A tribute to the life and work of Brian Torode

de le Ree Family of St Saviour’s Parish, Guernsey

To read the story of the de le Ree Family of St Saviour’s, Guernsey press below to download:

‘It is not known for certain when the de le Ree family first came to Guernsey nor how they came to settle in the Parish of St Saviour, but Livres de Perchage – Feudal Land Registration Documents –  indicate that the family was well established by the 1400s. The 1470 Livre gives the following information:

Onze bouveye de Nord Est S Sauveur, la boie Collas Sage, premierement Richard Jehan: Colas desleree (feudal dues) v q ‘ins.

The name is spelt variously de le Ree, de la Ree, de l’Eree, de Leree, de la Reye or desleRee, depending on the literacy, hearing or nationality of the compiler of the parish register – usually the Parish Priest. Collas likewise is a derivative of Nicholas and was variously spelt Colas, Collas and later Nicolas or Nicholas.

The earliest records to date – again a Perchage document – records the marriage of a Katherine Tourgis, daughter of Jean Tourgis and Girette Lenfestey, to Thomas, son of Colas De Le Reye (Gt 11). Katherine was alive and still an unmarried minor in 1517 and Thomas was alive in 1536, thus suggesting that the said Colas was in all probability born sometime between 1450 – 1500. From there on it is possible to trace this branch of the family in unbroken line until the middle of the twentieth century when the family failed in the male line …’

de le Ree House, Les Jemenies, St Saviour’s Parish
Le Normand House, Le Grande Rue

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