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Selina Powell – From Purton to Bromyard Down

SELINA POWELL (1833-1895), Great II Grandmother of Richard Barton

 Daughter of Aaron Cook and Hannah (nee Vizard)

Wife of Isaac Pick

Mother of Ellen Barton

Also Mother of Mary Pick

Also Wife of John Carter and Edward Goodere Powell

Selina Pick was baptised on 20th October 1833 at Berkeley. She was the seventh child and second daughter of Aaron and Hannah Cook of Purton. Her father was a labourer and later a sawyer.

Isaac Pick married Selena Cook on 19th December 1853 at Berkeley Parish Church and both were described as of Purton. Isaac was a bachelor, of full age and working as a shoemaker. His father was Jacob Pick, a carrier. His bride, Selena, was aged twenty-years, a spinster and daughter of Aaron Cook, a Sawyer. They had at least two children – Mary who was born in 1855 and Ellen in 1857.

In the 1861 Census Return the family was living at Prior’s Wood, Halmore, Berkeley.

Isaac was described as an Agricultural Labourer, aged thirty-two-years and born at Berkeley. Selina was aged twenty-seven-years and their children were Mary aged five years and Ellen aged three years. All were born in Berkeley.

Isaac Pick died on 26th February 1862 aged thirty-three years The death certificate informs us that he died at Halmore, Hamfallow, and that he was an Agricultural Labourer. He had suffered with Gastritis for seven days and his widow, Selina, was at the time unable to sign her name. His burial took place at Berkeley on 2nd March. Her daughter, Mary, died on 10th March 1862 aged six years. She was described on her death certificate as the six-year-old daughter of Isaac Pick and the informant was again her mother, Selina Pick. She was buried at Berkeley on 16th March and in the church register she was described as ‘of Halmore’.

In the 1871 census Selina was described as a thirty-seven year-old-widow, born in Berkeley, and was boarding with the Philips family at Berkeley Heath. Her daughter, Ellen Pick, was working as a domestic servant at Church Farm, Breadstone (although it would not have been called that then as St Michael’s tin church was not opened until 1878).

On 11th May 1875 Selina married John Carter, a Coal Merchant of Wanswell, at Berkeley Parish Church and both were of full age. He was described on the marriage certificate as a widower and the son of William Carter, a Carrier, whilst she was described as a widow and daughter of Aaron Cook, a labourer. The witnesses were Matthew Cook and S.Z. Price. The latter was probably the Susannah Z Price who was thirty-two-years-old and married to George Price, Innkeeper of the Salmon Inn, Wanswell, in both the 1871 and 1881 census returns.

In Morris & Co’s Commercial Directory and Gazetteer for 1876 we find reference to John Carter, Shopkeeper, of Purton, Berkeley.

This second marriage did not last very long as John Carter died, aged sixty-five-years, at Purton, Berkeley, on 17th October 1878. He was described on the death certificate as a Grocer and the cause of death was given as Scirrhus of liver for five months and was certified by Robert E. Burges, M.D. Henry Codrington, Registrar, registered the death and Ellen Barton, ‘his daughter-in-law’ (sic), was present at the death.

John Carter was buried on 22nd October at Berkeley and was described in the register as sixty-five-years-old and ‘of Purton’. He had made a will on 9th September in which he was described as a Shopkeeper of Purton and the will was proved on 6th November 1878.

Will of John Carter:

This is the last will and testament of me John Carter of Purton in the Parish of Berkeley in the county of Gloucester, Shopkeeper – I give and bequeath all property whatsoever of which I may die seized possessed or entitled or of which I may have power to dispose by will unto my wife Selina Carter absolutely for her own sole and separate use benefit and disposal and I appoint my said wife sole executrix of this my will. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand this ninth day of September one thousand eight hundred and seventy eight. John Carter. Signed by the said testator John Carter and by him declared to be his last will and testament in the presence of us who were both present at the same time and who in his own and each other’s presence and at his request have hereto subscribed our names at witnesses. J.H. Jones, Solicitor, Gloucester and Edwin Franklin, Clerk to Messrs. Jones & Richards, Solicitors, Gloucester. Proved at Gloucester the 6th day of November 1878 by the oath of Selina Carter, widow, the relict and sole executrix to whom admin was granted. The testator John Carter was late of Purton in the parish of Berkeley in the County of Gloucester Shopkeeper and died on the seventeenth day of October 1878 at Purton aforesaid. Under £200 F. W.Jones, Solicitor, Gloucester.

Who was John Carter?

On 9th October 1837 John Carter married Mary Jones at Kidderminster Parish Church. He was described as of full age, a bachelor, a waterman, living at Stourport. His father was William Carter, a Carrier. His bride was described as of full age, a spinster of Stourport, daughter of Joseph Jones, a carpenter. John Carter signed his name and Mary made her mark. The witnesses were Sarah Rowley and Thomas Jones who made his mark.

John Carter’s Family: The marriage of William Carter ‘Dr.’ and Elinor Beats (sic) both of Arlingham took place on 10th November 1808 at Arlingham Parish Church and the groom could sign his name. The addition of ‘Dr.’ is a strange suffix to the surname Carter. William and his wife Eleanor had children Harriet baptised 26th November 1809, Susannah baptised 17th March 1811, John baptised 27th June 1813 son of William and Elenor (sic) Carter Dr. of Overton, Mary baptised on 4th June1815, Jane baptised 8th February 1818, Anne baptised 16th June 1822, Mary born in 1815, Joseph Denton baptised 27th August 1826, and Patience baptised 23rd December 1827.

John’s father, William Carter (1779-1844), was himself the son of Phillimore and Jane Carter (nee Aldridge) of Arlingham. According to Clare Morgan (on William Carter was baptised on 30th October 1779 at Arlingham.

William Carter was described as a hallier (sic) in 1813 and labourer in 1818 and 1822 whilst his son’s wedding certificates of 1837 and 1875 describe him as a Carrier.

In 1841 we find William and Eleanor Carter living at Fretherne. William was described as a sixty-year-old Hallier (sic) born in the county of Gloucestershire and his wife was aged fifty-six-years and also a native of Gloucestershire. In 1851 Eleanor was living at Colt Hill, Arlingham. She was then a sixty-four-year-old widow at home and born at Standish. Her lodger was Joseph Goold a widower and forty-six-year-old agricultural labourer. Ten years later they were still together at Colt Hill, near Milton End, Arlingham. Eleanor died in Saul and was buried there on 31st January 1869 aged eighty-two-years whilst her husband had died in Arlingham in 1844. There is a burial for William (Doctor) Carter of Arlingham, who died aged sixty-three-years and was buried on 20th July 1844.

Mary Carter’s Family: At the time of the 1841 census we find Joseph Jones, a fifty-five-year-old carpenter, living at Grimley, Worcestershire. With him was his wife Ann aged sixty and son William, an agricultural labourer, aged fifteen years. All were born in the County of Worcester.

John and Mary Carter: On the night of the 1841 census we find John Carter living at Severn Terrace, Lower Mitton, Stourport, with his wife Mary. He was described as a twenty-five-year-old Waterman, born outside of Worcestershire. His wife Mary was born within the county and aged twenty-five-years.

I have been unable to find John Carter in the 1851 census but his wife, Mary, was at Severn Lane, Lower Mitton. She was described as a thirty-year-old beer seller’s wife, born at Grimley. With her was her father Joseph Jones, a sixty-six-year-old carpenter, born at Grimley. Also we find in residence a forty-four-year-old boat builder.

At midnight on 7th April 1861 John Carter and his wife Mary were on the vessel called ‘The Avon’ and moored in St Peter’s Parish, Worcester. The vessel was a 45 ton coasting trow registered at Bristol. John was described as being the Master, he was married, forty-eight-years-old and born at Harlingham (sic) in Gloucestershire. His wife, Mary, was the ‘Master’s wife’, aged fifty years and born at Grimley in Worcestershire. The crew included four seamen who were natives of Worcestershire or Shropshire. With a clear hand John Carter signed and completed the return, which he had been handed at Bristol on 1st April.

On the night of 27th March 1871 John Carter was aboard the Waterwitch and moored at Sharpness Point. He was described as the Master of this 38 ton trow which was registered at Gloucester and used for general purposes. John is further recorded as being married, aged fifty-eight-years, and as having been born at Saul.

At the same time we find his wife Mary Carter at Severn Lane, Lower Mitton, Stourport. She was described as a waterman’s wife, aged fifty-nine-years and born at Grimley.

Finally during the second quarter of 1873 a Mary Carter, aged sixty-four-years, died within the Kidderminster Registration District. Her death certificate reveals that she died on the 17th June 1873 at Severn Lane, Lower Mitton, aged sixty-six-years. She was described as the wife of John Carter, a waterman, and her death was certified as having been caused by Cancer of the breast and exhaustion. John Carter was at home and present at her death. He informed the registrar of his wife’s death and registration took place on 19th June 1873.

In the 1881 Census Return Selina Carter was described as a Grocer and Widow of Purton. Her age was given as forty-seven-years.

On 3rd June 1889 Selina married Edward Goodere Powell at the Worcester Register Office. He was described as a fifty-six-year-old widower, a marine engineer, son of Samuel Goodere Powell (deceased), law stationer. Selina Carter who only made her mark, was described as a fifty-five-year-old widow, daughter of Aaron Cook, a carpenter. Both the bride and bridegroom were living at Hylton Road, St Clement, Worcester and the witnesses were J. Easton (?) and G. Fletcher. Both Registrar and Deputy Superintendent Registrar were present.

Who was Edward Goodere Powell?

Edward Powell was born in about 1831 in Poplar, London. In the third quarter of 1857 he married Hester Neal Vincent within St Margaret’s Registration District of Westminster.

Hester was the daughter of William and Eleanor Vincent. In 1841 William was working as an Exchequer Messenger and was living in Regent Place, in St John the Evangelist Parish, Westminster. He was then described as thirty-years-old and born elsewhere. His wife Eleana was aged thirty years and again born outside of Westminster. Their children included Emma aged eight years; Hester aged five years; Henry aged three and Susannah aged one year.

In 1851 the family was living at Whitehall Yard in the Exchequer Office. William was a Messenger, aged forty-three-years, and born in Worlingworth, Suffolk. With him were E.J. Newland Vincent aged nineteen years; Hester N. Vincent aged sixteen years and Susanna C. Vincent aged eleven years. The children were all born in Westminster.

In 1861 William and Eleanor were residing at 37 Old Palace Yard. He was described as a fifty-three-year-old Messenger born at Worlingworth and his wife Eleanor was a Messenger’s wife, aged sixty-years and born at Watten, Norfolk.

A William Newton Vincent died in the first quarter of 1867 aged sixty-one-years, in Westminster Registration District. Eleanor, his wife, was apparently the illegitimate daughter of Mary Murrell of Watton. (see gilliandowse now.)

Returning to Edward Goodere Powell at the time of the 1861 census he was serving on H.M.S. Oberon and he was described as a married, thirty-year-old assistant engineer, third class, in the Royal Navy. H.M.S. Oberon was an iron paddle sloop launched in 1847, used as a gunnery target after 1870, sunk in 1874 during experiments with naval mines, raised in 1875 and sold in 1880.

Ten years later, in 1871, the census return described Edward Powell, a thirty-eight-year-old Marine Engineer, who was born in Poplar, and was living at 34 Sabbarton Street, All Saints’ Poplar, with his wife Hester. She was described as thirty-four-years-old and born in Westminster.

In 1881 Edward and Hester Powell were living at Back Street, Marshfield. He was described as a forty-eight-year-old Chief Engineer. The words ‘Seaman M.S.’ were written over the occupation and under address the word ‘Customs’. Hester was by now aged forty-four-years.

Hester Neal Powell died on 7th March 1889 at 90 Bridge Place, St Clement, Worcester, having suffered with Bright’s Disease and certified by Jos Sarjant, M.R.C.S. She was described on her death certificate as the fifty-two-year-old wife of Edward Goodere Powell, a marine engineer. Her husband was the informant and was present at her death.


GEORGE ANNESLEY, No. 64, Lincoln’s-innfields, Solicitor to the said Executrix.


Pursuant to the Act of Parliament 22nd and 23rd Victoria, cap. 35, intituled ” An Act to further amend the Law of Property, and to relieve Trustees.”

*,.NOTICE is hereby given, that all persons having any claims or demands on the estate of Samuel Goodere Powell, late of No. 54, Parliament-street, in the city of

Westminster, Law Stationer (who died on the 24th day of May, 1866, and whose will, dated the 27th day of March,1865, was proved in the Principal Registry of Her Majesty’s Court of Probate, on the 7th day of July, 1866, by William Samuel Powell and Edward Goodere Powell, the executors named in the said will), are hereby required to send the particulars, in writing, of their respective claims or demands

to me, the undersigned, Richard William Cooper, the Solicitor to the said executors, on or before the 20th day of August next, and that after the said 20th day of August

next the said executors will proceed to distribute the estate of the said testator among the persons entitled thereto, having regard only to the debts, claims, or demands of

which the executors shall then have had notice; and the executors will not be liable for the assets so distributed, or any part or parts thereof, to any person or persons of whose debt, claim, or demand they shall not then have had notice.

—Dated this 17th day of July, 1866.

RICHARD WM. COOPER, No. 52, Parliament street, Westminster, Solicitor for the said Executors.

At the time of the 1891 census Edward and Selena (sic) Powell were living at Church Street, Bromyard. Edward was described as an engine fitter, aged fifty-eight-years, born in London Poplar. Selena was aged fifty-seven-years and born in Perton (sic) Gloucestershire.

Gravestone at Bromyard

Selina Powell died on 11th Janauary 1895 at Park Cottage, Norton, Bromyard. She was aged sixty-one-years and described as the wife of Edward Goodere Powell, a mechanical engineer. The cause of death was given as ‘Mitral and Aortic Disease of the heart’ and was certified by T.H. Gillam, S.R.C.P. London. The Informant was her husband who was of the same address and present at the death. The death was registered on 13th January by William Burrow Wilkes, registrar.

In the 1901 census return reveals that Edward G. Powell was living at Park Cottage, Bromyard Downs, Norton. He was a sixty-nine-year-old engine fitter. His housekeeper was Emma Church who was born in Wapping.

Edward Goodere Powell died on 10th April 1903 at Park Cottage, Norton, Bromyard, aged seventy-years. He was described as a mechanical engineer and the cause was given as ‘Congestion Renal and Hepatic Peritonitis’ and was certified by T.H. Gillam, S.R.C.P. London. The informant was H.W.Millyard who was present at the death. The death was registered on 14th April by William Burrow Wilkes, registrar.

From Brian Rollings, Bromyard, 14th July 2010:

POWELL family

Selina and Edward Goodere Powell were both buried in St Peter’s churchyard, Bromyard.
Selina on Jan 15th 1895 and Edward on April 14th 1903. Both were listed as being from “Park Cottage”, Norton.

Norton is one of three townships covering Bromyard and is the area nearest to the Downs. I understand that no headstones exist in situ, as these were removed many years ago, and those still readable placed against the perimeter walls. I will check this out tomorrow when I visit the church. The Herefordshire FHS did a graveyard survey some time ago and I have found an entry for Selina on her grave.  It read:

‘In loving memory of Selina Powell late of Purton, Gloucestershire the beloved wife of Edward Powell who died January 11 1895 aged 69 (61 years?) years.’
“Father in thy gracious keeping
leave we not thy servant sleeping”

(No mention at a later date of Edward)

I checked the local  Bromyard newspaper but no obituary found. There were entries under the BMD column announcing the deaths.

The name Park Cottage is very popular in Bromyard but my colleague believes the one Edward and Selina lived in was off the B4203 road from Bromyard to Great Witley and Kidderminster. I attach a map showing the area today. She believes the cottage still exists and is up towards Buckenhill area on the map. She is trying to find out more details.

I also attach a photograph of Church Street in about 1900. I would think your family lived in one of the small terraced houses on the right.

Which house in Church Street? Where exactly is Park Cottage, Norton? Where are they buried? Any obituaries?



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