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George de Serionne – Lay Apostle of the Cotswolds

To download James Rudden’s essay entitled, ‘George de Serionne – Lay Apostle of the Cotswolds’, please press the link below:

2 comments on “George de Serionne – Lay Apostle of the Cotswolds

  1. Alan Robinson
    October 25, 2017

    There is a little booklet about the Rev’d Dr John Lopes published, I think, privately at Eynsham. I am sure that there is an appendix about George De Serionne. Dr Lopes founded a number of mission churches and several times was declared bankrupt. He ended his public ministry as Catholic Chaplain at Cambridge where he guided and inspired Monsignor Alfred Gilbey, who later followed him as chaplain. He was a remarkable priest with a great love of the traditional Liturgy (and I notice above that he had Vespers at Eynsham)

    • Richard Barton
      October 25, 2017

      Thank you for commenting on this post and I will certainly make efforts to obtain a copy of this Lopes booklet. It is certainly very encouraging to receive more information from readers. With kind regards Richard. I have just posted a link to the Eynsham parish history:

      Click to access st_peter_history.pdf

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