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Sarah Neve and the Catholic Missions in Chipping Sodbury and Cheltenham

To download Richard Barton’s essay entitled ‘Sarah Neve and the Catholic Missions in Chipping Sodbury and Cheltenham’ please press the link below:

See also ‘Birdsall and the Founding of the Cheltenham Catholic Mission:

See also ‘Mary Blount, nee Canning, of Cheltenham’ by Philippa Hunter:

2 comments on “Sarah Neve and the Catholic Missions in Chipping Sodbury and Cheltenham

  1. Richard Barton
    November 6, 2018

    Mystery Solved

    Sarah Lunn was born in about 1767, the daughter of Nicholas Lunn, a coal merchant, of Gloucester Street in the parish of St George the Martyr, Middlesex. Nicholas Lunn had married the widow, Sarah Bostock, also of St George the Martyr parish, on 31st October 1762 in the Church of St Giles in the Fields. Sarah Bostock, the daughter of Henry Perrin, had previously been married to Richard Bostock (1720-1754) , a London apothecary and grandson of Dr Nathaniel Bostock (1), and they had two children, James and Mary. Their great aunt, Catherine Bostock, married John Paston. Sarah Lunn’s half sister, Mary Bostock, later married Sir Thomas Fleetwood and, after his death, the Count de Front.

    In 1781 Nicholas Lunn made his will and appointed Sir Thomas Fleetwood and his wife Mary as the guardians and executors of his daughter Sarah. This will was eventually proved in 1797.

    On 25th June 1792 Sarah Lunn married the Reverend Charles Neve, of St Mary Magdalen, Oxford, in the Church of St Giles-in-the-Fields and the witnesses were Sir Thomas and Mary Fleetwood.

    Nathaniel Bostock (1652 – 1714) – of Whixall, Salop, was a well-known physician, and a fervent Roman Catholic who gained MD at Caen and was buried in Bath Abbey. His son, Richard Bostock, (1686 – 1747) followed in his footsteps and gained his MD at Utrecht and was buried in Bath Abbey. With her connections to the Pastons and the Bostock Family Sarah Lunn clearly had a definite Catholic background.

  2. Richard Barton
    January 17, 2019

    From Colin Fowler O.P.:

    I recently accessed your articles on Dom Birdsall and Mrs Sarah Neve.

    I am transcribing a shipboard journal kept by Lewis Harding on the 1835 voyage of Bishop Polding to New Holland. As an appendix I have gathered documents and correspondence relating to the embarkation of the mission band. Included is the letter of Mrs Neve to Polding offering her library in her will. You comment at the end of your article that “Other books now form the nucleus of St Patrick’s Seminary at Maily [Manly].”

    I have contacted the Veech Library, where the early books of Sydney Archdiocese – “Benedictine Collection” – are kept. However the librarian informs me that there is no record of there being books received from Mrs Neve. I am wondering whether you have any references to the books arriving in Sydney, and perhaps what books were in the Neve library.

    My project also includes the transcription of another Harding journal written on his return journey to England in 1846. Polding was also onboard this voyage. I hope to publish both journals together under the title: “At Sea with Bishop Polding”. The 1835 manuscript is held at Downside Abbey; that of 1846 is in the Sydney Archdiocesan archive. I am Sydney based.

    Any further information you can provide about the Neve library would make a very interesting footnote.

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