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Smith Family of Tytherington

Smith Family of Tytherington

(?) Thomas Smith (-1578) and Alice Patch

Yeoman of Tytherington




(?) William Smith (-1613)

Husbandman of Tytherington




(?) William Smith (-1635)

of Tytherington



William Smith (-1727c) and Elizabeth (?) (1652-1705)

Tailor of Tytherington




Anne Smith (1676-) and Thomas Shield




James Shield I (1710-) and Mary Pullen




James Shill (Shield) II and Sarah Luce




James Shield III and Mary Isaac



Ann Shield and James Eley




Ernest Edward Eley and Emily Yarnold



Grace Margaret Eley and William Edward Terrett


(?) THOMAS SMITH, Great X Grandfather of Richard Barton


William Smith may be the son of Thomas Smith, a yeoman of Tytherington, who died in about 1578. His wife was Alice Patch.



(?) WILLIAM SMITH, Great IX Grandfather of Richard Barton


William Smith, a husbandman of Tytherington died in about 1613. He made a will.



(?) WILLIAM SMITH, Great VIII Grandfather of Richard Barton


William Smith of Tytherington died in about 1635 having made a will in 1632.

WILLIAM SMITH, Great VII Grandfather of Richard Barton


Husband of Elizabeth

Father of Anne Shield


Also Father of Elizabeth, Elizabeth Mary and William


William Smith, a tailor, married Elizabeth and had at least five children. Their elder child called Elizabeth was buried in 1671 and the three youngest children were baptised at Tytherington between 1673 and 1676.

Elizabeth Smith, wife of William Smith, Tailor was buried on 24th March 1705 at Tytherington. William Smith Snr. Died on 3rd September 1727 and was buried at Tytherington.

ANN SHIELD, Great VI Grandmother of Richard Barton


Daughter of William Smith and Elizabeth

Wife of Thomas Shield

Mother of James Shield I


Also Mother of John, William and Henry


Ann Smith married Thomas Shield on 25th May 1704 at Tytherington. She was probably the daughter of William and Elizabeth Smith and, if so, her baptism took place at Tytherington on 9th April 1676. Thomas was buried on 24th April 1720 at Tytherington and his widow, Ann Shill, was probably buried on 31st August 1755.


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