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Malpass Family of Cam




William Malpass I (-1754) and Joanna Young (-1768)

of Cam


William Malpass ( 1727-1772) and Elizabeth Browning (-1773)

of Cam


Joanna Malpass (1761-1837) and Aaron Cook II (1762-1794)

Labourer of Saniger


Louisa Cook (1797-1863) and James Noad II


 James Noad III and Sarah Byford


Arthur John Noad and Anne Duffell


 Florence Noad and Edward Percy Barton





 WILLIAM MALPASS I, Great VI Grandfather of Richard Barton

 Husband of Joanna Young

Father of William Malpass

Also Father of Elizabeth, Mary, Samuel and Martha

William Malpas married Joanna Young on 28th November 1713 at Cam.

A William Malpas was buried at Cam on 3rd September 1754 and a Joanna Malpass was buried at Cam on 29th November 1768.

WILLIAM MALPASS II, Great V Grandfather of Richard Barton

 Son of William Malpass and Joana (ne Young)

Husband of Elizabeth Browning

Father of Joanna Bishop

 Also Father of Hester and William

William Malpass was baptised on 30th January 1727, son of William Malpass.

William married Elizabeth Browning at Cam on 5th January 1754.

Betty, wife of William Malpas was buried at Cam on 1st November 1773 and William Malpas was buried on 26th July 1772.


JOANNA BISHOP, Great IV Grandmother of Richard Barton

aughter of William Malpass and Elizabeth (nee Browning)

Wife of Aaron Cook II

Mother of Louisa Noad

Also mother of Sarah Cook

 Also wife of Richard Bishop

Also mother of Sibyl Millard

The baptism of Joanna Malpass, daughter of William and Elizabeth was recorded in both Cam and Dursley on 21st May 1761.

Joanna Malpass of Cam married Aaron Cook of Berkeley on 14th March 1791. They had a daughter Sarah who died on 18th February 1806 and also Louisa who was baptised on 18th March 1798. On this occasion Aaron was described as ‘of Saniger’.

Aaron Cook, a Labourer of Purton, was buried on 30th January 1794 at Berkeley, leaving Joanna a widow with two daughters.

She married Richard Bishop of Berkeley on 18th April 1804 at Berkeley. The witnesses were James Lane and Henry Clark.

Richard Bishop was born in about 1770. He married Amelia Powell (or Howell) on 30th October 1797. Elizabeth, daughter of Richard Bishop of Hinton, was baptised on 4th January 1798. Amelia, wife of Richard Bishop of Hinton, Labourer, was buried at Berkeley on 20th October 1802 and their daughter Ann was buried on 17th November 1802 at Berkeley. Richard and Amelia seem to have had a further child because Sarah, aged four years, daughter of Richard Bishop, a labourer of Hinton, was baptised on 10th March 1805 at Berkeley.

Richard and Joanna had a child Sibyl who was baptised at Berkeley on 10th March 1805.

Joanna Bishop of Etloe was buried at Awre on 20th March 1837 aged seventy-six-years.

In 1841 Richard Bishop, a seventy-year-old labourer, was living with his son-in-law and daughter, James and Sibel (sic) Millard, at Etloe in Awre Parish. Janmes was described as a thirty-five-year-old sawyer and Sibyl as thirty-five-years-old also. Their children included Elizabeth aged twelve, Mary aged ten, Samuel aged eight and Henry aged six years.

Richard Bishop was buried at Awre on 6th December 1849 aged seventy-eight-years



2 comments on “Malpass Family of Cam

  1. Peter Malpas
    July 31, 2018

    What a lovely find. Only last week attended an act of remembrance for Donald Malpas, killed in action WW1 25 July 1918, aged 18, son of Frederick William Malpas who are all in the same family tree.

    • Richard Barton
      July 31, 2018

      Thanks, Peter, do feel free to correct, alter or add! With kindest regards Richard

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