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St Gregory’s Cheltenham – photos

To download Richard Barton’s album of photographs and images of the Priory Church of St Gregory the Great, Cheltenham, please press the link below:

3 comments on “St Gregory’s Cheltenham – photos

  1. Judith
    October 5, 2022

    Very interested in your photos of St. Gregory’s. Even more delighted to find a picture of Dom Adrian Coughlin . My grandmother and great aunt, both born Coughlin, described him as a cousin though they were 20 years his junior. I am more inclined to think he was a cousin to their father. Still trying to identify his parents or find his baptism. All lived and grew up in Cardiff. My great aunt Coughlin was a boarder pupil at St. Roses Convent . I found her yesterday in the 1921 census entry for the Convent hence how Icame to lok at this site. I would like to find out more about the convent and the Sister Superior in 1921 Bridget Goldrick as Goldrick/Gouldrick is a family surname a generation back. Strange coincidence or not ?

    • btsarnia
      October 5, 2022

      Good afternoon, Judith. I have been trying to
      find the parents of Fr Adrian for you and, although I have found his date of birth in 1879, I cannot find his parents. He was John Adrian in his religious life but he may have had a different birth name.

      You may be best contacting the archives at Douai Abbey as they should have all the information to hand. I think the archives of the Sisters of St Rose may be stored at Douai too otherwise the nuns at Stone will have the information. Happy hunting and kindest regards Richard

      • Judith
        October 5, 2022

        Thanks. Always good to share brick walls.! I have assumed perhaps incorrectly that John but not Adrian was Dom. Adrian’s baptismal name as thats the first name in the 1939 register. I am going to call Douai . They didn’t respond to my email during lockdown, though nearly 15 years ago the archivist did respond to my husband’s email and said they had lots of information about Dom. Adrian and we were welcome to visit. Then we were still working but we are close enough for a day visit to Douai. I went to the Kew archives yesterday and saw the WW1 papers for Dom Adrian. Unfortunately his next of kin is his Religious Superior not a parent. No document like an attestation just his medical discharge and an exchange of letters about his application. I saw that Douai’s archive hold some Dominican archives and wondered whether they might include information about St. Roses , the nuns and pupils. I am about to look up the 1911 census for the convent. Shared this today with the U3A family history group we run. Thanks for your interest. Spurs me on !

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