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St Rose’s Convent, Stroud

To download Richard Barton’s album of postcards and photographs of the former Dominican Third Order Convent of St Rose of Lima, Stroud, please press the link below:

To download this talk given by Sister Mary Wulstan Galini O.P., during the early 1980s, about the story of St Rose’s Convent, Stroud, please press the link below:

To download ‘St Rose’s Dominican Convent, Stroud, an account of its foundation and new chapel’ (Rosary Press, 1895) please press the link below:

To down load Richard Barton’s essay about the family backgrounds and upbringing of Mother Mary Teresa Matthews and Mother Rose Corbett, please press the link below:

See also the essay on James Bernard Morewood with information about the family background of Mrs Emily Sandys:

12 comments on “St Rose’s Convent, Stroud

  1. Philip J Wells
    July 21, 2016

    A typed history of the Convent seen by Canon Hilary Davidson at some time records that the canopies for the stalls were fixed by Thomas Liddiatt of Leonard Stanley in 1907. He was a woodworker/ carver/ organ builder. He does not mention who made the stalls themselves but Liddiatt had made those for King’s Stanley Church (designed by the Rector the Revd John Gibson) as part of the 1876 restoration. He also noted that the Sisters claimed the design of the organ case was by Bucknall but this is total rubbish. It is a copy (1894) of the marvellous case designed by Gibson and made by Liddiatt in 1876 for King’s Stanley. Liddiatt must have re-used the earlier drawings but Bucknall, who had worked with Gibson in 1870 on the KS School, may have added some extra woodwork at the sides and lower front as the KS organ was in a chamber, not freestanding as here. Gibson died in 1892 in Hove so may not have given permission for his design to be re-used. Bucknall, judging from the sketch of an organ case for Woodchester Mansion, had not got much of a clue about 14 century organ cases. Gibson had studied organ cases over many years of travel on the continent particularly in Germany and Switzerland. The pipework of Liddiatt’s organ was radically reworked with much other secondhand stuff when the organ was transferred to the RC church next door in 1980.

    I note the Convent was recently advertised for auction.

    • Richard Barton
      July 21, 2016

      Many thanks, Philip

      • sally parker
        September 22, 2021

        Hi Richard,

        Just a big thank you for your research into the Convent of St Rose, Stroud, and the background of foundress Mother Mary Teresa, who was the aunt of my gg grandfather Albert Lamburn born in Stroud.

        Albert was also a Catholic. He moved to Plymouth as a young man to marry Lavinia Snow and they had nine children of which my grandmother May Florence Lamburn was one. She was baptised Catholic as I imagine were her siblings.

        Consequently her children, my father being one, were also baptised into the Catholic faith as were myself and my cousins.

        Your work has very much helped me understand my Catholic background and it is very gratifying to know that, from her humble background, Elizabeth Matthews’ gift of Faith spread to Plymouth, passing through my family to myself and my son.

        The family photograph of Mother Mary was mislaid some time ago so may I add that it is also a wonderful gift to see the photograph of her in your article, a copy of which is watching me from my mantelpiece as I write this!

        With thanks and prayers,

      • btsarnia
        September 22, 2021

        Good evening, Sally. How exciting to hear from you! Mother Mary Teresa Matthews has fascinated me for may years and I often wondered about her family background but with so many records now being available it has been possible to discover a little more about her. It is fascinating to hear about the Lamburns – I have delved a bit further and added a new paragraph – so a big ‘Thank You’ to you.

        Have you found my article concerning Father Morewood and Mrs Emily Sandys?
        This should add a bit more to the story.
        With kindest regards


  2. sally Parker
    September 26, 2021

    Hi Richard,

    Many thanks for your prompt response.

    I have read all of your very interesting articles and they are stimulating even further my curiosity regarding the resurgence of the Catholic Church in England.

    In which of your articles am I able to find your additional paragraph please ?

    I seem to remember reading that in 1929 a Teresa Lamburn (?Albert’s sister) was elected Prioress General at the new amalgamated convent at Stone, Staffordshire. so I am very proud to be connected to two independent, capable women !

    I will let you know if I find out out any further information that you may find useful.

    Best regards

    • btsarnia
      September 26, 2021

      Much appreciated, Sally. My new material, thanks to you, is towards the end of the Mother Mary Teresa Matthews article.
      Kindest regards

  3. Robert and Peter Palmer
    July 17, 2022

    Hello Sally
    Like you, we are direct descendants of Albert Lamburn and Lavinia Snow- in our case we are great grandchildren, being descended from Teresa Rose Lamburn who was the first born of the above. If you would like more information on the Lamburn family please make contact. We would be very pleased to hear from you.

    Ps. We are both residents of the Stroud district.

    • Sally Parker
      July 17, 2022

      Thank you both very much for your message!! Seems our grand parents were siblings, my grandmother being May Lamburn. I think there were Palmers living in Plymouth who knew May, perhaps you have contact with them. I live in Dorset, I went to find the the Convent etc in Stroud as I was very interested in my Catholic background. It would be lovely to meet up with you both at some time. I would like to know more about Lavinia Snow’s background, my mother knew some Snows in Plymouth, particularly Joyce Snowden née Snow, but as I was just a child at the time it didn’t seem important then.
      Best wishes
      Sally Parker

  4. Robert and Peter Palmer
    July 18, 2022

    Hello Sally
    We are very pleased to receive your reply. We would very much like to meet up with you but we will be very busy until early October and it might even go as far as late October. We feel we will have a lot of information to share and that will probably be best done when we meet.

    Best wishes
    Robert & Peter Palmer

    • btsarnia
      July 18, 2022

      I am pleased my research has been of some help to you. Kindest regards Richard

      • Robert and Peter Palmer
        July 18, 2022

        Hi Richard

        We would like to say thank you for your very interesting articles and also the opportunity that you have given us to meet a new found relative through the btarnia site.

        We have known since our childhood that we have a family link to St Roses Convent but it is only in recent years that we began to discover that link. What we discovered has given us much pleasure and amazement.

        Thank you and best wishes


      • btsarnia
        July 19, 2022

        Hi Rob. Just clicked who you are …. just sent you an email and thanks for your last message.

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