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Underwood Family of Halmore and Purton



Samuel Underwood (1716-1767) and Sarah Turner (later Stokes) (-1791)

of Halmore


Hannah Underwood (-1816) and James Cook (1751-1829)

Labourer of Purton


 Aaron Cook III (1798-1856) and Hannah Vizard

Labourer, Sawyer and Carpenter of Purton


 Selina Cook (1833-1895) and Isaac Pick


Ellen Pick and William Barton


 Edward Percy Barton and Florence Noad





SAMUEL UNDERWOOD, Great V Grandfather of Richard Barton

 Husband of Sarah Turner

Father of Hannah Cook

 Also Father of Samuel, Mary, Sarah Holloway, Nathaniel, Anne

 According to his gravestone Samuel Underwood of Halmore was born in about 1716. He married Sarah Turner of Berkeley on 16th September 1753 at Berkeley.

Six of their children were baptised at Berkeley between 1754 and 1766.

Samuel died on 21st March 1767, aged fifty-one-years and was buried at Berkeley.


Samuel Underwood, of Halmore in this parish, 21 March 1767 aged 51

Mary his Daughter 2 April 1773, aged 16

SARAH STOKES, Great V Grandmother of Richard Barton

Daughter of William Turner and Barbara nee Berry

Wife of Samuel Underwood

Mother of Hannah Cook

 Also Mother of Samuel, Mary, Sarah Holloway, Nathaniel and Anne

 Also wife of John Stokes

Also Mother of Martha Hillier and Mary Stokes

A Sarah Turner was baptised on 6th August 1739 at Berkeley, daughter of William Turner of Berkeley. William Turner married Barbara Berry at Berkeley on 11th September 1738. Barbarah Turner of Berkeley, wife of William Turner, was buried on 3rd April 1750 at Berkeley. William Turner, Parish Clerk of Berkeley, was buried on 19th June 1772.  A Thomas turner, son of William was buried on 2nd December 1763 at Berkeley.

Sarah Turner of Berkeley married Samuel Underwood of Halmore on 16th September 1753 at Berkeley. She had six children between 1754 and 1766. In 1754 the baptismal register recorded that he was living at Wanswell and from 1763 at Halmore. On 21st March 1767 Samuel died, aged fifty-one-years, and was buried at Berkeley.

Sarah then married John Stokes, a widower of Berkeley at Berkeley Parish Church on 29th April 1769. The witnesses were William Neale and Wm. Turner. John Stokes had four children baptised at Berkeley – John, baptised on 17th June 1760 and buried on 20th June 1760 at Berkeley; John baptised on 29th May 1761; Elizabeth baptised on 31st July 1764 and Thomas baptised on 5th March 1768 and buried on 3rd June 1768 at Berkeley.

Memorial Inscription at Berkeley:

‘Susanna, the wife of John Stokes, of the town, died March 5, 1768, aged 38…’

Susannah was buried on 8th March 1768 at Berkeley

Sarah, wife of John Stokes, Yeoman of Lower Stone, was buried at Berkeley on 23rd December 1791 at Berkeley.

John Stokes, a Yeoman, living in the City of Bristol, was buried on 2nd August 1805 at Berkeley.

HANNAH or ANNA COOK, Great IV Grandmother of Richard Barton

 Daughter of Samuel and Sarah Underwood nee Turner

Married James Cook

Mother of Aaron Cook II

Also Mother of Mary Ann, James, Sarah Field, Hannah, Betty and Matthew

Hannah was baptised at Berkeley on 12th December 1766 at Berkeley. She was the daughter of Samuel Underwood of Halmore. He died on 24th March 1767 and was buried at Berkeley.

Hannah’s mother, Sarah, married John Stokes two years later and the family seem to have moved to Lower Stone.

James Cook of Berkeley married Hannah Underwood of Berkeley at Stone on 19th October 1788 and the witnesses were William Oldland and Henry Long.

The couple had at least six children. In 1796 their daughter Sarah is described as the daughter of James and Anna Cook of Pyrton. Hannah Cook of Purton was buried on 21st January 1816, aged fifty-one years. If so she was born in about 1765.


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