A tribute to the life and work of Brian Torode

Le Cras Family of Les Jenemies, St Saviour’s, Guernsey

Please download the story of the Le Cras Family of Les Jenemies in St Saviour’s Parish:

The Le Cras Family

Great VIII Gp: Pierre Le Cras (m 1663) Cateline le Letdie (?)


Great VII Gp: Charles (1665-1728) m (5.11.1691) Ann de Garis (d 1705)


Great VI Gp: Charles (1695 –vivant 1754) and Rachel Brache (1695-1745)


Great V Gp: Thomas (1725-1802) m (19.7.1750) Marie Alexandre (d 1820)


Great IV Gp: Charles (1758-1829) m (18.5.1787) Susanne Brehaut (1767-1845)


Great III Gp: Charles (1790-1860) m (15.12.1816) Marthe Tostevin (1790-1875)


Great II Gp: Charles (1820-1904) m Mary Mahy (1818-1900)


Great Gp: Marthe (1845-1928) m (1872) Abraham de la Mare (1838-1917)


Gp: Marie Louise de la Mare (1876-1961) m George W Torode


Parents: Edward John Torode and Alice Beatrice Salmon


Moi: Brian Edward Torode


Le Cras House, Les Jenemies, St Saviour Parish

One comment on “Le Cras Family of Les Jenemies, St Saviour’s, Guernsey

  1. David Le Cras
    June 24, 2015

    This was incredible to find all this info as my wife had traced the family tree back to 1640 and this has confirmed all the work she had done. Obviously we branch out in the latter years. My father was Samuel Arthur and had a brother Nicholas who was a cobbler. I also contacted a Le Craw in the USA who thought his ancestor was a Jean Le Cras who emigrated to the US in about 1700, I think he must have been from Jersey as was unable to trace any Jean’s around that date in Guernsey. I would like to print out this summary and would appreciate how this can be done or purchased. Our son, Timothy David Le Cras is now resident in Ohio and lives about 2 hours drive from the Guernsey County Ohio.

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