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Bloodstone of Cardemont by Jack Murphy



227825_108473215973060_237633106_nThe ‘Bloodstone of Cardemont’ is a new, thrilling fantasy adventure series of books for young adults by Cotswold author, Jack Murphy.


Johnny as Jack Murphy

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy Fiction
Publisher: Amazon


Meet Jack Murphy the Author


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Hello everyone

I live in a small cottage in the rolling hills of the English countryside. When I’m not walking my two dogs (a neurotic terrier and a very laid back black lab) I spend my time writing. This is because I love crafting stories – all sorts of stories but also because hey, once you’ve walked the dogs, what else is there to do in the English countryside?

I don’t think of myself as either a fantasy or young adult author; my books just seem to turn out that way. I write the sorts of stories that inspired me when I was young (and still do), by authors such as Mervyn Peake, Tolkien, Poe and CS Lewis and hope that people will like what I produce, regardless of their age.

I have been writing all my life although, ‘Tazmand’ and ‘Greef’ are the first books I have published and they will soon be followed by three more, comprising the ‘Bloodstone of Cardemont’ five book fantasy adventure series.

‘Tazmand’ is Book One




Tazmand is fourteen years old. He has a settled life working in the Great Library as a slave of the Kareshian Empire. He feels lucky: he is looked after, fed and sheltered and has the prospect of advancement through the ranks. He asks no more from life other than to learn to read. That is until he

turns fourteen and his life turns upside down. Horrific dreams start to disturb his sleep: scenes of a land under military occupation where torture, brutality, murder, child abduction and even sorcery are the norm haunt him relentlessly. A series of seemingly chance events: meeting the spoilt daughter of the Emperor, Princess Skylark Garesh-Far and her bodyguard nurse, the Lady Narine; the sudden appearance of Daniel, an enigmatic overseer who introduces him to the concept of slavery and freedom, leads him to question his life for the first time – is Karesh really the benign state it appears to be? Is there more to the world than the Library?  Does he actually have a family out there somewhere, beyond the city and the vast desert that surrounds it? Tazmand is catapulted into a decision that will change his life forever – together with his friends Dharma and Salt, the Princess Skylark and with the help of the Lady Narine, he plans a daring escape from Karesh city into a world that none of them have ever seen, that they know little about and none of them is prepared for.

‘Tazmand’ is book one of the new ‘Bloodstone of Cardemont’ series. It is only the start of the adventure…

Format: Kindle Edition

File Size: 746 KB

Print Length: 249 pages

Publisher: Jack Murphy; 4 edition (2 Feb. 2012)

Sold by: Amazon Media EU S.à r.l.

4.8 out of 5 stars (9)


Download it from Amazon now –


‘Greef’ is Book Two



Tazmand has escaped Karesh city with his companions Dharma, Salt and the emperor’s daughter, Princess Skylark. They find themselves in the Scavenging Grounds, a vast landscape of rubbish outside the city walls but, now they are free, what do they do next? Closely pursued by a group of soldiers sent by the Emperor and led by Sash, a slave overseer with a personal grudge against Tazmand, they must find safety and, ultimately, decide where they are going. They are befriended and aided by Maggot, a young scavenger who makes his living trawling through the rubbish to find things to sell and later by Greef, a trainee Coenobite warrior with (erratic) magical powers and his companion falcon, Sphinx.

On the journey, Tazmand tries to make sense of a confusing interrelationship between his dreams and real life. In his dreams he is learning to wield tremendous abilities that affect real life yet, in the real world when he is awake, he feels powerless. What is real and what is not? What is the significance of blood and why does the Lady Narine come to him from the dead to foretell the rising of the Bloodwielder? Why, in his dreams, does the demon Demogorgon want him dead yet the strange man in the turban wants him alive? Why and how do the dead come back to life?

Their journey is fraught with danger, friendship, betrayal and deceit. Whom can Tazmand trust as his powers increase and he attempts to uncover his destiny?

The adventure continues…

Format: Kindle Edition

File Size: 872 KB

Print Length: 301 pages

Publisher: Jack Murphy; 1 edition (7 Jun. 2012)

Sold by: Amazon Media EU S.à r.l.

£2.51 to buy

Available to download from Amazon now –


‘The Coenobites of Ra’ is Book Three


Tazmand and his friends are in a desperate race against time. The Kareshian Emperor has sent a small army led by Goldbrick, his personal Vizier, to arrest Sash for incompetence and bring back his daughter and her so-called ‘kidnappers’. Salt has been mortally wounded after the dramatic destruction of Huff’s Fullery; he needs specialist care or he will die. Only the Coenobites of Ra, a clandestine community of warrior sorcerers, can save him. Tazmand’s powers are increasing although out of control and he is veering between reality and the madness of his dreams. Only Devorah, the Coenobite leader, can provide the answers Tazmand, Salt, Dharma, Maggot and Sky need to explain their interlinked, astonishing destinies. Only she can perform a potentially deadly ritual to ‘prove’ Tazmand and see if he really is the Bloodwielder, the one who has been foretold by ancient prophecy will bridge the worlds of the living and the dead and, by so doing, save or damn the earth.

The real adventure has only just started…


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