A tribute to the life and work of Brian Torode

Anglican Nailsworth

Here are two accounts of the history of St George’s Nailsworth.

The first is a pdf of the illustrated book that was produced by the Parish in 2012:

The second is a much fuller edition which expands the story of the ‘Pepper Pot’ Church:

To download Richard Barton’s album of postcards and photographs of St George’s Church Nailsworth, please press the link below:


With grateful thanks to Nikki Potts for the enormous help that she gave me back in 2012 editing the Parish edition, garnering the photographs and generally improving the text. She kindly wrote in 2012:

I have preened and primped your book, found all of the pictures that you mentioned, and commissioned a whole lot of others – and now we are almost ready for the printer.  Your book will be on display in the church as a major reference work for visitors, and I have been requested for copies by The Nailsworth Town Archives, Gloucester Records Office and The Diocesan Records Office.  We should also be able to publish it on the St George’s website.  Due to the length of the final work, it was not practical to provide copies of your entire work as a guide to the church.  So we have taken your central “Tour of the Church” section, added to that a precis of the history of building the church, and a bit of fun quiz that one of our parishioners had created some years ago.  All that has become a (very) short guide book, that we will provide for visitors to the church to take away, and I hope will be in print for many years to come!

2 comments on “Anglican Nailsworth

  1. Ccaroline Swash
    April 10, 2020

    Absolutely brilliant and very interesting. I grew up in Box and am currently writing biographies of Henry and Edward Payne …father and grandfather. All your research is most useful.

    Well done and many thanks

    Caroline (Swash)

    • Richard Barton
      April 10, 2020

      Many thanks, Caroline. Any chance of emailing me on as I would like to discuss Box RC and Nympsfield RC churches with you please?

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