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Morris Family of Worcester



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John Morris ( -1709)

of St Swithun’s Parish, Worcester


Elinor Morris and Luke Lench II (1674-1734)

of St Swithun’s Parish, Worcester


 Luke Lench III (1711-1774) and Elizabeth Powick

Butcher of St Swithun’s Parish, Worcester


Ann Lench (1746- ) and Charles Yarnold I (1751-)

Glazier of Worcester


Charles Yarnold II (1781-1836) and Frances or Fanny (1781-1852)

Plumber, Glazier and Painter of Worcester and Ledbury


Ann Yarnold (Frith)

of Ledbury


James Henry Yarnold (1833-1912) and Frances Brown (1831-1879)

Foreman Joiner of Gloucester




JOHN MORRIS, Great VIII Grandfather of Richard Barton

Father of Eleanor Lench

Also Father of John, Thomas, Richard, Humphrey, Elizabeth Strickland, Anne Knowles and Sarah

Will proved on 20th June 1709.

I John Morris, weak in mind but of sound mind , do hereby make my last will and testament, in manner following, that is to say, my soul into the hands of Almighty God, my creator, I wish my body to be buried at the discretion of my executors, herein after named and as of my general estate disposed thereof as following.

I give to my eldest son John Morris the sum of £10 to be paid within a year and a half after my death.

To my son Thomas twelve oxen now pasturing in the small meadow called the Hollow Horn in the parish of Hadlow in the City of Worcester.

To my son Richard £15 to be paid within half a year after my death, but in case that he makes a useful man, then the sum to be paid within one month.

To my son Humphrey, £15 to be paid if he becomes a careful man, with two years after my death.

To my daughter Eleanor Lench the sum of £5 to be paid within a year of my death.

To my daughter Elizabeth Strickland £6 paid within a year.

To my daughter Anne Knowles, one guinea within a year.

To my daughter Sarah Morris £15 in goods to the value of  £5 such as she shall think fit to choose. And all the rest and residue of my personal estate not herein before bequeathed, (after pay funeral costs and legacies) I give to my son Thomas Morris, whom I do make sole executor of this my last will and testament and revoke all other wills made by me heretofore. 10th day of July A.D. 1708.

The mark of John Morris

Inventory of Late John Morris in the Parish of St Swithun, Worcester, Butcher, 20 Dec 1708.

Wearing  apparall and money in purse £20

In Kitchen:

11 pewter plates 13sh.05

Dresser and table12 sh.00

6 chairs and a joined stool 2sh.00

2 cupboards2 sh.06

Jack, bar and hooks 7 sh.00

3 pr of fish shovels and tongs 6sh,00

2 iron spits3sh.04

3 dripping pans 6sh

Pr odd brass things over chimney 15sh

Brass warming pan 4sh

Shelves and other odd things 2sh

In shop:

4 lead weights13sh

One iron heaver and hook 3sh.03

One brewing tub 3sh

Two half hog and one whole hog and one barrel 10sh

In the backside:

5 piggs £5

1 horse, mare and colt £4

40 tons of hay £36

26 head of cattle 3 of heads £78

In the forepart chamber:

4 prs sheets £4.4.0

3 dozen napkins £1.8.0d

Odd linen and 4 tableclothes 10.0

2 table boards and onecubbord 6.00

One bed, cubord and curtains 3.10.00

2 silver (?) and 2 silver spoons 2.0.0

3 chairs and one glass cage 3.6

In back chamber one bed and bedboard and appurtenances 2.10.0

One chest, trunk and 6 chairs 11.0

One looking glass 2.0

(some items left out but) Total £172.12.02

What relationship?

John Morris 14th April 1739

In the name of the Holy and Blessed Trinity I John Morris of the Parish of St Swithun in Worcester being of sound and disposing mind and memory do make this my last will and testament in the manner following. First I resign my soul to God who made it and my body to be buried as may executor and overseer of my will think fit.

My estate I dispose of as follows: To my son John Morris £50 to be paid within twelve months. To the children of my son William Morris, of my daughter Wakeman, and of my son James, to each by name mentioned £20 apiece.

But my will is that the legacies bequeathed to the children of my son James Morris shall remain in the possession of my executors for the sole benefit of them until they are of the aged of twenty and one years, not that the executors with the advice and approbation of the overseers of my will, made dispose of the legacies sooner for the benefit of the children as they shall think proper and that they should pay them interest for the said legacies from the day of my death towards their maintenance, and in case any of them die the survivor or survivors shall reap the benefit of survivorship share and share alike, of any legacies unpaid, and that their father or mother shall reap any advantage or benefit from the legacies bequeathed to their children.

I give to my brother Humphrey’s widow of Upton fifty shillings to be paid five weeks after my decease.

To my servant Ann Hopley in case she is living with me at my decease five pounds to be paid after my decease and the bed that she lies on.

I give to my daughter Wakeman my silver tankard and to my daughter-in-law the wife of my son William Morris my six silver spoons; to my son William £100, my son Harry £100 and to my daughter Wakeman £100.

All the rest of my estate as well real as personal, after expenses, funeral, legacies, I give to my son James with the provisions following, but he shall receive no other advantage by his residual legateship, but the interest of the money bequeathed and the rent of a house in the parish of St Michael, made over to me for the payment of a debt during his life and after his death all bequeathed to him except £10 and £100 shall be equally divided between his children. As to the £10 it is my will that it be paid to him as soon as it may be after my decease. As for the £100 I wish it to be placed for the advantage of his wife Elizabeth Morris if she survives him and after her death, it be divided as above. And to make this as firm and secure as I can, to my grandchildren, the children of my son James, I do appoint my brother, the Reverend Thomas Morris, his heirs, executors, administrators, and assigns, trustees, not doubting but that he will take what care he can to have it punctually performed and I do appoint my son William Morris and my son-in-law Thomas Wakeman executors of this my last will and testament, as I do my brother, the Reverend Thomas Morris, overseer of it.

The eighteenth day of December 1738 X the mark of John Morris

Proved the fourteenth of April 1739.

St Swithun’s and St Helen’s Worcester

Humphrey of Richard Morris 6th January 1629 St Helen’s

Humphrey of Humphrey Morris 14th February 1651 St Helen’s

Humphrey of John Morris 21st July 1691 (check????)

John of Humphrey Morris 14th April 1658

Mary of John Morris 22nd November 1670

Elinor of John Morris 8th April 1672

John of John Morice 26th December 1673

William of John Morice 25th October 1675

Elizabeth of John Morice 10th July 1677

John of John Morice 15th January 1679

Humphrey of John Morice Jun 10th May 1681

Anne of John Morice Snr 6th October 1681

Humphrey of John Morice Jnr 10th May 1681

Anne of John Morice Snr 6th October 1681

Thomas of John Morris 17th February 1684

Richard of John Morris 14th December 1686

Thomas of John Morris Jnr 9th February 1687

James of John Morris Snr 3rd September 1688

William son of John Morris 5th March 1688

James of John Morice 7th February 1689 (check)

Henry of John Morris Jnr 17th November 1691

Burial of John Morris Snr 20th July 1708

Burial of John Morris 10th April 1739

Samuel son of James and Elizabeth Morris 23rd January 1737/8

(?) Administration granted to Anne Morris widow of Humphrey Morris and John Lench 15th August 1715.



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