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‘Woodchester A Gothic Vision’

Woodchester A Gothic Vision: The Story of William Leigh, Benjamin Bucknall and the Building of Woodchester Mansion

by Liz Davenport

Kindle Edition

Liz Davenport, Archivist of Woodchester Mansion Trust has spent 10 years researching the story of the Mansion & the Leigh family. The result is a fascinating account of how wealthy Catholic convert William Leigh came to Woodchester and why Woodchester Mansion was never completed.

51iEpZ+L8cL._SY346_ or search on ‘Woodchester’ in the Kindle store

This book tells the story of the enigmatic Woodchester Mansion in Gloucestershire. The incomplete Gothic Revival house in Woodchester Park combines the highest quality architecture and craftsmanship with the mystery of why the building was never finished.

The Mansion was built for the wealthy Roman Catholic convert William Leigh between 1857 and 1867. It is the masterpiece of his young architect Benjamin Bucknall, who was an admirer of the significant French architect and restorer Eugene Emmanuel Viollet-le-Duc. The house was incomplete on Leigh’s death in 1873, and, while his descendants cared for it, they never managed to complete the building.

Ten years of research exploring the connections of the well-off Leigh family, the building of the Mansion and the long decline after 1873 are reported. The book also covers the architects and the Leigh’s involvement in the local community. Most importantly, it explains the reasons why the Mansion was never finished.

The Mansion is now cared for by the Woodchester Mansion Trust and open to the public on some days in the summer. The book is a must for anyone who has visited, or intends to visit; it gives a full account of this wonderful building, the Gothic vision of William Leigh and Benjamin Bucknall.

Kindle Edition £7.50p

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