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Richard Barton (1741-1801), Farmer of Starvall, North Nibley

To download an account of the family of Richard Barton of Starvall Farm, North Nibley, and his first wife, Ann Lee, nee Weeks or Wicks 

I am indebted to the website ‘Thornbury Roots’, Susan Stead, Brian and Alison Barton, Sue Nuttall, Mervyn Harding, ‘albettis’ (Ancestry) and others.

To download an account of the family of Richard Barton of Starvall Farm, North Nibley, and his second wife, Anne or Hannah, nee Watts

I am indebted to the website ‘Thornbury Roots’, Richard Byrd, Mervyn Harding, Lauren Brockman, Vince Gambal, Cheryl Munro and others.

See also further sons:

See also Richard’s parents:





9 comments on “Richard Barton (1741-1801), Farmer of Starvall, North Nibley

  1. Richard Byrd
    December 2, 2016

    Richard Barton,

    Some corrections you may want to add to your information found on the following site.

    The children of Hannah Hayes are second cousins of William Barton II:

    James Hayes, possibly died young

    Margaret Elizabeth Fitts who married first, Richard Moore Frost, and second, Morton David Fitts

    Elizabeth Victoria Miller (‘Lizzie”)

    Richardine Haycock Miller (‘Zine’)

    May Jane Hayes, who died young

    W.B. Hayes mentioned in mother’s obituary

    Corrections and Additons:
    According to the gravestone at the following site, Hannah was married to Richard H. Hays.

    May Jane Hayes should read Mary Jane (Hays) Love.

    W. B. Hayes should read William B. Hays. (I believe the B. is for Barton)

    Richard Byrd
    Savannah, Georgia

    • Richard Barton
      December 2, 2016

      Dear Richard, how lovely to hear from you after so many years. Thanks for the corrections and I hope you do not mind that I have been using some of your material. You are welcome to add fuller details about your branch should you wish. This site receives quite a lot of visitors these days so I am gradually adding more and more of my family history. There is an enormous amount of detail pertaining to the Bartons on Thornbury Roots which I hope people will link to. Thanks again for all the help that you have supplied over the years.Best wishes. Richard

      • Richard Byrd
        December 5, 2016

        Richard, hope you are doing well. I believe our last correspondence was in 2007. You are certainly welcome to use any of the Barton information. When I tried to use your old email address, it failed. Please pass along a hello to Edwin Ford and Mervyn Harding. I am sending you the seven children of Isabella A. Barton and Samuel Thomas Izlar and the two children of Ernest Barton Izlar and Eva May Brunson should you wish to added them. Did you ever make a trip to the Gloucester Archives and see the original baptismal record for Sarah Barton (BAPTISED: 14 Apr 1814 at Thornbury)?

        ISABELLA A. BARTON was born October 04, 1844 in Charleston, South Carolina, and died March 07, 1913 in 503 E. Liberty St., Savannah, Chatham County, Georgia. She married SAMUEL THOMAS IZLAR April 19, 1866. He was born Abt. 1833 in Orangeburg County, South Carolina, and died November 25, 1909 in 416 E. 36th St., Savannah, Georgia.

        The Children of Isabella A. Barton and Samuel Thomas Izlar:
        1. CYRMANTHIA VIRGINIA5 IZLAR, b. October 05, 1869, Orangeburg, South Carolina; d. June 30, 1940, 122 E. Waldburg St., Savannah, Chatham County, Georgia.
        2. MARGARET “MAGGIE” IZLAR, b. January 08, 1871, Orangeburg County, South Carolina; d. August 15, 1957.
        3. ERNEST BARTON IZLAR, b. July 03, 1873, Orangeburg County, South Carolina; d. January 02, 1968, Candler General Hospital, Savannah, Chatham County, Georgia; m. EVA MAE BRUNSON, May 27, 1908, Effingham County, Georgia; b. November 04, 1879, Ridgeland, South Carolina; d. March 08, 1968, Candler General Hospital Savannah, Chatham County, Georgia.
        4. MARIE LOUISE IZLAR, b. December 16, 1877, Orangeburg County, South Carolina; d. September 15, 1956, Hartsville, South Carolina.
        5. BENJAMIN WHITEMAN IZLAR, b. November 10, 1880, Orangeburg County, South Carolina; d. October 04, 1910, Tyron, North Carolina.
        6. JAMES STOKES IZLAR, b. December 04, 1885, Orangeburg County, South Carolina; d. February 19, 1913, Braid & Hutton Printing House, Bryan and Witaker St., Savannah, Chatham County, Georgia.
        7. NELL IZLAR, b. December 04, 1885, Orangeburg County, South Carolina; d. January 04, 1966, Orlando, Orange County, Florida.

        You will note that my grandfather’s middle name was Barton.

        ERNEST BARTON IZLAR was born July 03, 1873, and died January 02, 1968 in Savannah, GA. He married EVA MAY BRUNSON May 27, 1908 in Effingham County, Georgia. She was born November 04, 1879, and died March 08, 1968 in Savannah, Ga.

        Children of ERNEST IZLAR and EVA BRUNSON are:
        1. ERNEST BARTON5 IZLAR, JR., b. August 03, 1909; d. March 15, 1973, Savannah, Georgia.
        2. MILDRED ISABELL IZLAR, b. March 06, 1917; d. March 10, 2002.

        Richard Byrd
        Savannah, GA
        Dec. 5, 2016

      • Richard Barton
        December 5, 2016

        Hi Richard. Thank you very much for these details. My email address is:

  2. Richard Barton
    December 5, 2016

    Richard Byrd – Thornbury Baptismal Register entry: ‘April 14th 1814, Sarah, daughter of Anthony and Maria Barton, Moreton, Pig Butcher, by R. Slade, Priv. baptd, Pub. Rec. 29 May’

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  4. Sue Watts
    August 13, 2018

    Absolutely fascinating history of Richard Barton. Thank you so much. I am a direct descendant of his…he is my great V grandfather (I think!). His son David (1788) was the father of John (1817) who was father of Richard (1863). That Richard Barton was the father of Lucy, who was my father’s mother! I knew very little of the Gloucestershire connection, but I live about 5 miles from Otterford, where the ‘family’ farmed. So the apples haven’t fallen far from the tree. Sue Watts

    • Richard Barton
      August 13, 2018

      Good evening, cousin!
      Great to hear of your descent from Richard Barton of North Nibley which is only a few miles from where I live at Nailsworth. I do have a fuller edition of my blog which I am happy to send you as an email attachment –
      My descent is through David’s brother, William, who seems to have accompanied David to Churchstanton and married Mary Dommett, a local farmer’s daughter. Unlike his brother his farming venture failed and he returned to Gloucestershire and finally drowned in the River Avon. A sad tale. See his blog for more details. Their brother was Anthony Barton who was involved in the Berkeley Poaching Affray and escaped to Carolina where we have many cousins. Are there any photos of David’s family? Please correct, alter or add what I have written. Do look at Richard’s forebears too. With kindest regards RIchard Barton

  5. Richard Barton
    September 24, 2019

    From Jane Barclay of Vernon BC, Canada:

    I imagine there is a lot I do not yet know as it is a wide ranging family. Assume you have seen our “Tree”. My husband, Harold Barton Barclay, started looking into his grandfather’s background a while ago and more recently when he became ill I have tried to continue. Much of my information has come via various censuses and from the southern US Bartons. As well there were several members of the family who settled in the US and Canada. I am still trying to track an Australian connection also. Have also been in contact with a Rosie Barton who lives in the same area as Harold’s ancestors (Chipping Sodbury/Old Sodbury area) Harold’s grandfather was James Barton (1853-1953), son of Anthony (1817-1869), son of John (1791), son of Richard (1741). Rosie has unearthed innumerable descendants. However our interest has been more in the lives and times of the ancestors and I know Harold would have been most interested to read your material. Sadly, he died this last December but I will record as much as I can for our children and for one of Harold’s sister’s sons.

    I would be interested in any other information or sources thereof you can send me. There is a lot of documentation and “first-hand” information still unknown. We know James Barton kept in touch with some of his family for a while and also with someone in the Stinchcombe family. However no notes or correspondence were ever passed down. Interestingly as a young man he was apprenticed as a butcher – seemingly a family trade.

    One of your photos looks very much like one of his – taken in Weston, Massachusetts at his farm which he called “Winchcombe Farm” after the one where he grew up.

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