A tribute to the life and work of Brian Torode

Photographs of St Stephen’s Tivoli

Photographs from the Collection of the Late Father Brian Torode

‘This Church was designed by John Middleton and built in stages: chancel 1873-4, transept 1876, tall nave with lean-to aisles 1881-3, N and S porches 1885-6 and transept 1888’ (Alan Brooks). The Lady Chapel was designed by L. W. Barnard as a War Memorial.

For more details see the Post entitled ‘St Stephen’s War Memorial Chapel’ and the section on John Middleton.

St S 1.jpg

St S 2.jpg


St S 3


St Sn 4


St Sn 5

St Sn 6



St Sn 7

Our Lady and Child by Ulrica Lloyd (1955)

St Sn 8

c. 1885


St Sn 26

St Sn 9

This Picture was taken between Easter and Harvest 1885


Set of 12 Photographs dated 12th January 1922

St Sn 101St Sn 11St Sn 12St Sn 13St Sn 14

St Sn 27

St Sn 16St Sn 17St Sn 18

St Sn 28

St Sn 19St Sn 20


St Sn 23.jpg

1933 Golden Jubilee

St Sn 24

1933 Golden Jubilee

St Sn 25

Choir and Orchestra 1911

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