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Bird Family of Eastington



William Bird (1710c-) and Deborah Miles (1723-1764)

Brimpsfield, Stonehouse, Plasterer of Eastington


Joseph Bird (1755-1802) and Frances Cratchley (1765-1837)

Plasterer of Stroud, Randwick and Eastington


 Mary Bird (1792-1876) and Robert Brown (1786c-1861)

Watchmaker of Gloucester


 Frances Brown (1831-1879) and James Henry Yarnold


 Emily Yarnold and Ernest Edward Eley


Grace Margaret Eley and William Edward Terrett


WILLIAM BIRD, Great V Grandfather of Richard Barton

Husband of Deborah Miles

Father of Joseph Bird

Also Father of Mary, Benjamin, Daniel, Sarah, Sarah and Hester

 Also Husband of Betty Veisey

 Also Father of infant Thomas, Ann, William, John, Thomas, Richard, Samuel and possibly infant Simon

 William Bird of Brimpsfield married Betty Veisey of Stonehouse on 27th December 1731 at Stonehouse parish church.

The Birds of Brimpsfield were an established family at Caudle Green. The bridegroom cannot be the William who was son of William Bird and Elizabeth Denton who was baptised at Brimpsfield in 1715 because that son was buried with a memorial stone stating that he died aged twenty-six years, in 1741.

In support of this marriage being the correct one, their children who were baptised at Eastington between 1736 and 1748 were described as children of ‘William and Betty’ and Betty, was buried at Eastington in 1750. Richard was baptised in 1745 and the use of that Christian name is a common amongst the Brimpsfield Birds. ‘Betty’ is often short for Elizabeth but in this case we find the baptisms at Stonehouse of Beata, daughter of Stephen and Anne Vaisey on 30th October 1703 and Beata the daughter of Steven and Hannah Vessy on 1st December 1680. The name Betty recurs amongst the Bird baptisms at Eastington.

The other William Bird from Stonehouse:

The other William Bird married Elizabeth Pridy at Stonehouse on 16th February 1735.

Children baptised at Stonehouse:

William 23rd August 1736

Hester 31st January 1738

Samuel 19th February 1741

Sarah 26th March 1743

Elizabeth 25th January 1746

Margaret 13th November 1750

Mary 21st November 1753

John 23rd November 1755

Simon Bird was baptised on 17th January 1750 at Eastington. He was described as the son of William and Elizabeth Bird. Simon, son of William Bird and Eliz was buried at Eastington on 16th February 1756. Simon was a common Veasey name

This William Bird was baptised on 21st October 1710 at Stonehouse, the son of William Bird, a labourer, and his wife Hester.

Also at Stonehouse is the marriage of his parents, William Bird to Hester Haven, on 14th September 1707. In turn this elder William may be the son of Samuel Bird of Stroud. Samuel had a son Samuel baptised at Stroud on 10th February 1677 and a son William baptised on 4th April 1686 at Stroud.

William Bird and Hester Haven had further children:

Sarah baptised at Stonehouse on 27th March 1708

Margaret born 1713

John born 1715

Ann born 1717

Esther 1720-1731

William and Betty had two children baptised at Stonehouse, namely, Thomas in 1732 and Ann in 1733. A Thomas Bird was buried at Stonehouse in 1732 but the parents’ names were recorded as Thomas and Betty.

William and Betty Bird moved to Eastington by 1736 where they had legal settlement.

Extracts from ‘A History of Eastington’ by A.E. Keys 1953:

 Page 83 – bug-blinding (1736) – “pd William Bird for White liming Millard’s house 2/6” – ‘William Bird is the same churchwarden who paid for so many “varmints” in 1740. A builder and decorator by trade perhaps’

 Page 62 – Varmints (1740) – ‘Paid persecution in Eastington was neither uniform nor continuous over the period covered by our records. It began in 1622 on a small scale, was intermittent throughout the seventeenth century, rose to a climax in 1740 when William Bird paid for every “varmint” listed except crows…’ (See G.R.O. Eastington P127 CW 2/3)

 Between 1736 and 1748 they had five children baptised at Eastington and on 10th February 1750, Betty, wife of William Bird, was buried at Stonehouse.

William Bird married Deborah Miles at Horsley by licence on 12th June 1753. Both were of the Parish of Eastington. He was described as a widower and she was described as aged twenty-nine-years. They had at least seven children who were baptised at Eastington.

 Marriage Licence:

‘June 12th 1753: William Bird of Eastington in the Diocese of Gloucester, widower, and Deborah Miles of Eastington, spinster, aged 29 years at Horsley. Sworn by Richard Wallington Snr.’

Deborah, wife of William Bird, was buried at Eastington on 17th September 1764.

The overseers described William Bird as a plasterer and he had legal settlement in Eastington:

Stonehouse Overseers P316 Ov 3/4/68:

‘8th November 1787 John Bird plasterer born in Eastington  Son of William Bird, plasterer and Betty both deceased whose settlement was in Eastington’

3 possible burials at Stonehouse for William Bird:

9th April 1781

23rd February 1780

10th November 1777 (changed to Beard)

DEBORAH BIRD, Great V Grandmother of Richard Barton

Daughter of Thomas Miles and Elizabeth (nee Adams)

Wife of William Bird

Mother of Joseph Bird

Also Mother of Mary, Benjamin, Daniel, Sarah, Sarah and Hester

Deborah Miles was the daughter of Thomas Miles and Elizabeth Adams who was baptised at Eastington on 2nd February 1723. Her parents were married at Eastington on 23rd July 1717.

Deborah married William Bird, a widower, at Horsley on 12th June 1753. She was aged twenty-nine-years at the time of the marriage. Both were described as of the Parish of Eastington. With William came five or six children of William’s first marriage. William was described as a Plasterer. Both had legal settlement in Eastington and both had died before 1787.

Deborah, wife of William Bird was buried at Eastington on 27th September 1764.

JOSEPH BIRD, Great IV Grandfather of Richard Barton

Joseph Bird was baptised on 6th April 1755 at Eastington. He married Frances Cratchley.


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