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St John’s Catholic Primary School, Bath

To download Elaine Wright’s article, ‘St John’s RC Primary School as remembered by the Harding Family,’ please press the link below:

2 comments on “St John’s Catholic Primary School, Bath

  1. Ken Eynon OAM
    May 19, 2020

    I did a year or so at St John’s as my older sister was a pupil there. I then moved to Dt Mary’s as we lived in Weston. I was with the cubs and later St John’s 49th Boy Scouts. This was about 1959/1962. I am pretty sure there was no school classes held there in after 1961. The Mrs Mapson could have been the wife of Mr Mapson the Deputy Principal at St John’s , my older sister who completed her education in 1958 remembered him fondly. And I know he was on the interview panel at YMCA when I was interviewed for Bath Tech in 1957.

  2. Bridget O'Cleary
    May 21, 2020

    I went to St John’s late 60’s and then onto the Convent. I remember Mr Trenchard with his white beard. Mgr Kelly and Fr Millet.
    I went to church at St Alphege, still do, now and again as my mother Pat Carter is still a parishioner. We had Mgr Farrow and a great youth club. That is when I learnt to play the guitar and play during Mass.
    I remember those years fondly and yes I did get told off in front of the whole school, I had the belt and cried and cried.
    It would be lovely to catch up with someone again.
    There is Mr Hamelyn in St. Dunstans where I am based now and he went to St John’s the same time as myself.

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