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James Cook (1751-1829) of Purton



(?) Aaron Cook I (-1748) and Mary Tripling (-1748) (?)

of Riddleford, Purton


William Cook (1723-1786) and Mary Everett (1732-1812) 

Yeoman and Dairyman of Saniger and Riddleford,


 James Cook (1751-1829) and Hannah Underwood (1766-1816)

Labourer of Purton


 Aaron Cook III (1798-1856) and Hannah Vizard

Labourer and Sawyer of Purton


Selina Cook (1833-) and Isaac Pick


Ellen Pick and William Barton


 Edward Percy Barton and Florence Noad






JAMES COOK, Great IV Grandfather of Richard Barton

Son of William Cook and Mary (nee Everett)

Husband of Hannah Underwood

Father of Aaron Cook III

Also Father of Mary Ann, James, Sarah Field, Hannah, Betty and Matthew

James Cook is mentioned in the Bishop’s Transcripts as having been baptised at Berkeley on 31st December 1751. Certainly a son, James, is mentioned in his Father’s will of 1786. The baptismal register omits James, the son of William Cook and has in his place James, the son of William Clarke of Hinton. I am convinced that this is a mistake in the original register entry which was corrected by the compiler of the bishop’s transcript.

The burial entry for James Cook of Pyrton on 29th November 1829, states that he was seventy-eight-years-old when he died which supports 1751 as the date of baptism.

However, it is possible that James Cook, my Great IV Grandfather is another James Cook who was the illegitimate son of Mary Cook of Hamton (sic). This baby was baptised on 11th May 1767 at Berkeley, his mother was possibly born in 1748 and his grandparents may have been John and Margaret Cook.

If James Cook was the son of William and Mary Cook then his brother was Aaron Cook II, the grandfather of James Noad, Great, Great Grandfather of Richard Barton.

James Cook married Hannah Underwood of Stone on 19th October 1788 and the witnesses were William Oldland and Henry Long. James and Hannah had at least seven children between 1790 and 1811. In 1796 their daughter Sarah is described as the daughter of James and Anna Cook of Pyrton.

James was buried on 29th November 1829, aged seventy-eight-years, at Berkeley. He was described in the burial register as “of Purton”. Hannah may have been buried on 21st January 1816, aged fifty-one years and, again, from Purton.

HANNAH or ANNA COOK, Great IV Grandmother of Richard Barton

Daughter of Samuel and Sarah Underwood nee Turner

Married James Cook

Mother of Aaron Cook II

Also Mother of Mary Ann, James, Sarah Field, Hannah, Betty and Matthew

Hannah was baptised at Berkeley on 12th December 1766 at Berkeley. She was the daughter of Samuel Underwood of Halmore.

James Cook of Berkeley married Hannah Underwood of Berkeley at Stone on 19th October 1788 and the witnesses were William Oldland and Henry Long.

The couple had at least six children. In 1796 their daughter Sarah is described as the daughter of James and Anna Cook of Pyrton. Hannah Cook of Purton was buried on 21st January 1816, aged fifty-one years. If so she was born in 1765.

Their children were Great IV Aunts and Uncles:

JAMES COOK, Great IV Uncle of Richard Barton


James Cook was baptised on 10th June 1792 at Berkeley. It is likely that he first married Hannah Phillips at Berkeley on 17th August 1817and the witness was Edward Cook. They had at least three children. Hannah died and was buried on 27th December 1829, aged twenty-seven-years, at Berkeley (or her sister-in-law).

On 5th March 1830 James Cook married Sarah Keys at Berkeley. The witnesses were Hannah Cook, Aaron Cook and Henry Clarke. Sarah Keys was born in Frampton in 1809.Aaron and Hannah Cook witnessed the wedding.

From 1820 until 1827 (and also 1836) James was described in the baptismal register as a Waterman of Purton and from 1832 until 1845 as a Mariner. In the 1841 census returns he was described as a Mariner of Purton. The 1851 census return for Purton he was described as a sixty-four-year-old Mariner, born in Purton, with his forty-two-year-old wife, Sarah, who was born in Frampton-on-Severn.

In 1861 James was described as a seventy-year-old Mariner and his wife, Sarah, was aged fifty-two. All the children had left home by the time of the 1851 census. James was buried on 30th October 1872 at Berkeley. He was then aged eighty-four years and ‘of Halmore’. His widow was buried on 14th January 1875/6, aged sixty-three years, and from Halmore.

SARAH FIELD, Great IV Aunt of Richard Barton

Sarah Cook was baptised on 26th June 1796 at Berkeley. She lived at Ham and had an illegitimate daughter, Mary-Ann in 1817 in Berkeley. Subsequently she married the father, William Field in Quedgeley in 1819.

HANNAH COOK, Great IV Aunt of Richard Barton


Hannah Cook was baptised on 19th September 1802 at Berkeley. She was possibly buried at Berkeley on 27th December 1829, aged twenty-seven-years (or her sister-in-law).

BETTY COOK, Great IV Aunt of Richard Barton


Betty Cook was baptised on 8th December 1805 at Berkeley

MATTHEW COOK, Great IV Uncle of Richard Barton


Matthew Cook was baptised on 28th August 1808 at Berkeley. He married Sarah before 1837 and had a child Sarah who was baptised at Berkeley on 9th February 1837. His wife was buried on 12th February 1837 aged twenty-seven-years. The daughter was buried on 3rd March 1839, aged two years.

Matthew then married Harriet Munday at North Nibley on 10th July 1837 and they had three daughters – Harriet, Hannah and Maria – who were baptised at Berkeley.

In 1837 Matthew was a labourer of Purton, in 1838 a labourer at Haynes’s, in 1842 a mariner of Purton and in 1843 a labourer of Purton.

In the 1851 census return for Purton he was described as a forty-two-year-old Agricultural Labourer who had been born at Purton. His wife, Harriet, was aged forty and had been born in Nibley. She was described as an agricultural labourer’s wife. They had four children – Eliza aged seventeen, Harriet, a scholar, aged twelve, Hannah aged nine, a scholar, and Maria aged seven, a scholar. All were born in Purton.

In 1861 Matthew and Harriet Cook were living at Purton Road, Hinton, Berekeley. Matthew was listed as being a fifty-year-old agricultural labourer, born at Purton. Harriet was aged fifty, a laundress, born at Nibley. Children included Hannah, a nineteen-year-old dressmaker, born at Purton and her sister Maria, aged seventeen, also a native of Purton.

In 1871 Matthew and Harriet were still living at Purton. Matthew was described as a sixty-two-year-old labourer, born in Berkeley, and Harriet was sixty and born in North Nibley. Francis Smith was described as a thirty-five-year-old lodger, a carpenter, and Hannah was aged twenty-eight and born in Berkeley.

This Matthew was probably the witness at the wedding of his niece, Selena, on 11th May 1875.

In 1881 Matthew and Harriet were living next to St James’s Church. He was described as a seventy-two-year-old dock labourer, born in Berkeley. Harriet was listed as seventy and born at North Nibley. With them was Hannah Smith, their daughter, a thirty-seven-year-old widow and dressmaker, born in Berkeley and also their granddaughter, Laura Stevens, aged seven, a scholar, born in Minchinhampton.

A Matthew Cook died in 1888 aged eighty in Thornbury Registration District and his widow, Harriet Cook, probably died in 1895 aged eighty-seven-years.

In 1891 Harriet Cook was living with her daughter Hannah Smith in Purton, not far from the Pilot Inn. She was listed as an eighty-year-old widowed mother, born in North Nibley. Her daughter, the head, was a widow, aged forty-six-years, a dressmaker, born in Berkeley.


ELIZA COOK, Great IV Aunt of Richard Barton

Eliza was baptised on 16th June 1811 at Berkeley.

AARON COOK III, Great III Grandfather of Richard Barton

Aaron Cook was baptised on 20th May 1798 at Berkeley.


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