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Richens Family of Horton

The Richens or Ritchens Family of Horton

John Richens (1697-1777) and Ann King (1695-1774)

Yeoman of Horton




Elizabeth Davis (Richens) (1730-1798) and Daniel Horwood Park (1714-1784) Farmer of Dayhouse Farm, Kingswood




Peter Park III (1754-1822) and Elizabeth Trotman (1767-1821)

Yeoman of Kingswood




Sarah Park (1806-1859) and Thomas Eley (1794-1864)

Farmer of Lower Morton, Thornbury




James Eley (1836-1874) and Anne Shield (1837-1934)



Ernest Edward Eley (1869-1950) and Emily Yarnold (1865-1951)


Grace Margaret Eley and William Edward Terrett





JOHN RICHENS, Great VI Grandfather of Richard Barton


Husband of Anne King

Father of Elizabeth Park


Also Father of Ann Cooper, John, Mary Cook, Richard, Sarah Rodway, Thomas and William


John Richens was born in about 1697. He married Anne King on 29th March 1722 at Hawkesbury and they had at least seven children between 1723 and 1738. He was a Yeoman of Horton.

Anne died on 1st October 1774 aged seventy-nine-years and was buried at Horton

John made his will on 2nd March 1776, with a further codicil signed with his mark on 15th April 1776, and he died on 3rd October 1777 aged eighty years.

The will described him as a Yeoman of Horton, ‘ancient and infirm of body but blessed by God of sound mind, memory and understanding’. His son Thomas was appointed executor together with his grandson, Thomas Davis, son of daughter, Betty. He gave £20 to his children, Richards Richens, Betty Park and Sarah Rodway and £5 to each of their children together with the two sons of Thomas Richens, his son and the children of his deceased daughter Mary Cook. He gave £15 a piece to the children of his late daughter Ann Cooper. In a codicil he made a small legacy of a shilling to his son William Richens. The witnesses were Wm Gibbs and Edm’d Rouch and the witnesses to the codicil were Ann and Edm’d Rouch

Details of their Memorial Stones are recorded by Ralph Bigland:

‘In memory of John Ritchens, of this Parish, who died Oct. 3, 1777 aged 80 years. Also of Ann his wife, who died Oct. 1, 1774, aged 79 years’


ELIZABETH PARK, Great V Grandmother of Richard Barton


Daughter of John Richens and Anne (nee King)

Wife of Daniel Horwood Park

Mother of Peter Park II


Also Mother of William, Edward, Thomas, Rebecca Dorney, William, Ann Lock, Elizabeth Amos, Mary (?) and Sarah


Also Wife of Thomas Davis

Also Mother of Thomas Davis


On 20th August 1750/1 Daniel Horwood Park of Kingswood, a widower, married Elizabeth Davis, at Kingswood. She was born in about 1730. Elizabeth was then the widow of Thomas Davis of Hawkesbury. Thomas Davis, who was baptised at Hawkesbury on 9th May 1748, was the son of this first marriage. Elizabeth’s husband, Thomas Davis was buried on 15th July 1749 at Hawkesbury.

Elizabeth Davis was the daughter of John Richens and his wife Anne (nee King) of Horton who was baptised on 4th May 1730 at Hawkesbury. John Richens was born in 1697 probably in Horton, and, at Hawkesbury, on 29th March 1722 he married Anne King who was born in 1695. Anne was buried at Horton on 1st October 1774 and John was buried at Horton on 3rd October 1777. They had at least eight children Ann, Elizabeth, John, Mary, Richard, Sarah, Thomas and William.

This marriage between Daniel and Elizabeth resulted in ten children but William, their second son, survived only a few days. Three of their daughters married including Rebecca who married Thomas Dorney whose son-in-law was later hanged as a result of his involvement in the Berkeley Poaching Affray of 1816.

Daniel Horwood Park was buried on 31st January 1784 at Kingswood and is buried under a table-top monument behind the church. His widow, Elizabeth, survived him.

His widow, Elizabeth Park, made her will on 2nd August 1797 and she was described as a widow of Dayhouse Farm, Kingswood. She left her son-in-law Daniel Park, a blacksmith of Wickwar, five guineas, she left the same to her daughter-in-law Ursula Walkley, a widow of Horsley, and five guineas to her son Thomas Davis of Hawkesbury. Her sons Thomas, William and Edward Park all received thirty pounds apiece. Her three daughters, Rebecca, wife of Thomas Dorney, Ann the wife of John Lock and Elizabeth, the wife of Thomas Amos all received thirty pounds. The residue of the estate was to be given jointly to her son and daughter Thomas and Sarah Park or if Sarah decided to move from him then she was to receive £100. Thomas Park was appointed as executor. Elizabeth was unable to sign the will.

Elizabeth Park was buried, aged 68 years, on 10th March 1798 and was laid to rest with her husband, Daniel, at Kingswood.



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