A tribute to the life and work of Brian Torode

Father Ignatius of Llanthony

To download Richard Barton’s ‘Father Ignatius of Llanthony – Photographs and Postcards of Llanthony Abbey from my collection’ please press the link below:

To download Brian Torode’s ‘Father Ignatius Lyne and Cheltenham Spa’:


Hugh Allen, ‘New Llanthony Abbey – Father Ignatius’s Monastery at Capel-y-ffin’

ISBN 978-191117-523-0

Peterscourt Press, 2016

3 comments on “Father Ignatius of Llanthony

  1. Richard Barton
    October 1, 2017

    From Hugh Allen: Fascinating stuff — I wonder where it came from. The family of Ann Easley lived in Hargrave Pk (not Margrave), and she became involved with Ignatius well before 1875: while he was preaching at St Bartholomew’s Moor Lane in 1867 (NLA p 108). And I think it was only £1000, not £2000. V interesting about the family silver.

  2. Richard Barton
    October 1, 2017

    From Hugh Allen: “Fr. Thomas More”: is there a date on the postcard, and is “Aelred” Aelred Carlyle? This is evidently the associate whose new boots were accounted for in Asaph’s collection of bills and cheque stubs – I wish I’d been able to put the photo in NLA.

  3. Richard Barton
    October 1, 2017

    From Hugh Allen: A couple of interesting details on this blog post by Richard Barton. The extract from the proceedings of the Woohope Club identifies the “Pilgrim’s Rest” as the little stone building on the right of the Monastery drive (still there; just past the pony trekking stables), and the information about “Fr(ank, not Father) Thomas More, sheds some light on one of the semi-detached members of the community in the years following Ignatius’s death. Could he be the individual seated on Fr. Asaph’s right in the photo on p369 of “New Llanthony Abbey”?

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