A tribute to the life and work of Brian Torode

Pinel Family of St John’s Parish, Jersey

Please click on the following link to read the story of the Pinel Family of St John’s Parish in Jersey:


Great XI Grandparents: Clement Pinel (1490 St John) – Catherine Dore (1494)


Great X Grandparents: Thomas (1515-1570) and Colette Malzard, fille Symon et Catherine Bailli


 Great IX Grandparents: Colas Pinel (1550/60c) and Ann Lesbirel, fille Jacques & Andrice Marinel


Great VIII Grandparents: Thomas Pinel (1595-1661) and Jeanne Hotton, fille Helier


Great VII Grandparents: Clement Pinel I (1618-1651) and Rachel Anley


Great VI Grandparents: Clement Pinel II (1646-) and Sara Luce


Great V Grandparents: Jean Pinel (1680-) and Ester Le Quesne (-1752)


Great Grandparents: Elie Pinel I (1732-) and Jeanne Marett (-1808)


Great III Grandparents: Elie Pinel II (1760-1830) and Marguerite Le Quesne (1760-1822)


Great II Grandparents: Elie Pinel III (1791-1842) and Anne Le Masurier (1796-1852)

Stonecutter of St John’s, Jersey


Great Grandparents: Anne (Nancy) Pinel (1822-1870) and John Bisson (1825-)

Farrier of Trinity, Jersey


Grandparents: Emelie Bisson (1851-1934) and Desire Jean Baptiste Salmon (1846-1911)


Parents: Alice Beatrice Salmon and Edward John Torode

Brian Edward Torode (1941 – 2014)

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