A tribute to the life and work of Brian Torode

de la Mare Family of the Parishes of St Pierre du Bois and St Saviour, Guernsey

Please download this account of the de la Mare Family who lived in the Parishes of St Pierre du Bois and St Saviour, Guernsey.


Jean de la Mare was the first of the de la Mare family to own Sous l’Eglise and after his death in 1700, it was inherited by his son Jean, who later sold it to his half brother Nicholas. This Nicholas was followed by his eldest son Nicholas whose children having pre-deceased him, his property was inherited by his two sisters Rachel and Elizabeth and his three Naftel nephews, sons of his sister Judith, by partage of 1782. Rachel took the house and enclos, the others the detached fields and rentes. Rachel died in 1805 and was the last of the de la Mares of Sous l’Eglise. The Naftels then held the house and enclos of Sous l’Eglise and it remains in their possession in 1963. There is some connection between Naftels and Granny Torode, Marie Louise de la Mare, because she took me there once (1950s) to see ‘mes cousins’ and it was also the house where Granny Torode’s father died.


Great V Grandparents: (?) Nicolas Galienne and Marie Heaume


Great IV Grandparents: Marie Galienne (1746?) and Pierre de la Mare


Great III Grandparents: Jean de la Mare (1773-) Fishing Boat Pilot of St Pierre du Bois and Judith le Lacheur (1774-1857), daughter of Jean le Lacheur and Elizabeth nee le Page.


Great II Grandparents: Abraham de la Mare I (1815-1882), Butcher and Fisherman of Le Douit, St Pierre du Bois, (not married) Marguerite le Moigne (1821-1896), the daughter of James le Moigne and Mary his wife. Also wife of Fred Pallot.


Great Grandparents: Abraham de La Mare II (1838-1917), Farm labourer of Sous l’Eglise, St Saviour’s, and Marthe (Patty) Le Cras (1845-1928), daughter of Charles le Cras and Mary nee Mahy


Grandparents: Marie Louise de La Mare (1876-1961) and George William Torode (1868-1943). Also wife of Edmund Alfred Bourgaize (1871-1904)


Parents: Edward John Torode (1913-1981) and Alice Beatrice Salmon (1903-1993)


Brian Edward Torode (1941- 2014)

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