father Eamon McGlinchey finishes at Prior Park and settles as Parish Priest at Fairford the parish

30th June 1984

M. A. Barnes of Fairford: Install Russell Hobbs shower unit. £206.37 (including VAT)

12th July 1986

P.C.Phelps of Cirencester: plumbing work.£104.36 (including VAT)

12th March 1987

Graphic designs: New lettering for signboard. £69 (including VAT)

1st December 1988

Joseph Bell & Son Stained Glass of Bristol. Re-leading and improving west windows. Supplying  nine polycarbonate shields. £892.54 & £241.34 (including VAT)

22nd March 1989

Joseph Bell & Son Stained Glass of Bristol. Two windows depicting St Joseph the Worker and St Therese of Lisieux and designed by Geoffrey Robinson. Fixing of polycarbonate guards. £1604.09 & £1379.77 (including VAT).

St Therese donated by Sir Colin Goad. St Joseph by an anonymous donor

24th April 1989

Heating & Domestic Services: Replacement of radiator and other heating work. £251.51 (including VAT).

28th April 1989

Dike & Son of Cirencester. Dismantling and removal of  altar and font. Opening for tabernacle.

£800.40 (including VAT).

2nd June 1989

Heating & Domestic Services: Fitting of new bathroom and shower. £379.12 (including VAT)

10th August 1989

Joseph Bell & Son Stained Glass of Bristol. Designing, making and fixing St Francis’s window and providing polycarbonate guard. £778.04 & £175.08 (including VAT)

Anonymous donor

15th January 1991

Dike & Son of Cirencester. Removal of  leaded window from church (resulting from storm damage) and cut recess for altar stone. £69 (including VAT)

17th January 1991

Colman Roofing Contractors (Swindon) Ltd. Repairs to presbytery roof as a result of storm damage. £138.00(including VAT)

29th April 1991

Cotswold Signs of Cirencester. New signboard. £65.80 (including VAT)

28th May 1991

Dike & Son of Cirencester. New cross on the eastern apex of the church roof. £481.28 (including VAT)

4th June 1991

Solemn Dedication of the Church by Bishop Mervyn Alexander

20th November 1992

Regal Windows of Swindon. Installation of plastic windows in presbytery. £1,498.00 (including VAT)

6th June 1993

Father Eamon McGlinchey leaves the parish

1st October 1993

Father Anthony Fejer celebrates his first Mass in the parish

22nd June 1994

Inspection of the fabric of the Church and Presbytery by M.P.Griffiths of 69 Hardens Mead, Chippenham, Wilts SN15 3AQ. Proposed that £7,925 be spent on the property.

17th-21st November 1994

D & H Electrical Services, The Warden’s House, Pound Pill, Corsham, Wilts SN13 9HT Church/House heating £2,393.25. Installed two Glowworm Energysaver boilers 60.

21st August 1995

Redecorate Sitting Room and Study. New fittings for Sacristy by M. P. Griffiths of 69 Hardens Mead, Chippenham £2180.17

Further work £750

21st August 1995

Redecorate Sacristy by J.B. Davies of 27 Hawthorn Road, Chippenham £569.32

6th October 1995

Interior colour schedule for the Church drawn up by Andrew Albrecht of Akzo Nobel Coatings plc

1st February 1996

Optima Energy Efficient Systems:  Work carried out in Sacristy and gas fire fitted in Sitting Room. £684.50

23rd March 1996

Optima Lights, hot air curtain heater and radiators for church £3552.38

27th March 1996

M.P.Griffiths of 69 Hardens Mead, Chippenham Re-decorating the church. £1,613.61

4th April 1996

J.B.Davies of 69 Hardens Mead, Chippenham. Hack out gable wall over porch and re-point. Re-decorate Church and Porch, and other work in church£1,260

August 1996

Replacement organ

Gift from a deceased parishioner

5th September 1996

Lancelyn Supplies. Deaf Loop for Church £1,318.76

15th November 1996

Clean down and varnish seats by M.P. Griffiths of of 69 Hardens Mead, Chippenham. Total Cost £1366.76. First instalment paid £683.38 on 27th November and 2nd instalment on 10th December

27th November 1996

Floor varnished by J.B. Davies of 27 Hawthorn Road, Chippenham. Total cost £1238.88. 1st instalment £619.44 on 27th Nov and 2nd instalment on 10th Dec.

24th November 1996

Optima: Repairs to leaking heating pipes £647.43.

8th January 1997

Three double glazed UPVC windows in Presbytery by J.B.Davies of Chippenham. Cost £176.60

16th May 1997

Clean and re-polish sanctuary windows by Daniella Wilson-Dunne. Cost £100

12th June 1997

Installation of two stained glass windows in the porch with protective Perspex shields by Daniella Wilson-Dunne of the Stained Glass Studio, Brewery Arts, Cirencester. £300.

By donation to mark 150th anniversary

24th June 1997

Cleaning of the outside of the three sanctuary windows and fitting of protective acrylic sheeting. £585

By donation

19th September 1997

Optima  New Shower £746.13

29th September 1997

Fr Anthony Fejer leaves the parish

5th October 1997

Father Michael D’Arcy Walsh celebrates his first Sunday Mass in the parish

 October 1997

The Catholic Builders Association work:

New toilet and basin in the Sacristy £2,600

Sacristy cupboard for vestments £500

Sacristy cupboard for altar servers robes £500

New internal doorway in the house and new airing cupboard in bathroom £320

10th October 1997

Catholic Builders Association:

En suite shower room in bedroom £3,800

22nd October 1997

C.B.A.: Rewiring downstairs lighting £1,950

30th October 1997

C.B.A.: Eradication of vermin and removal of bees’ nests £896

11th November 1997

C.B.A.: Repair burst pipe in upstairs bathroom and redecorate waiting room £1130

12th November 1997

C.B.A.: Re-siting of loft hatch £1421.75 (including VAT)

14th November 1997

Insurance Claim – Water Damage. Ellis & Buckle, Chartered Loss Adjusters

25th November 1997

Viscount CL25 Organ to Clare Pianos of Carterton for sale

4th December 1997

C.B.A.: Eradicate damp in rear wall of kitchen and study by demolishing wall and extending both rooms


10th December 1997

C.B.A.: Supply and fit new kitchen. £3,600

10th December 1997

C.B.A.: Repositioning of the font at the rear of the Church. £550.

14th December 1997

C.B.A.: New gas cooker and refrigerator supplied and fitted by the C.B.A. £1180


18th December 1997

C.B.A.: Redecoration of all upstairs rooms and two rooms damp proofed £1,460


C.B.A.: New Velux window £1092.75 (including VAT)

18th December 1997

Itemised List of Works presented by the Catholic Builders Association Total £24,106.30 (including VAT). This sum is largely supported by the invoices referred to above. Total payments in parish accounts to the C.B.A. £20,482.47.

March 1998

Fr Michael D’Arcy Walsh leaves the parish

3rd April 1998

Full inspection of St Thomas’s by Laurence Payne, Diocesan Surveyor

6th April 1998

Felling of three Cypress trees in the Cemetery

29th April 1998

Fr Richard Barton celebrates his first Mass at St Thomas’s

14th May 1998

Full electrical survey by David Fear. Cost £94.

2nd June 1998

Estimate for remedial work by PRJ Contractors

11th June 1998

Abbeymill Carpets Ltd. Re-carpet upstairs of presbytery. £965

Fr Richard – from Easter Offering, Taunton

23rd June 1998

Inaugural Meeting of the St Thomas’s Property Committee

27th June 1998

Framed list of the Sisters of St Clotilde written by Maggy Fitzpatrick was presented to the Sisters at a Farewell Mass and was later hung in the Sacristy at St Thomas’s.


7th July 1998

Electrical work including the replacing of spotlights with conventional form of lighting. David Fear Electrical Contractors Ltd. £655.13 (including VAT)

31st July 1998

PRJ Contractors (Bristol) Ltd. Extensive work putting right faulty the work carried out by the Catholic Builders Association. Total Cost £8,994.50 (including VAT)

21st August 1998

Sitting Room and Dining Room Carpets from Abbeymill Carpets. Cost £853.80

Anonymous donor

14th August 1998

PRJ Contractors (Bristol) Ltd. New foul drain, surface water drain, roof repairs. Total cost £2405.93

September 1998

Rebuilding dry stone wall by Geoff Telling

23rd November 1998

M.K. Baldwin, electrical contractor. Installation of external spotlights. Cost £247.93


An anonymous parishioner gave nearly £21,000 to Parish funds. This sum included gift aid. Much of this money has been used to enable building work to take place and for the new organ to be installed. The remainder has been placed in deposit.

7th December 1998

Settlement Total for Diocese £7,029.52 excl. VAT and Total for Parish £3795.87 (including VAT.)

Major contribution from diocesan funds

14th December 1998

Organ built by William Hill & Son of London acquired from the Catholic Church in Lambourn. Built in 1873 for Hitcham Church in Maidenhead. Job No. 1461. Installed by E.A. Cawston for £1335.34. Excluding deposit of £139.59.

Anonymous donor – see above

20th December 1998

Inaugural recital of the Organ

1st January 1999

After the closure of the Chapel of the Annunciation many items were brought to St Thomas’s. Flower pedestals, vestment press, plate, thurible, processional cross, vestments and much more.


19th February 1999

Stations of the Cross re-hallowed having been restored by Simon Fry of Eckington. The crucifix above the tabernacle and also the statues on the rood were re-painted by him. Cost £700.

Anonymous donors for part of this work

 June 1999

Whites of Appleton refurbished church bell. Cost £1,795.40 (including VAT)

Summer 1999

Colin Ash of Swindon carried out re-pointing of the presbytery chimneys, west front of the church and porch together with the east elevation. Repairs to the west end of the roof, parapets and roofing of the porch. Repairs to the Church door and work on the door and windows of the presbytery. Repairs to the presbytery roof, associated work re bell.

1st June 1999

Colin Ash 1st instalment £5334.50 (including VAT)

7th June 1999

Church bell re-hung

19th June 1999

Colin Ash 2nd instalment £4030.25 (including VAT)

6th July 1999

Colin Ash 3rd instalment £3406.32including VAT)

July 1999

Collapse of part of the sitting room ceiling.

6th July 1999

Colin Ash 4th instalment £3,247.99 (including VAT)

14th July 1999

Statue of Our Lady from St Clotilde’s placed in the grounds of the presbytery and blessed after a St Clotilde’s School reunion Mass

Summer 1999

New external porch light. Replaced in 2001

Anonymous donor

Summer 1999

Creation of the Millennium Garden and provision of a garden seat and shrubs, including a Rowan, an English Rose and Rosemary. Slabs laid by Francis Anyamene.

Anonymous  donation of plants. Other money raised at a Coffee Morning

31st July 1999

Colin Ash, Renewal of sitting room ceiling. £552.25 (including VAT)

31st July 1999

Colin Ash Cost £2,349.72 (including VAT)

3rd August 1999

Diocese paid £487.63 for repairs to Velux window installed by C.B.A.

Diocese of Clifton

6th August 1999

£500 paid by Diocese for repairs in connection with the leak and collapsed sitting room ceiling– C.B.A.

Diocese of Clifton

23rd August  1999

Colin Ash Cost £5077.88 (including VAT)

27th August 1999

Re-gravelling of drive by Geoff Telling and creation of a small bund by County Highways

Anonymous donor

September 1999

Posts and wire erected along boundary by Bernard Sparkes


6th October 1999

Statue of St Thomas of Canterbury carved by Patrick Conoley of Hartpury.

Cost £1,370.

As a result of fundraising

31st October 1999

Statue of St Thomas hallowed

5th December 1999

Heating and Domestic Services – repairs to boilers. Cost £146.88

Spring 2000

New glass fronted notice board installed by John Bint


March 2000

Sanctuary Lamp given by Timothy McDonald of Walsingham and brass top made by Paul Mayo of Lechlade.

29th March 2000

Grant for £10,000 from the Esmee Fairbairn  Charitable Trust to be shared with Cricklade


April 2000

Altar rails re-gilded by Simon Fry

Anonymous donor

May 2000

New notice board made by John Bint and painted by Maggy Fitzpatrick of Clanfield


28th May 2000

Planting of a Glastonbury thorn and a Yew Tree for the millennium

Thorn provided by the Fairford Garden Club.

27th June 2000

Protim Services Ltd. Rot Treatment. Total £141 (including VAT)

28th July 2000

Repairs to boilers. Heating and Domestic Services of Whelford. £274.95

Summer 2000

Colin Ash. Re-pointing of north and south sides of the church together with the sacristy. Repairs to the guttering on the church and re-roofing of the sacristy. Removal of kerbs in the cemetery. Removal of the bases for the water butt and the old oil tank.

9th August 2000

Colin Ash  1st instalment £3525 (including VAT)

15th August 2000

W.J. Lea & Sons Re-plastering and re-flooring sitting room and decorating. Cost £2,889.71 (including VAT)

15th August 2000

Carpets re-laid by Lou Tovey. Cost £53

18th August 2000

Electrical work in connection with sitting room. Crown Electrical Services of Cirencester. Cost £113.98 (including VAT)

20th August 2000

W. R. Pankhurst of Oakridge Lynch. Repair to door latch, bell rope guide, guard for organ bolt, window stay. Cost £146

6th September 2000

Colin Ash 2nd instalment £3525.00 (including VAT)

25th September 2000

Colin Ash 3rd instalment £3525.00 (including VAT)

9th October 2000

Colin Ash. 4th instalment £5,571 (including VAT)

18th November 2000

W. R. Pankhurst of Oakridge Lynch. Wrought iron lamp for the exterior of the porch. Cost £328.75.

January 2001

Boundary wall adjacent to side gate re-built by Geoff Telling

£700 cash

7th February 2001

Colin Ash. Work on guttering and down pipes. Cost £1698.82 (including VAT)

February 2001

Re-wiring TV aerials etc.  Aerialcats

February 2001

Tabernacle Diptych designed, painted and installed by Simon Fry of Eckington.

Anonymous donation

1st March 2001

Colin Ash. Various works including erection of flag pole. Cost £722.63 (including VAT)

Flag Pole donated by Pat Russet

4th April 2001

Wrought iron bracket for Sanctuary Lamp from W. R. Pankhurst of Oakridge Lynch. Cost £129.50

3rd May 2001

Polish Community erected and blessed a plaque in St Thomas’s beneath the picture of Our Lady of Czestechowa

October 2001

Re-gravelling of drive by Geoff Telling

Anonymous donor

26th November 2001

Repairs to Boilers Heating & Domestic Services. Cost £82.25

January 2002

Repairs to gravestones and statue of Christ the King completed by David Greaves of Dike & Son, Cirencester

No charge

9th January 2002

Grant for £10,000 received from the Esmee Fairbairn Foundation to be shared with Cricklade


13th March 2002

Boilers serviced by Heating & Domestic Services

£105.75 (Paid 19/8/02)

13th April 2002

Donation towards the roof. £1000 (+ Gift Aid)

David & Emma Guild

17th May 2002

Grant of £250 from the Caetani-Howard Charitable Trust towards the roofs


4th-6th August 2002

Michael Smith of Fairford painted exterior of Presbytery. Kitchen windows and doors in Dulux Woodsheen Satin finish Teak. Church porch door in Saddolin woodstain semi gloss Teak. Doors and metalwork with grey undercoat and Albany Glendale green gloss.  Cost £380.

9th August 2002

Paraclete quatrefoil window installed above the altar. Designed by Sarianne Durie of Lechlade Mill. Installed by David Bowman of Cuddington, Bucks.

Total Cost £550 (Paid 25/8/02).

Anonymous Donor

29th August 2002

Grant of £1,250 from the Alan Evans Memorial Trust towards the roofs


Between 16th –26th September 2002

Lower parts of the Presbytery walls were pointed by Maurice Hanks of Cirencester

October 2002

The kerbs were removed from around Leslie Burry’s gravestone by David Greaves of Dike & Son and the area was re-turfed. The work was paid for by Mrs Sue Burry.

31st October 2002

Two icos m3080 Ideal Boilers installed by Robert Lawson of Heating & Domestic Services, Dovecote Workshops, Barnsley, Cirencester.

Quotation £1838.00 + VAT (total £2159.65). Paid 13/12/02

31st October 2002

Maurice Hanks commenced the erection of scaffolding around the church for the new roof

13/14 November 2002

Michael T. Smith decorated outer sacristy. £237 for labour & materials.

22nd November 2002

Eye of God quatrefoil installed above the entrance door. Designed by Sarianne Durie of Lechlade Mill. Fitted by David Bowman of Cuddington, Bucks.

Cost £550. Paid 15/12/02

Anonymous Donor

£350 + Gift Aid on this and previous window

28th November 2002

Replacement of two leaded lights in the sacristy and repair to St Augustine’s window by David Bowman of Cuddington, Bucks.  Cost: £150

9th December 2002

First Instalment – for half of the cost of the Church roof.  Mr Hanks paid £6,110 including VAT

12th December 2002

Grant from the Gloucestershire Historic Churches  Trust for £2000 towards the roofs


19th December 2002

Church roof completed. Second Instalment – for half of the cost of the Church roof. Mr Hanks paid £6,110 including VAT 

23rd January 2003

Grant from the Byrne Charitable Trust $750


23rd January 2003

Grant from the Philip & Sarah Howard Charitable Trust for £500


20th February 2003

The Triple Lancet Window by William Wailes was removed from the church for conservation. The conservator was Miss Tanith Harvey of Artistica Glass Designs, the Painter was Stewart Bowman (trained by Clayton & Bell) and the glazier was David Bowman of Cuddington, Bucks.

22nd February 2003

List of Incumbents for the church produced by Margaret Fitzpatrick and framed by Whistler’s of Lechlade. Total Cost £200

29th March 2003

Three Gravestones were pushed over by vandals – fortunately no damage was caused

2nd April 2003

Paid £1,500 deposit to David Bowman for wire mesh grilles for windows

3rd April 2003

Heating & Domestic Services  New motor for the house valve £71.67

3rd April 2003

£2,900 paid to David Bowman for the first instalment of the restoration of the Triple Lancet Window

8th April 2003

Quinquennial Survey, Disabled Access audit and Child Protection and Vulnerable Person survey carried out by Tony Thompson FRIBA of Falconer Partnership, Stroud. Cost £475.88 (Paid 9th July)

14th – 16th April 2003

Triple Lancet Window returned to St Thomas’s. Second Instalment of £4,500 paid to David Bowman

15th April 2003

£2,000 Donation from Bernard Clarke towards the wire mesh grilles for the windows

with £564 in Gift Aid


16th April 2003

£600 donation from the Polish Community of  Swindon


25th April 2003

£500 donation from the Anyamenes towards the restoration of the Triple Lancet Window


6th May 2003

Scaffolding commenced for re-roofing Presbytery – Mr Maurice Hanks

14th May 2003

Sarianne Durie of Lechlade Mill accepted the Commission for two new stained glass windows for the two lancet windows at the west end of the church. One of these is to be a memorial window to St Clotilde’s School and the other in thanksgiving for the history of the Mission.

23rd May 2003

£300 donated by Margaret Charman towards the window restoration fund


27th May 2003

Mr Maurice Hanks began work on re-roofing the Presbytery

6th June 2003

Wire Mesh Grilles fitted on the Triple Lancet Window by David Bowman. Measurements taken for the others.

June 2003

Gerry Drumm erected a trellis frame around the Statue of Christ the King. Cost £80 approx.

June 2003

Donation from Doreen Lovelock of £50 towards the restoration of the windows


May/June/July 2003

Repairs to downstairs toilet in May 2003 and wiring in the roof during July 2003 by Mike Barnes of Budleigh House, Horcott Road, Fairford Cost £202-74 (paid 20/9/03)

24th June 2003

Heating & Domestic Services. Repair to leaking heating pipe in the church. Cost £64.63

First instalment of £5,000 paid to Maurice Hanks

8/9th August 2003

Wire Mesh Grilles installed on the church windows by David Bowman

Mid August 2003

Most of the work completed by Mr Hanks on the Presbytery roof but odds and ends still outstanding

27th August 2003

Donation of £250 towards the church from the Jalili family.

27th August 2003

Donations in lieu of flowers in memory of Angelo Corso

29th August 2003

Second instalment of £5,575 paid to Maurice Hanks

24th October 2003

Third instalment for additional roof works by Maurice Hanks £3,674.22 (including VAT) which included £200 credit for old tiles stacked on site

2nd December 2003

First Instalment of £2,500 to Sarianne Durie of Lechlade Mill for the new stained glass windows at the west end. Permission given by the Diocesan Liturgical Department on 26th November 2003

Outstanding Work

9th June 2002

Quotation sought from Denis Townsend of Cricklade for repairs to the dry stone boundary walls. Also from Mr Hanks on 23rd August.

Re-seating tiles on sacristy and porch roofs, glass and repointing above boiler room door, dry stone walling, areas of re-pointing on presbytery. Dowelling of Gravestone Crosses and removal of kerbs by Mr Hanks

Design and installation of two lancet windows at the west end of the church by Sarianne Durie of Lechlade Mill. One of the windows is in memory of St Clotilde’s School at Lechlade and approx £1,000 has been given for this project by the Old Girls’ Association.

The design should be ready by the end of October 2003

Gates for the Entrance to the Car Park

Re-routing of gas pipe on the rear of the house

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