A tribute to the life and work of Brian Torode

Preece Family of Byton, Herefordshire

To download this account of the Preece Family of Byton, Herefordshire

With thanks to my cousins Janet Freeman and Mark Preece


See also his son, William Preece

For more information about this family please contact:

One comment on “Preece Family of Byton, Herefordshire

  1. Richard Barton
    September 28, 2019

    From Mark Preece:

    My ancestors are:

    John Preece who married Sarah Carwardine and they are the mother and father of Jane Preece. Jane Preece (Lowe) was the mother of Herbert L Preece who then married Sarah Anne Harper and they are the mother and father of William Preece. William then married Agnes and had Geoffrey Charles Preece who then married Patrica Ann Preece. Charles and Patricia are the mother and father to Jonathan Mark Preece.

    For a while I wasn’t sure who the father of Herbert was or if Jane had a spouse then I came across your website after searching Titley churchyard for possible graves. Herbert was around 33 when he lived there as the head of Eywood lodge. I also went to the Hereford Crematorium and couldn’t find Herbert’s Grave. I know where William and Agnes are buried but they don’t have a headstone as more than one person is buried there. I was thinking that maybe Herbert L Preece or his Father are buried at Kinsham?

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