A tribute to the life and work of Brian Torode

Torode Family of Guernsey

Jean Torode




Colas (b 1578)                m 1601      Philipine Noel (b 1579)


Charles (b1611)              m 1643     Marie Martel (d 1684)


Charles (b 1656)             m 1695     Marie le Ray (b 1646)


Charles (b 1698 )            m 1725     Marie Priaulx (b 1696)


Charles (b 1726 )            m 1752      Rachel Priaulx (1722)


Nicolas (b 1757)               m 1784     Rachel de le Ree (b1759)


Jeammes (b1790)            m 1821     Caroline Allez (b 1792)


Nicolas-Daniel (b 1821)  m (ii) 1861 Charlotte Allez (b 1825)


George William (b 1868) m (ii) 1910  Marie Louise de la  Mare (b1876) vve.


Edward John (b 1913)     m 1941     Alice Salmon (b1903)


Brian  Edward (b 1941)



The name TORODE was introduced into the Channel Islands during the pre Conquest invasion of Normandy by the Vikings. In 911 King Charles the Simple ceded the whole of what we know as Normandy and Brittany to the Viking leader Rollo. The Channel Islands were added to Rollo’s Dukedom c933 by his son, William Longsword. The plea ‘Rollo, Rollo a l’aide mon Prince’ still has legally binding consequences in the island today. The name has many different renderings, depending on pronunciation, the education of the scribe or clerk writing up Deeds or Registers, and the intermingling of different nationalities and tongues.

Originally the name derived from the Norsemen’s god of War and Thunder – THOR – and the name can be translated as Thor’s man, Thor’s right arm or Thor’s son. Various spellings exist in old documents and even in the Guernsey – and to some extent Jersey- parish registers, eg Thoraude, Toraude, Thorald, Thorrold, Thourault, Turold and Turral among many.

Over centuries, the Th slowly became just T due to Anglo-Norman inability to pronounce the Th sound. The authorship of the famous Chanson de Roland, written in the latter part of the tenth century is attributed to a poet named Thurold. It is a poem describing the exploits of King Charlemagne and his most trusted knight, Roland. Young William the Conqueror was tutored by Thorold who was one of his father’s most trusted men. Thorold was murdered soon after William became Duke in 1037, by one of Williams rivals. There were ‘Torodes’ accompanying Duke William in his invasion of England –Turold in Lincolnshire for example and in Domesday Book there are 106 entries for the name. The Bayeux tapestry depicts the episode in the invasion of England when King Harold was captured by the Count of Poitiers, after his vessel ran aground, and held for ransom. William sent a messenger Turold to negotiate his release , a name recorded on the tapestry itself. In the 12-14th centuries there were Thoralds living in Worcestershire, Dorsetshire and Gloucestershire and a Richard Thorald is mentioned in the siege of Calais in 1345-8. It is from him that the present Thorold family of Marston Hall in Lincolnshire trace its ancestry.

In the island of Guernsey the name is more than common. In c1060 Neel II the Vicomte du Cotentin, entered into property deals with the monks of Marmoutier Abbey, over the lands he owned in the island of Guernsey. One of those who abandoned their rights in this way, in return for a fee of 7 livres, was a Roger, son of Touraud who restored to the Abbey 15 acres of his St Saviour’s land.

In the Assize Roll for 1299 , St Martin’s Parish:

Guillaume Toroude, Jordain de la Rue, Jourdain le Cucuel, Pierre Dorey and Jean Beaumont indicated that they had found a boat in the sea in which were clothes, hoods, 2 horses, salt and many other goods which they have detained until now nor have they been shown to the King’s Bailiffs. So let them be arrested by their bodies to make answer etc. Afterwards they come and acknowledge the finding of the said boat with the said horses and some part of the salt, the which boat with the things aforesaid they caused to be delivered to the men of Herm, from whom the boat and goods had been taken by violence by Norman enemies of the king, who landed there. And the horses they handed over in the Island to the men from whom they had been taken, so that nothing thereof has remained with them. And on this they put themselves on the record of the Bailiff, that is Pierre le Marchant, then Bailiff, who being present testifies to this. But because they have handed over the boat with the goods aforesaid before they had shown them to the King’s Bailiffs, in due form, therefore, they are in mercy guilty.

In the Assize Roll, held in the Island in the reign of King Edward II, 1309, we read :

Sci. P. in Port

Jordan Thoraude rectat’de eo qd vbavithelena uxem Gilli restaud & eam acabliavit ad tram quod eadm Helena cito p’teaobiit ven & defend omien felon & totu tc et de bono & malo pon se sup pat’iam. Jur dicunt p sacrm suu qd pd Jord in nullo est inde culpablis. Ido sit q’itus.

Jordan Thoroude accused of beating Helen, the wife of William Restaud, and throwing her to the ground whereby the said Helen soon afterwards died, comes and defends the whole felony and all &c and for good and evil submits himself to the verdict of the country. The jurors say upon their oath that the said Jordan is not in anywise guilty thereof. Therefore he is discharged. ( translated)

The Assize Roll of 1331 lists a Toraude living in St Pierre Port and in 1550, there were four property owning Torode families living in St Saviours and in the 1620s Pew Owners in St Saviour’s Church included 4 Torode males Etienne, Colas fils Nouell, Colas fils Jean and Jean fils Jean; and 3 females, the wives of Etienne, Colas fils Jean and of Jean . The spelling Thoraude (sometimes Thoroude) was the norm until about 1650, although variations do exist.

It would seem that Guernsey is the ancestral home of the name in the Channel Islands, no Torode families originating in Jersey, other than by inter island marriage.

In the 1881 Census, there were 383 people with the name Torode throughout the UK and of these 353 lived in Guernsey. All of the other 30 persons lived in England – two in lunatic asylums.

Some Torode’s became involved with the pioneering fever of the 18th and 19th centuries and emigrated to the New World and the Antipodes.


St Saviours Church215 (2)

The first mention of what is probably my earliest ancestor occurs in the Parish Registers of St Saviour’s where a marriage is recorded between Colas Thoraude du Lorier, son of Colas son of Jean in 1601 and Philipine Noel.

Houses lived in 216 (2).jpgSt Saviours churh 077

My GREAT (8) GRANDFATHER AND GRANDMOTHER Colas Thoraude and Philipine nee Noel.

Le 2 Mardi 1601, Colas Thoraude, du Lorier, fils Colas fils Jean, et Philipine Noel fille Louys

Colas is probably the Colas son of Colas du Lorier born in 1578 who married Philipine born 1579. If so Colas would have been 23 at the time of his marriage and Philipine 22. They are in all probability the parents of my proven ancestor Charles and his three siblings. In view of the date of their marriage it is probable that earlier births took place which have not been recorded.

The Presbyterian Ecclesiastical system was established in the Island in 1585 and immediately set to stamp out Catholicism. The following laws were enacted:

  • All games and pubs were to be closed before divine service morning and evening

  • Much scandal was arising and corruption of habits as a result of superstition and observance of Papal Feasts, and dancing. Therefore Ministers are to be more vigorous in their demonstrating.

  • No incense is to be used and no mechanical or profane works

  • Catechism must be taught by question and answer.

  • Everyone is to be in their own Parish Church for the Holy Sacrament of Communion every Sunday.

The 1602 Minutes recorded that the Minister of St Peter Port, Pierre Baudouyn had reported that there were in the Island several dangerous books such as Vita Christi, brought in by small traders from Normandy. The Ancien ( Elder/Deacon) in each Parish is ordered to search the most suspect houses, to seize the books and give them to the Minister.

And in 1603, the Consistoire ( Synod) of St Saviours is charged with enquiring into the life and habits of Colas Rougier to acknowledge his conversion and to see if he can receive the Sacrament or not.

According to the Ecclesiastical Discipline established by Presbyterianism in the Island, promises of marriage were made in the presence of parents, friends or guardians or masters of the parties concerned, and in the presence of the Minister, Elder or Deacon, who was to hear the promise made after invoking the name of God. Promises of marriage made otherwise were not held binding. Persons thus promised, were to be married within three months, on pain of Ecclesiastical Censure, and up to 1715, persons were prosecuted for delaying a marriage once a promise had been made.

Colas and Philipine may well have been with their parents in June 1588 when Pastor Jean Vian reported that the congregation almost rioted on leaving church after he had announced that a rearrangement and redistribution of the pews was to take place. A year later, the Governor had to send soldiers to the church while the pews were so rearranged. Separate pews were provided for men and women – the men in the nave, and the women’s in the aisle. All this took place when the Sanctuary was also moved from the East end to the south aisle Chapel recess.

According to the Ecclesiastical Discipline of the time, a second marriage after the death of a spouse could not take place unless six months had expired. Up to 1626, women were recorded at burial under the surname of the husband in most cases

Children of Colas and Philipine: (great 8 aunts and uncles apart from Charles, my times 7great grandfather)

Colas who was born c1608.

Jeammes ( James) baptised 1609, married 1634

Charles baptised 19th January 1611

Jean baptised 5th January 1614

1.Colas Thoraude du Lorier was the first child of Colas and Philipine and according to custom was given his father’s Christian name. Colas married Rachel Galienne. They had 3 issue:

Rachel, baptised 19.5.1650, godfather Jean Brehaut fils Pierre de St Pierre du Bois; married 18 May 1676 Jean Duquemin. Rachel died 12th December 1708, ‘femme Jean Duquemin’

Colas baptised 10.1.1653

Jean baptised 23.10.1655, fils Colas, fils Colas du Lorier, et Rachel Galienne

Colas, pere, died 2nd February 1704 aged 96 years of age.

2.Jeammes the second child born to Colas and Philipine , was baptised 1609. He married on 25th September 1634, when he would have been 25 years of age, Marthe Breton of the Catel Parish. Marthe was born 1611. They had 6 issue:

Jeammes baptised 7.5.1637, godfather Colas Toraude;

Marthe baptised 2.7.1643 fille Jeammes, fils Colas, et Marthe Breton; godfather Colas, fils Colas, son oncle. ; Marthe married Jeammes Galienne, and she died 2.7.1709femme’ indicating Jeammes was still alive.

Nicolas born 15 May 1645 and baptised 11 June 1645, fils Jeammes, fils Colas presented by Jeammes le Mesurier. Nicolas married 26.11.1674 Sara Hamon.

Marie baptised 30.3.1651; her godparent was Nicolas Blondel, fils Thomas.

Jeammes (ii) baptised 11.4.1652, buried 27.4.1653 and

Jeammes (iii) baptised 24.7.1653 and buried 18 2 1660. His godparent was Charles Allez, fils Colas.

Jeammes pere died 5th September 1686 aged 62 years of age

3.Charles my direct ancestor ( great 7 grandfather) was the third child of the marriage of Colas Thoraude and Phillipine Noel. He was baptised 19th January 1611 and his godfather was Jean le Messurier.

4. Jean, the fourth son of Colas and Philipine was baptised in 1614 and his godfather was Jean Alles. Jean (Toraude) married Rachel de Garis.. They had 9 issue:

Nicolas, baptised 21.March 1646, godfather Colas fils Colas, son oncle. Nicolas died at the age of 18 months on 18th September 1647.

Rachel fille Jean fils Colas, baptised 30th July 1647 , godfather Pierre de Garis.

Nicolas baptised 1st December 1650, godfather Charles Toraude son oncle; Nicolas died at the age of 11 months on 4th November 1651.

Colas was baptised 5th December 1652 but died seventeen days later, 22nd December 1652

Jean was baptised 17th December 1653 and married Marie le Telier on 3rd February 1680. Jean was buried 11th November 1726 and was survived by Marie who died on 7th March 1728, ‘veuve Jean’.

Susanne was baptised 16th November 1656 but died four weeks later on 14th December.

A second Susanne was baptised 16th November 1656 but died on 14th December that same year less than a month old.

Pierre the eighth child was baptised 10th October 1661. His godfather was Abraham Simon.

Jeammes the last child of the marriage was baptised 11th December 1666 and his godparents were Jean Mollet and Abraham Toraude.

Jean , their father, died 20th October 1699 and Rachel died veuve, (a widow) only five months later. She was buried on 5th March 1699. This date is according to the pre-Julian Calendar and in fact in modern dating refers to March 1700.

Both Jean and Rachel would have experienced the terror of lightening striking the church spire on 30th January 1658. This happened during afternoon evening prayer, and the congregation was thrown to the ground, and some so hurt that they were unable to walk home. A whirlwind carried stones a considerable distance and part of the north wall was demolished and the tower collapsed.


MY GREAT (7) GRANDFATHER AND GRANDMOTHER Charles Thoraude and Marie nee Martel: all baptisms were at St Saviour’s unless stated otherwise.

Charles the third child of Colas and Philipine, married on 8th July 1643/5 (register illegible) Marie Martel by whom he had seven issue.

Charles Toraude fut marie avec …Martel le 8jor de juillet 164(3/5)

The date 1643 is the most probable when one refers to the birth of their first child Marie in 1644. Marie Martel , died 17 August 1684 ‘femme Charles Toraude’ indicating that Charles was still alive at the time of her death

Children of Charles Thoraude and Marie nee Martel. (G7 uncles and aunts apart from Charles, my times 6 great grandfather)

Marie, baptised 1644; buried 1710

Charles baptised 1646; died 1652.

Susanne baptised 1651

Jean baptised 1653; married 1676; buried 1745

Charles baptised 1656; married 1695; died 1745.

Colas baptised 1659

William born c1661

1.Marie was baptised on 30th. March 1644 and her uncle Jean was godfather. The burial of a Marie, fille Charles is recorded on 9th October 1710.

2.Charles was baptised the 31st October 1646 and his godfather was Colas, fils Colas- presumably his uncle Colas who had married Rachel Galienne. Charles died 9th December 1652 aged only 6 years.

3.Susanne was baptised 28th April 1651 her godfather being Abraham Allayre.

4.Jean was baptised 22nd January 1653 ‘fils Charles, fils Colas, et Marie Martel’. His godparent was ‘Abraham Martel fils Thomas’ presumably his mother’s father or perhaps brother. Jean married Rebecca Noel, 26th October 1676 when he was 23 years of age. He died and was buried 29th October 1745, aged 92. .They had 2 issue: Marie was baptised 5th August 1677, Charles Torode son grandpere, being her godfather ; Susanne was baptised 28 March 1680 and her godfather was Jean de la Mare.

5.Charles, (my times 6 great Grandfather) was baptised c1656 and married in 1695 Marie le Ray.

6.Colas was baptised on 30th January 1659 and married 23rd November 1682, Sara Bichard..

7.William, probably a son of Charles and Marie Martel was born c1661.

In 1555 the 2nd Prayer Book of King Edward VI was translated into French for use in the Islands. From 1662, Church of England forms of service were forced on Guernsey Churches. A revised French language Book of Common Prayer was provided.

The general rule was only one godparent was required at St Saviour’s until 1710/11. From then on, two or three were the general rule. In most cases women were not admissible as godparents but to ‘have’ a godmother, a man could stand proxy for her. She chose the name of the child, but the man presented the child for baptism. There are cases of two godparents from 1668 and three from 1681 – but they are exceptions to the rule.

Charles Toraude and Marie nee le Ray:

Charles, the second son of Charles and Marie Martel, to be so named in view of the early death of his brother in 1652, married at the age of 39, on 7th November 1695, Marie le Ray fille Jean. Marie had been born 30th March 1644. Charles died ‘Charles fils Charles age de 89 ans environs’ on 29th October 1745. His wife Marie had died nineteen years previously on 17th December 1726 and was buried ‘femme Charles’ on the 24th of the month. They had 13 issue.

Children of Charles Toraude and Marie nee le Ray.( Great times 6 uncles and aunts apart from Charles, my times 5 great grandfather)

Marie baptised 1696

Charles baptised 1698; married 1725.

Rachel baptised 1700

William baptised 1701; married 1730.

Susanne baptised 1702; married 1729; died 1766

Daniel baptised 1704; married 1745; died 1750

Thomas baptised 1706; died 1713.

Marguerite baptised 1707,married 1740.

Judy baptised 1710; buried 1710.

Jean baptised 1710

Jeammes baptised 1711; married 1737

Ane baptised 1713; married 1739.

Judy baptised 1715

1.Marie was baptised at St Saviour’s on 10th January 1696-godparent Daniel le Ray.

2.Charles the second child of Charles Toraude and Marie le Ray and my times 5 great grandfather, was baptised 25th September 1698. His godfather was his uncle Jean.

3Rachel was baptised 12th January 1700-godparent Jeammes le Ray, fils Jean.

4.William was baptised 15th February 1701 and married Marie Brehaut on 8th February 1730, when he was 29.

William wrote his will 24th February 1735 – did he suspect his life to be short?

A mon aimee Marie Brehaut, ma chere femme….. Et a Charles et Daniel, et Jeammes mes freres…..’ The will was proven 24th February 1765. Presumably there were no offspring.

5.Susanne was baptised 28th February 1702 and married at the age of 27, Helier Rougier fils James on 26th April 1729. Susanne Rougier died veuve 13th July 1766. They had issue, all of whom bore the surname Rougier.

Helier;Pierre, fils Helier et Susanne Toraude, fille Charles. Pierre married Marguerite Brehaut fille Jean et Marie Corbet, on 22nd November 1750. James married 17th February 1762, Marguerite Rougier, fille Jean et Marguerite le Normand.

6.Daniel was baptised 23rd August 1704 and married Ane Galiennne on 8th February 1745. The marriage was very short lived for Daniel died 7th October 1750 ‘age de 45 a 50, fils du feu Charles’ (aged between 45 and 50, son of the late Charles).

7.Thomas was baptised 28th April 1706, but died at the age of 16, twelve days before his 17th birthday, on 16th April 1723.

8.Marguerite was baptised 31st August 1707 and married Daniel le Cheminant at St Andrews, the 19th April 1740. There was a big difference in their ages – Marguerite being 33 at the time and Daniel only 20, having been born 18th December 1720 and baptised on Christmas Day in St Peter Port. Daniel was the son of Jean le Cheminant and Marthe Janvier. Daniel and Marguerite, their family name being le Cheminant, had three issue: Marie born 17.November 1741 and baptised at the Catel Church, the 19th of the month. Her godparents were Peter le Peat(?), Marie Torode her father’s sister and Susan le Prevost. Marie died only five and a half years of age on 21st May 1747.Daniel was born 8th and baptised 17th November 1745 at the Catel Church. His godparents were Nicolas le Cheminant and Marie Ferbrache. Daniel married Marie le Cheminant at the Catel Church on 2nd December 1767 when he was 22 years of age. Their family name was of course le Cheminant.Thomas was born 25th July, baptised 26th July 1752 at the Catel church. Thomas married on 23rd November 1783 Rachel le Ray born at the Catel in 1758. Rachel was buried at the Catel 7th October 1807 aged 49 . Thomas died a widower 24th January 1844 aged 92 years. Thomas and Rachel had issue , Rachel, Helier, Daniel and Nicolas – all le Cheminant.

9/10.Judy and Jean – jumeaux ( twins) were baptised 24th September 1710. Judy was buried 6th October 1710. A later daughter was named Judy in her memory in 1715.

11.Jeammes was baptised 23rd December 1711, and his godparents were Daniel de L’Isle, Helier Rougier and Marie de L’Isle. Jeammes( des Annevilles) married Marguerite Brehaut fille Simon, on 17th November 1737 when he was 26. They had issue i Jeammes baptised 27th August 1738, whose godparents were Charles Torode his uncle, William Torode his uncle and Marie Brehaut, his uncle William’s wife. Jeammes died at the age of only one month on 27th September 1738; ii Marguerite was baptised 16th May 1745 and this baptism is recorded in St Saviour’s Register as’un extrait du Val’. She married 29th March 1763, Abraham Vidamour.iii Jeammes (ii) was baptised 16th November 1746 eight years after the death of his brother Jeammes in 1738. Jeammes married Elizabeth Robilliard – still alive in 1795 -. Jeammes – des Annevilles – died 5th February 1835 aged 88. Jeammes and Elizabeth had issu :Jeammes was baptised 13th December 1778 and married Elizabeth Breton fille Jean et Elizabeth le Bier on 26th January 1804. James died 26th. A ugust 1850 aged 71. They had issue Elizabeth 1804; James 1805; Rachel d 1844 aged 36, suite de couches; Marguerite 1809; Jean 1811; Daniel 1813; Marie 1815; Frederick 1817; Frederick 1820; Nicolas 1823.Margaret was baptised 24th February 1782 her godparents being William Torode des Issues her uncle, Marguerite Brehaut her grandmother and Susanne Torode her uncle William’s wife. Margaret , formerly of Les Annevilles, now living in St Peter Port, made her will , proven on 17th August 1850. Most of her bequests were to the British and Foreign Bible Society, then to Rachel Torode ma soeur, veuve Pierre Alexandre, then to James and Marguerite Alexandre, mon neveu et ma niece.( see Rachel above); Jean was baptised 10th August 1784 and married Henriette Stewart, on 11th January 1808 at the Town Church, ‘fille William Stewart of St Peter Port. Henriette had been born in 1790. In the late 1820s, the family moved to Chelsea.iv.Rachel was baptised 27th December 1747 .Her godparents were Charles Torode her gandfather, Marguerite Brehaut?Brouard, her grandmother and Marie Torode ;.v Marie was baptised 26th November 1749 ‘fille Jeammes et Marguerite Brehaut’ and her godparents were her father’s brother William and Marguerite Toraude: .vi Rachel was baptised 17th March 1750 ( old style, ie 1751) ‘ fille Jeammes et Marguerite Brehaut sa femme’.Her godparents were Charles Torode, Marie Torode and Marie Brouard. Rachel married Nicolas Torode 21st June 1777 aged 27. He was baptised 16th February 1753 and died 23rd April 1839. He was ‘fils Nicolas fils Nicolas, et Thomasse Noel fille Jean.Rachel died 24th April 1829 ‘femme Nicolas Torode des Vilettes, fille James, fils Charles, et Marguerite Brehaut’ Rachel and Nicholas had 5 issue:Nicolas, baptised 1777 who married Betsey Ferbrache. She died 25th January 188?, aged 50-femme Nicolas Toraude des Vilettes; Rachel baptised 19th April 1778. Her godparents were Nicolas Torode her grandfather, Thomasse Noel her grandmother and Marie Torode;Judith baptised 10th December 1780, whose godparents were Jean Torode, Judith Torode and Elizabeth Gavey;Jean baptised 1783 who died 1860 aged 77, fils Nicolas Torode et Rachel Torode des Vilettes;Susanne baptised 12th March 1786, whose godparents were William Torode her uncle, Susanne Torode his wife and Colenette Torode; William was born 5th and baptised 9th September 1753’ fils Jeammes Torode et Marguerite Brehaut’.. His godparents were William Torode, frere James, son oncle. William married on 9th February 1776 at he age of 23, Susanne Torode, fille Jean, fils Thomas, et Elizabeth Brehaut. Susanne who had been baptised 4th April 1756, died ‘ fme William’, on 11th December 1796, at les Issues. William lived a further forty years a widower, dying on 9th June 1836 in his 83rd year at St Martins, ‘mais, entere a St Sauveur son lieu de naissance’. Their issue were.

Susanne, born 14th November 1776 and baptised on the 17th of that month. Her godparents were James Torode her grandfather, Marguerite Brehaut her paternal grandmother and Elizabeth Brehaut her maternal grandmother.

William baptised 4th February 1782, whose godparents were Daniel Torode, Jean Torode and Elizabeth Heaume.

Judith, baptised 25th March 1783, her uncle James and his wife Elizabeth Robilliard and his aunt Susanne Tostevin being godparents.

Nicolas was baptised 17th May 1785 and his godparents were William Torode his great uncle, Nicolas Torode and Marie Sarre. Nicolas married Rachel Longlois and they had seven issue– Jean 1817, James 1818, Lydie 1821, Joseph 1822 d 1824, Sophie 1824, Elizabeth 1825 and Henriette 1826.

George was baptised 13th May 1787 and George Torode, Daniel Tostevin and Elizabeth Heaume were his godparents.

Marie was baptised 13 January 1790, Marie Torode, Susanne Torode and Nicolas Galienne her husband, were the godparents. Marie married Nicolas Priaulx on 10th September 1813 and died a widow on 15th December 1859.

Rachel, baptised 12th May 1792 was the final girl born to William Torode and Susanne his wife.

Daniel baptised 11th May 1794 at St Saviour’s. Godparents William Torode, George Torode, Marie Sarre. Married Caroline Brehaut 2nd April 1823 at St Saviour’s . Daniel died 17th January 1861.

12. Ane was baptised 22nd November 1713 ‘fille Charles et Marie le Ray’ and married on 27th March 1739, at the age of 26, Daniel Tostevin. Daniel had been baptised at St Pierre du Bois on 23rd December 1714 and was thus a year younger than Ane. His godparents were Pierre Gavet, Jean Tostevin, Abigail Grut.

Ane and Daniel had seven offspring all surnamed Tostevin of course.

Daniel et Charles, jumeaux, baptised 23rd June 1740; Rachel baptised 26th July 1741, godparents Helier Rougier, Susanne Torode his wife and Rachel’s aunt, and Rachel Duquemin. Rachel must have died as an infant because

Rachel (ii) was baptised on 17th October 1742 and her godparents were Matthew Tostevin, Rachel Tostevin and Susanne le Prevost; Ane was baptised 20th October 1745 and buried 8th October 1827, aged 82; Susannne was the fifth child and baptised 20th September 1747 but was buried aged nearly seven years of age, on 13th May 1754. Her godparents had been Pierre Gavet, Marie Daniel and Susanne le Prevost.Daniel was the last child of Ane Torode and Daniel Tostevin. He was baptised 2nd June 1753 ‘vieux style’ and lived to a good old age. He married 25th December 1777, Rachel de Garis who had been baptised 14th September 1755 and was thus nineteen years her husband’s junior. Rachel was the daughter of Charles de Garis son of Nicolas, and of Marie Mouton daughter of Jean. Rachel predeceased Danel and was buried 26th January 1817 aged 62. Danile lived to be 83, and was buried 25th December 1834.

13. Judy, fille Charles et Marie le Ray, named in memory of the twin who had died in 1710, was baptised 3rd April 1715. Her godparents are given as Pierre de Lisle, Judy Cohu and Marguerite de Lisle.

My x 5 GREAT GRANDFATHER CHARLES TORODE & wife MARIE nee PRIAULX my X5 great grandmother.

Charles, second son of my x6 great grandfather, Charles Toraude and Marie le Ray, married Marie Priaulx on 18th June 1725 at the age of 27. Marie was the daughter of Nicolas Priaulx of les Vilettes and Marie le Lacheur, and was born 10th January 1696. Their marriage is recorded in the register ‘maries par moi, Rev’d Monsieur Hughes Jacquin, Recteur.’ Marie died 4th January 1763, femme Charles. Charles did not remarry but lived another 17 years a widower, dying 26th March 1780, ‘age de 82 ans environs’ ( about 82 years of age)

Children of Charles Toraude and Marie Priaulx of les Issues. (Times5 great aunt and times 4 great grandfather)

Charles baptised 1726.

Marie baptised 1728

Charles, was baptised 30th July 1726 and his godparents were his grandfather Charles, Jean Galienne and Marie le Ray his grandmother. Charles married (i) Rachel Priaulx and (ii) Marie Robert.

Marie was baptised 21st September 1728 and her godparents were her grandfather Charles, Colette Guille and Judith Guilbert.

This family lived through some serious weather conditions prevalent at the time. On Wednesday 11th January 1749, an abnormally high tide flooded all the land from the Richmond entrance to Perelle Bay to La Tablette, just past the main Perelle slipway. The water flowed over Richard Brehaut’s hedge.

In February 1749, the peace of Aix la Chapelle was announced in the Islands and canon were exploded at St Saviour’s in celebration.

By Easter Day that same year, March 26th, it had rained for a whole fortnight. On May 3rd, there were heavy hailstones; on 17/18th June strong gales and 40 loads of vraic were gathered on the beaches; frosts occurred on 16th & 17th November and again on 29th and 30th. On December 17th everything froze.

On Sunday June 10th 1750, hailstones as big as magpies eggs fell on the island.

Tuesday May ? 1756, War was declared in the Island between the Kings of England and France.


Charles, son of Charles and Marie Priaulx, married twice. (i) Rachel Priaulx born 1722, fille Nicolas de la Foret; (ii) Marie Robert fille Massey et Marie de la Rue

Charles married Rachel 14th January 1752 at St Saviour’s when he was 26 and she was 30. Rachel was born 1722, the daughter of Nicolas de la Foret. She died ‘morte au couche’ ( in childbirth) as a result of ‘retention d’urine’ and on her death record , 12th January 1757 she is described as aged 35, ‘femme Charles des Issues’. Charles was left a widower with two sons

Children of Charles’ first marriage – to Rachel Priaulx. ( Great times 4 uncle and great times 3 grandfather )

Charles baptised 1753 died 1767

Nicolas born & baptised 1757; married 1784. died 1839 x3 Great grandfather.

Charles fils Charles des Issues, was baptised 27th June 1753, and his godparent was William Torode his uncle. Charles did not reach adulthood, dying at the age of 14 and was buried 23 January 1767.

Nicolas was born 6th January 1757 and baptised the same day,. The birth of Nicolas brought sorrow to the family for his mother Rachel died as a result of the birth six days later, 12th January 1757 aged only 35, femme Charles des Issues. The cause of death was retention of urine. Thus Charles the father was left a widower with two sons to bring up- one aged 4 and the other, Nicolas, a new born baby. He may well have been the Nicolas Torode mentioned in the Raport des Invalides de la Paroisse de St Sauveur 1811, mentioned below. ( See Jeammes fils Charles et Marie Robert.)

1752 – The new style – Julian – Calendar was adopted in the Island.


Charles the widower did not remain a widower for long and on 4th January 1758, just one year exactly after the death of his first wife, Charles married for the second time, on this occasion, Marie Robert, fille Massey et Marie de la Rue, des Landes, de la Paroisse du Val. The marriage took place at St Andrew’s Church. Marie died at Les Prevots, the home of her son Charles on 3rd March 1780, ‘femme Charles des Issues.’ , and Charles died 4th August 1789 aged 63.

Children of Charles and Marie Robert (x4 half great aunts and uncles.)

Marie baptised 1759

Ane baptised 1761; married 1787

Jeammes baptised 1765; married 1796; died 1830.

Charles baptised 1768; married 1795

1.Marie was baptised 31 January 1759. Her godparents were William Torode uncle of Charles and Marie Brehaut his wife. Marie made her first Communion at Whitsun 1780 aged 21.

2.Ane was baptised 3rd May 1761. Her godparents were William Torode uncle of Charles and Marie Brehaut his wife. Ane made her first Communion at Easter 1782 and married Charles Priaulx de la Foret, on 17th November 1787 when she was 26 years of age.

3.Jeammes was baptised 17th September 1765 and made his first communion at Whitsun 1786. He married Rachel Galienne on 23rd February 1796 at the age of 31, Jeammes died 3 April 1830 aged 65 at Les Choffins. He is probably the Jeammes listed in ‘Le Raport des invalides de la Paroisse de St Sauveur, nayant point d’Arme ni accoutrements ni ammunitions etant employee (sic) en un cas d’ Allarme comme suit, a des voiture a des bingues et a l’assistance des Baterie, faite le 18 Septembre 1811.’ (Reserve Militia men excused active service on account of ill health).Jeammes and Rachel had issue:Jeammes b 1806. He married Mary de Garis, born 1811. In the 1841 Census James is a farmer of Les Choffins with two servants. Jeammes himself died 29th December 1879. Jeammes and Mary had a daughter Mary born 9th June 1839 . She died 12 March 1880, femme Nicolas Dumaresq of La Grande Rue, aged 40.

4.Charles, baptised 3rd September 1768 made his first Communion at Christmas 1778 when he was only 10 years of age. He became the blacksmith at La Forge Carrefour, St Saviour’s. He married Judith le Clerq 18th October 1795 at St Saviours – Judith le Clerc born 1767 ‘fille Jeanne Rougier (Rouget) et Nicolas le Clerc of La Villaize, St Andrew’s’. Charles died 22nd July 1836. Judith died of a heart attack, a widow, at La Villaize, Forest Parish on 27th November 1855. Their second son, Charles followed in his father’s footsteps as did his descendants until 1946. In that year, Charles Mauger Torode died at La Forge, a bachelor. On October 18th 1795 at the age of 27. Charles and Judith had 5 issue

Charles baptised 4th October 1796 and buried 28th of that month

Judith born 25th October 1800,. Judith married Nicolas Brouard of St Andrews in St Andrew’s Church on 9th June 1832 ‘Nic Brouard fils Nicolas et Marie Naftel m Judith Torode fille Charles et Judith le Clerc’. They farmed 3 acres and employed 1 labourer. They had one son, Nicolas born at St Andrews in 1836. In the 1851 Census ,Judith is living with her son Nicolas at La Villaize, St Andrew’s with his mother in law and a servant. Judith is now a widow aged 84.

Charles baptised 7th January 1798 who married Caroline Sarre, ‘fille Jacques et Judith le Page’. Charles, ‘forgeron’ died of consumption at La Forge, Les Prevots St Saviours, 5th January 1843. Caroline died of paralysis at La Forge, on 6th October 1868. Charles and Caroline had a son Charles, born 1831 who died of heart disease at La Forge, on 20th July 1891. He married Lucie Mauger, b orn 18 March 1841 at La Chene, Forest Parish. She died 2nd April 1918 at La Forge. Their children were Lucie born 21 July 1862 at La Forge; Charles Mauger born 8 November 1865 at La Forge who died 4th February 1946 at La Forge ; John born 18th October 1868 at La Forge and who died at Les Landes Cottage, Cordier Hill St Peter Port on 18th April 1947. He was a coach builder. He married Valentine Bastald b orn in France c 1869. They had a son Walter John Torode, born 20th July 1902 at 3 Park Lane, St Peter Port. Jean was baptised 27th May 1804 and married Betsey, born 1811. Jean was a blacksmith and died 6th October 1867. He and Betsey had one child Betsey Mary Ann, born in 1846.

Jeammes was born on 16th and baptised on 23rd July 1809. His godparents were James de la Mare, Marie le Clerc and Charles Torode Junior, his brother.



Nicolas the son of my times 4 great grandfather Charles Torode and his first wife, Rachel nee Praulx was born 6th January 1757.Nicolas made his first Communion at Whitsun 1780 at the age of 23. He married Rachel de le Ree on 12th February 1784/5 ‘leurs anonces duement publies’. Rachel was born 20th February 1759 and baptised 20th May of that year. Nicolas died aged 82 on 26th January 1839, Rachel having pre-deceased him on 19th September 1826 aged 67. She was buried 22nd September . Rachel was a woman of some means and inherited from her father, the family home at la Grande Rue, where she and Nicolas lived. The Grande Rue property of Nicolas Torode and Rachel de le Ree passed to Pierre de le Ree, to his nephew Pierre and was then sold in 1890s to Eugene de le Ree.

Children of Nicolas Torode & Rachel de le Ree: (times 3 great aunt and uncles apart from James my times 2 great grandfather.)

Marie, born and baptised 1785; married 1809; died 1860

Rachel born 1787; died 1857

James born 1790; died 1821

Judith born1792; married 1820;died 1863

Marguerite born & baptised 1795

Nicolas born 1796; died 1797.

Nicolas-Daniel born 1798; married 1827; died 1859.

Jean born 1801; married 1828; died 1850.

1.Marie was born and baptised 23rd June 1785. Her godparents were Pierre de le Ree, her grandfather, Marie le Huray his wife and Marie Machon. Marie married Thomas Robin, born 1783, fils Henri et Marguerite Sarre, on 20th August 1809 and they lived at Le Mont Saint, where Marie died 1st May 1860 aged 74 and was buried on 4th of that month. Thomas died a year later, 28th March 1861. In the 1851 Census he is described as a ‘journeyman carpenter of 10, Le Mont Saint, aged 68.

Their children were;

Marie born 15th January 1810and baptised 21st January 1810. Her godparents were Henri Robin and Marguerite Sarre her maternal grandparents and Rachel Torode her aunt.

Rachel, born 27th Februry and baptised 3rd March 1811. Her godparents were Nicolas Torode, Rachel de le Ree, her maternal grandparents and Marguerite Sarre femme Henri Robin, her paternal grandmother. Rachel married 7th November 1835 Pierre de le Ree son of James and Marguerite Breton, and was born 1798. Pierre died 20th January 1882, and Rachel followed fourteen years later on 9th February 1896, a widow of Les Huriaux. They had nine issue: Pierre b 1834 who committed suicide by hanging 9th August 1888( vide Inquest); Jeammes b 1835, and aged 14 in the 1851 Census, an apprentice blacksmith; William, born at La Grande Rue, 10th November 1841 who died the following year aged 10 months; Alfred also born at La Grande Rue, 22nd Nov 1842 who died aged two months on 28th January 1843; Sophie born 20th April 1844, who married 25th August 1870, James Alfred Torode, son of James and Charlotte Allez. Charlotte Allez had married James in 1845 and in 1861, by now a widow, she married Nicolas Daniel Torode, son of Rachel’s uncle James and his wife, Caroline Allez; Jean born 30 October 1845; Henriette born 19 December 1849, died 1 December 1850; Mary Ann born 31 August 1851 and who died three weeks later on 25th September, and finally Louise, born 25th April 1854.Elizabeth was born 11th May 1813 and baptised 16th of the month. Her godparents were Abraham Robin, Elizabeth le Clerc his wife and Marie Jehan. Elizabeth died an infant.

Thomas was born 28th December 1817 and his godparents at his baptism on 3rd January 1818 were James and Nicolas and Judith Torode. Tomas died an infant.Nicolas baptised 9th April 1820, Thomas Robin, Nicolas de la Mare and Rachel de la Mare being his godparents. Elizabeth (ii) baptised 13 October 1822 with Helier Allaire, Elizabeth Allaire his daughter, and Rachel le Mesurier as godparents; Thomas baptised 13th March 1825 had for godparents Thomas le Mesurier, Marie le Mesurier and Tomas Robin. In the 1851 Census Thomas, aged 26, a carpenter, is still living at home with his parents.

2.Rachel was baptised on 21st October 1787. She married Jean le Page and died on 5th May 1857, in her 70th year, a widow, at les Dunes, Catel. In the 1851 Census, Jean le Page is still alive, aged 78; Rachel is aged 64, their nephew John is living with them aged 31, a mason and a granddaughter Mary aged 3 is also living with them.

3.James was born 8th April 1790 at les Rouvets and baptised 11th of that month. His godparents were James de le Ree, Nicolas de le Ree and Ane de le Ree. James was my great great grandfather and married Caroline Allez fille Jean et Judith le Mesurier, on 14th October 1821.

4.Judith was born 16th August and baptised 19th of the month 1792, with Nicolas Simon and his wife Judith Allez and Marie Brouard as godparents. Judith married Pierre Alexandre on 19th February 1820:

Pierre Alexandre, fils Jean et Judith Breton, est marie avec Judith, fille Nicolas Torode et Rachel de le Ree, tous deux de St Sauveur, le 19 fevrier 1820. Copie sur un extrait signe par le Rev Thos S Grut, Recteur de St Andre, et inscrit par moi, Nicolas Bernel, Recteur de St Sauveur.

This entry also occurs in St Andrew’s register. Judith died a widow, ‘maladie de poitrine’ at the Catel on 29th January 1863, aged 70. Judith and Pierre had two issue: Susanne born 26th and baptised 31st March 1820, with Jean and Susanne Alexandre and Rachel Robin as godparents. Nicolas baptise 25th April 1822, with Nicolas Torode, Rachel torode and Pierre Alexandre as godparents.

5.Marguerite was born 13th February 1795 and baptised on 15th. Her godparents were James Torode, Elizabeth Robilliard and Marie Brouard.

6.Nicolas was born 26th May 1796 and baptised 29th. His godparents were Nicolas de le Ree, James de le Ree and Marie Southcoth. Nicolas died aged 18 months and as buried 28th November 1797

7.Nicolas-Daniel was born 24th December and baptised 25th 1798. His godparents were Nicolas, James and Ane de le Ree. Nicolas Daniel married Elizabeth de Garis fille Jean et Marguerite, on 19th March 1827. Elizabeth was 27 at the time and Nicolas Daniel was 29. Nicolas wrote his will on 16th September 1848 and it was proven by the Ecclesiastical Court on 12th May 1859. Nicolas had died 16th September 1858. He left ‘Tous mes biens a Elizabeth de Garis ma femme’. In the 1851 Census he is a shoemaker aged 51 of La Grande Rue. Elizabeth is a dressmaker aged 51. They had their son William, bootmaker aged 19 and a shoe maker like his father, and daughter Elizabeth – Betsey- aged 16 a dressmaker living with them ( see below) They also have 82 year old Marguerite living with them as well as a border Emelia Renouf aged 8, a scholar.

Nicolas Daniel and Elizabeth had 4 known issue, details of which are :

Nicolas born Saint Saviours 11th and baptised 23rd March 1828. Nicolas de Garis, Marthe Blondell his wife and Nicolas Torode being godparents. Nicolas died the 2nd and was buried the 6th February 1874 aged 45 years. Nicolas had married Rachel who was born in 1822 at St Peter’s They had issue– Mary-Ann aged 4 in 1851 and Nicholas aged 1 in 1851.This latter Nicholas was aged 61 in the 1911 Census, he had been married 39 years and fathered 11 children . He was the brother of the Mary Anne Torode , born St Andrews, who married my grandfather George William Torode, her cousin three times removed, from whom Elsie, Wilfred and George are the chidren. Frederick, baptised 13 September 1829 with godparents James Torode, Caroline Allez and Helier de Garis. William de Garis Torode was born 23rd July and baptised 3rd August 1831 with godparents Rachel de Garis represented by Judith Corbin, Judith Torode representing Nicolas de la Mare and Jean de la Mare In the 1851 census William is aged 19. He is a boot and shoe maker. Betsey (Elizabeth) born 22nd November and baptised 18th December 1834, her godparents were James Alexandre junior, Marie Falla junior, Judith de Garis. Betsey died 12th January 1866 aged 31, femme Abraham Lenfestey. This Betsey was one of the first to be baptised in the St Saviour’s Font, which had only been re-introduced to churches in the Island in 1833, the previous ones having been destroyed at the Reformation.

8.Jean was the last child to be born to Nicolas Torode and Rachel de le Ree . Jean was born 30th September 1801 and baptised the 4th of October. His godparents were Jean Blondel, Ane le Lacheur his wife and James de le Ree. Jean married Rachel du Mont 18th May 1828. Rachel was born in 1804, the daughter of Daniel and Marguerite Robilliard. Jean died at La Grande Rue, St Saviours, of consumption, an agricultural labourer, on 16th July 1853 and was buried the 19th following. Rachel predeceased him, by three years dying 14th February 1850

Jean and Rachel had seven children,:

John, baptised 4.July 1830, Thomas Robin, Jean and Marie Torode being godparents. In 1851 he is an agricultural labourer; Rachel Judith, was baptised 1st April 1832 with Henri Robin, and Margaret and Rachel Dumont as godparents; Rachel was born 23rd May 1833 and baptised 16th June. Her godparents were Pierre de le Ree, Rachel Robin, Susanne Alexandre. In 1851 Rachel was a Dressmaker; Mary was baptised 15th April 1835 with Jean Torode, Marie Jehan and Marie Lenfesty as godparents. She died an infant; Frederick was baptised 9th November 1836, Abraham Dumaresq, Rachel Dumont and Jean Torode junior as godparents. In 1851 Frederick is an apprentice shoemaker and in 1881 farmer aged 45 living at Les Eturs, Catel. He is married to Rachel aged 52 and they have an 18 year old daughter also named Rachel; Mary (ii) had Rachel Dumont, Rachel de le Ree and Caroline Torode as her godparetst at her baptism on 14th March 1838.The final child was Abraham baptised 14thJjune 1840 with Tomas Robin, JeanTorode and Judith Dumont as godparents. Abraham was an agricultural labourer of Eliza Cottage, Les Effards, St Saviour’s and remained a bachelor.

The 1841 Census lists:

Jean Torode, Grande Rue St Saviours, ag lab aged 35 married

Rachel aged 35 married

Jean aged 10 son

Rachel aged 8 dtr

Frederick aged 5

Abraham aged 11 months

All born St Saviours.


James was born 7th April 1790 at les Rouvets. He married on 14th October 1821, Caroline Allez, born 21 October 1792. The marriage was performed by le Rev F Durand, ‘Doyen de cette Ile’ at St Saviour’s. They had thirteen children. In 1834 James inherited the lower cottage at les Rouvets. In 1851 James is aged 60, a farmer of 10 acres employing 1 labourer. Caroline is aged 54 and they have three children at home – Nicolas aged 29, single a farmer ( in 1841 he is described as a fisherman); Caroline 22, and James 15 at work on the farm. He bought the upper cottage at les Rouvets in 1854, a cottage with a pre 1635 pedigree, and rebuilt it. At the time he is described as a plough owner and smallholder. Two houses at Les Rouvets – cottages next to one another, – had been constructed by 1635. The upper house ‘Haut des Rouvets’ certainly existed pre 1635 and the lower house – ‘Les Rouvets’ was built between 1635 and 1708. The lower house came into the ownership of Nicolas Torode, who married Rachel de le Ree, a woman of some means, by 1797. In 1834, their son James was owner-occupier and a Jean Jehan owned the upper house. Twenty years later, in the next Livre de Perchage, James Torode was owner of both cottages, and he completely rebuilt the upper cottage with a blue/grey Perelle granite façade. Both cottages were inherited by his two sons , and lived in by 1877 as follows: Upper House, James Torode, and Lower House, Nicholas Daniel – his brothers. James continued with his occupancy until at least the Livre de Perchage of 1896 and perhaps later; Nichols Daniel’s lower cottage was inherited by his son George William by 1896 and he was living there until his marriage to Marie Louise nee de la Mare in 1910. Both cottages were owned between 1914 and 1934 by an Englishman, Mr G H Tucker junior, whose father had arrived in the Island and purchased several local properties.

James died at Les Rouvets of cancer on 8th March 1857 aged 66 and was buried on 12th. His grave memorial stone was just legible in 1990. Caroline died 7th April 1862, veuve, at le Hure Beco, St Saviour’s of natural causes. Her monument gives her age as 62 when it should be 69.

Children of James Torode and Caroline nee Allez ( times 2 great aunts and uncles) James and Caroline had thirteen children in all including three sets of twins.

Nicolas -Daniel born 1821 baptised 1822 married 1854 & 1861.

James born 1824 died 1826.

Jean: born, baptised and died 1825.

Mary: born 1827; baptised 1827; died 1827

Betsey born 1827; baptised 1827; died pre 1830.

Caroline born and baptised 1828; married 1861; died 1912.

Betsey born & baptised 1830

George William le Mesurier born `1831

David & Jean born 1833.

James born baptised 1835

Betsey & Rosalie born & baptised 1837

1.Nicolas Daniel was born at Les Rouvets ( lower cottage) on 31st December 1821 and baptised at St Saviour’s 13th January 1822. He is my great grandfather.

2.James was born at les Rouvets 23 February 1824 and baptised at St Saviour’s 7th March. His godparents were Pierre de le Ree represented by James de le Ree; Marie Moulin his wife and James Torode his father. James died at the age of two years and was buried 13th February 1826.

3.Jean was born 5th and baptised 13th September 1825. His godparents were Jean and James Torode, his uncle and father and Rachel de le Ree his grandmother. Jean died 1st and was buried 4th December at the age of 4 months.

4.Mary was born 10th April 1827 the twin of Betsey who was born some hours later on 11th.. Both were baptised privately on 13th April 1827. Mary died 30th April following, and Betsey survived and was presented in church on 6th May. Her godparents were Nicolas Daniel Torode her uncle, Elizabeth de Garis his wife and Judith Torode her aunt. Betsey died an infant, date still to be verified.

5.Caroline was born 6th September 1828 and baptised on the 21st. Her godparents were Leonard Sarre, Elizabeth le Messurier Allez, Susanne Alexandre. She married James Brehaut fils James on 24th August 1861 at St Saviour’s. Caroline died a widow aged 84 on 15th October 1912.

6.Betsey, (ii) was born 4th September 1830 and baptised on 19th. Her godparents were Nicolas Torode, Elizabeth de Garis and Judith Torode.

7.George William le Mesurier was born 5th December 1831 and baptised on the 17th. Nicolas Daniel Torode senior, Elizabeth Le Messurier Allez and Nicolas Daniel Torode junior, were his godparents.

8.David and Jean were twin boys born 2nd September and baptised 18th September 1833. David’s godparents were George-William Allez, Nicolas Daniel Torode senior and Judith le Mesurier. Jean’s godparents were James Torode , pere; Thomas Robin, and Marie Torode.

9.James was born 18th September 1835 and baptised 17th October. James Torode, Jusith Torode and Nicolas-Daniel Torode were his godparents. In 1841 James is aged 5, in 1851 he is aged 15 and in 1881 he is an unmarried carpenter/joiner living at 1, Les Rouvets next to Nicolas Daniel. he died post 1900 still a bachelor

10/11Betsey and Rosalie were the last born of the children of James and Caroline. Both were born 2nd February and baptised the 16th 1837. Betsey’s godparents were James Torode, Betsey Simon and Marie Tostevin. Rosalie’s godparents were Nicolas Daniel Torode, Elizabeth de Garis and Caroline Torode, his mother.

James and Caroline would no doubt have attended the confirmation service – the first held since the Reformation – conducted by the Bishop of Winchester – in St Saviour’s ( also for people from the Catel Parish) on 14th September 1829. Two years later, a gallery was built at the back of the church for those unable to afford to own pews. On 8th May 1833, a font – again, the first since the previous one was destroyed at the Reformation – was placed in the church by order of the Bishop.

Up to the middle of the 1800s all services were in French. When English was then introduced ‘on occasion’ Matins was in French on 1st, 3rd. and 5th. Sundays and English on the other Sundays. Evensong was held to complement this arrangement – English Matins, French Evensong and vice versa. Communion was after Matins every Sunday – French on the first Sunday, English the second and so on.

The surplice was first worn in 1844 and worn in the pulpit in 1871.



Nicholas Daniel Torode

Nicolas Daniel was born 1821. Nicholas Daniel was brother to James, Jean, Caroline, Betsey &Mary, Betsey (ii), George William le Mesurier , David, James (ii) and Betsey (iii) & Rosalie.

He married twice –(i) Patty le Huray 1854 in St Martin’s Parish Church, where they married on 25th October 1854:

Nicolas-Daniel Torode, fils James de la Pariosse de St Sauveur, et Patty le Huray fille Jean, de la Paroisse de St Martin, se sont maries avec Licence, le 25 octobre 1854.

Nicolas-Daniel was 33 at the time, Patty 27. The 1841 census described Patty’s father James as an agricultural labourer, aged 40 born in St Martin’s; his wife Marthe le Page aged 35, was also from St Martin’s They had a son James aged 10 and Patty aged 14.St Martin’s was Patty’s home parish but she had been living in St Saviour’s, at les Rouvets, almost next door to her future husband Nicholas Daniel. The 1851 census lists her by her baptismal name, Elizabeth, an unmarried twenty year old servant in the home of Mr Jean de Garis. Her place of birth is confirmed as St Martin’s.

Children of Nicolas Daniel and Patty le Huray.

Mary-Ann born 1854; married 1879; died 1932 half great aunt and uncle.

Nicolas baptised 1859; died 1859.

1.Mary Ann was born only two weeks after the marriage and baptised at St Martin’s on 17th December 1854. Her godparents were her father, her mother and Charlotte Guille. Mary Ann married at St Saviour’s on 2nd October 1879, William Joshua Frost of Southampton, a seaman.

By 1881, Mary-Ann and William had moved to St Peter Port, and were living at 22 Pedvin Street. William described himself as a mariner, born England and his age is given at 28. Mary–Ann’s details give her age as 25, born St Martin’s.

Ten years later, 1891, they had moved to England and were living at Spring View Cottages, Bridge Road, St Mary Extra, Southampton.:

William J Frost, married aged 38, ships carpenter and joiner, born Hampshire.

Mary –Ann, married aged 35, born Guernsey.

Ellen Torode221

Ellen Selous and Mary Ann Frost (sisters)

By 1901, William was just not at home, – possibly at sea – because Mary-Ann Frost is described in the census for that year as ‘wife’ aged 45, born Guernsey, Channel Islands, living alone at 102 Kent Road, Portiswood Hampshire.There was no issue to their marriage and Mary-Ann died in Southampton on 18th February 1932. Her death certificate reads as follows:

Registration District Southampton, sub district, Southampton Western, in the County of Southampton.

No 417:

Eighteenth February 1932, 23 Foundry Lane UD; Mary Ann Frost. Female, 77 years. Wife of William JoshuaFrost, Seaman. Cause of death Ia mycocardial degeration. No PM. Certified by A T Pagan M.R.C.S. Informant: W J Frost, widower of deceased, present at death. 23 Foundry Lane, Southampton.

Registered nineteenth February 1932, Registrar Sydney William Rolfe.

Mary Ann’s husband William, died five years later and his Certificate of Death reads as follows:

Registration District, Southampton, Sub District Southampton Western, in the County Borough of Southampton.

No 137 Seventeenth July 1937, The Borough Hospital UD. William Joshua Frost, male aged 84 years, of Lynton, Jasmine Road, UD. Yachts captain retired. Caus e of death, Ia myocardial degeneration and II Acute retention of urine. Certified by N K Jardine MB. Informant M H Bartlett, niece, of 79 Ludlow Road, Southampton. Registered 19th July 1937. Registrar Sydney William Rolfe.

Nicolas was the second child born to Nicolas Daniel and Patty. He was born 14th October 1859. Sadly, his mother Patty died in childbirth – ‘suite de couches’ at les Rouvets and Nicolas himself died six weeks later on 24th November. Patty’s death certificate reads as follows:

No 336 1859, October 14th Patty le Huray, wife of Nicholas Daniel Torode, age 32, father James le Huray, mother Marthe le Page. Died at Les Rouvets, St Saviours following childbirth. Death registered 1859 October 30th.

Thus Nicolas-Daniel was left a widower with a daughter Mary-Ann aged just four and a half. At the time of the 1861 census, they were living at Les Rouvets (Lower Cottage). Nicolas Daniel is aged 39, a widower and small property owner and carter. Mary-Ann is aged just 6, a scholar.

However Nicolas Daniel did not remain a widower for long. By the end of 1861, two years after his wife’s death, he married for a second time. His new wife was a widow, Charlotte Torode nee Allez.


Charlotte Allez was born about 1825 at Les Villettes in the Forest Parish, to Helier Allez and Judith nee Bourgaize. Charlotte had three brothers – Hilary born 1816, John born 1820, and Nicolas born 1826. Her two sisters were Marguerite born 1821 and Mary, born 1831.

By 1845 Charlotte had married James Torode, the son of Abraham Torode a farmer of le Hure Beco, Les Rouvets, St Saviour’s – ( born 1791) – and Marguerite Bourgaize of St Pierre du Bois also born 1791.

The marriage certificate records the following information:

22nd May 1845. James Torode aged 25 Batchelor carpenter, living St Saviour’s son of Abraham Torode, farmer

Charlotte Alles aged 20 Spinster living Les Villets, daughter of Hellier Alles,farmer.

Married in the Parish Church of St Marguerite de la Foret according to the rites and ceremonies of the Church of England by me, Daniel Dobree. Both parties signed their name and witnesses were Abraham Torode and Hellier Alles.

James had been born at Les Rouvets 27th April 1819 and baptised the 2nd of May following. In adult life, James became a carpenter and he and Charlotte lived at Le Hure Beco, Les Rouvets, where they had seven children before James died at the age of 36 on 18th January 1856. He was buried in St Saviour’s four days later on 22nd January.

The seven children of Charlotte and James were

James Alfred ( 1845)

Abraham (1847)

Frederick (1849)

Abraham ii (1851)

Nicolas (1854)

Mary Ann (1855).

James Alfred and the second Abraham were the only children to live beyond their first year. James Alfred married in 1870 Sophie de le Ree, a descendant of Nicolas Daniel’s great grandmother Rachel de le Ree.

The 1861 census for le Hure Beco gives the following information:

Charlotte Allez, widow, dressmaker, aged 34, born Forest

James Alfred son, shoemaker apprentice aged 15, born St Saviour’s

William A Hope, son, aged 3 born Forest.

It would thus appear that within two years of her husband James’ death, Charlotte had another child – William – for a ‘Mr’ Hope. William’s birth certificate gives the following information:

William, natural child of Charlotte Allez born 21st March 1858 at Les Villets, Forest. Registered April 16th. 1858.

This suggests that Charlotte had moved back to her parents’ home where her illegitimate son William was born. In the 1871 Census he is living with his mother and her second husband Nicolas Daniel Torode where William is described as ‘stepson’ of Nicolas Daniel, aged 13.

This William married Mary Duquemin, daughter of Frederick Duquemin and Sophie Falla from the Catel.


The 1901 census for the Richmond area of St Saviour’s shows that William had taken his mother’s maiden name of Allez and was living in two rooms with his large family;

William Allez, aged 43, married, agricultural labourer

Mary aged 33,married

Mary daughter aged 13

Alice dtr, aged 10

William George, son aged 9

Amy Louise dtr aged 5

George William, son aged 4

Ellen dtr aged 2.

William died at le Hurel, St Saviour’s on 11th January 1947 aged 89 and Mary died on 5th December 1950.


Un Named man084 (2)

Charlotte Torode, nee Allez did not remain a widow for long after the death of her first husband James Torode in 1856. On 31st October 1861 she married Nicolas-Daniel Torode, himself the widower of Patty le Huray, and a small farm holder and agricultural labourer at Les Rouvets, lower cottage. Nicolas Daniel and Charlotte had little fortune in their marriage. Of their five children, three died prior to their first birthday and before 1871.

Children of Nicholas Daniel Torode and Charlotte Torode, nee Allez. (Great aunts and uncles)

Jean born 1862; baptised 1862; died 1863.

Ellen born 1863 baptised 1863; married 1892; died 1936

Nicolas born, baptised and died 1864

James Henri; born baptised died 1865

George William born baptised 1868; died 1943

1Jean, their first child, was born at Les Rouvets on 9th May 1862, seven months after his parents marriage. Jean was baptised at St Saviour’s on 8th June following, his godparents being his father Nicholas Daniel, his step-brother James Alfred Torode by his mother’s first marriage, and his mother Charlotte. Jean died at Le Hure Beco, Les Rouvets on 8th March 1863 aged 10 months, of bronchitis and heart failure and was buried on 12th of the same month.

2Ellen was the second child, born on 8th April 1863 at le Hure Beco, shortly after her brother’s death, and baptised on 26th of the month. Her godparents were Helier de Garis, Marguerite Allez and Marie Allez, both sisters of her mother Charlotte.

In the 1881 census Ellen is described as a domestic servant living at home, (out of place) and aged 17. Ten years later aged 27, she was a single parlour maid at the home of Colonel La Motte, Deputy Assistant Adjutant General, at 1 Grange Terrace, St Peter Port. She married, at the age of 28, on 25th October 1892. Her husband was Edward Joseph Selous. They married at Holy Trinity Church, St Peter Port. Edward was the son of Edward and an engine driver. Ellen died November 14th 1936 at Sea View, St George’s Esplanade. Her death announcement in the Guernsey Press of Nov 15th 1936 reads:

Selous: on November 14th 1936 at Sea View, St George’s Esplanade, Ellen Torode, widow of Edward J Selous, aged 73 years. Funeral to meet at St John’s Church on Wednesday 18th inst at 2.15 pm. Private interment at the Foulon Cemetery. Will relatives and friends please accept this, the only intimation.

Ellen Torode221

Ellen Selous and Mary Ann Frost (sisters)

The Selous family came from St John’s Parish, Jersey where Edward Selous senior was born in 1828. In 1841 he was an apprentice stone cutter to a Joshua Amy. Ten years later, he was married to Elizabeth aged 23, and living in St Lawrence Parish where he was a quarryman labourer. They had a small family-two girls and one son. By 1855 they had moved to Guernsey, where Edward junior was born that year. In the 1861 census, Edward the father is a stone dresser aged 39, his wife Elizabeth is aged 36, and the two daughters are Harriet aged 14, and Anne E aged 7. Edward junior is aged 6 born in St Peter Port, Guernsey,. Twenty years later, Elizabeth is a widow living in St Peter Port with her son Edward, aged 26 now a sailor. Another son John is aged 21 also a sailor, and there is a granddaughter, Eleanor Legg aged 11 living with them- probably the daughter of Harriet or Ann, Elizabeth’s daughters.

In 1901 Edward Selous junior and his wife Ellen, daughter of Nicolas Daniel Torode, and Charlotte Allez were living at Nocq Road, St Sampson’s. Edward aged 46 is now an engine driver as was his father and they have a son Arthur aged 1 born at St Sampson’s. Ellen and Edward had three children in all – Lilian May, born 1896, who died aged 6 months on 2nd May 1897; Arthur, who married Winnifred (Winnie) and John.

Son Arthur and his wife Winnie did not have any children, and Arthur developed his talents as a water colour artist. They became very good friends of my aunties Millie and Florence and lived near to my parents in Victoria Road. When Arthur died, Winnie continued to live alone surrounded by Arthur’s paintings, of which I now possess one given to me by Winnie. Arthur always dressed like an artist – straight backed, cravat, hair smoothed with brylcream and a cigarette in a holder. His seascapes are much sought after and he received many commissions from the German occupying forces during the Occupation.

3 Nicolas the third child of Nicolas-Daniel and Charlotte was born at Les Rouvets on 27th April 1864 and baptised privately on 10th May. He died aged just 10 weeks on 7th July and was buried the same day.

4.James-Henri was the fourth child born to Nicolas Daniel and Charlotte. He was born 26th July 1865 and baptised on 20th August. His godparents were James Brehaut, James Alfred Torode, his step-brother and Caroline Torode, his father’s sister. James Henri died at Les Rouvets on 15th November 1865 aged only three and a half months

5 George William was the fifth child of Nicolas Daniel’s and Charlotte’s marriage and he was born on 8th July 1868 and baptised on 2nd of August following.

In the 1871 census, Nicolas Daniel and Charlotte are living at les Rouvets:

Nicolas Torode, head, married, aged 49, farmer born St Saviour’s

Charlotte A, wife married, aged 44, farmer’s wife, born Forest.

William Allez, stepson, aged 13, born Forest

Ellen Torode daughter aged 8, born St Saviour’s

George Torode, son aged 3, born St Saviour’s.

The 1881 census gives similar information, only describing Nicolas Daniel as a small farmer and agricultural labourer, and Charlotte as washerwoman. Ellen is still living at home, a domestic servant ‘out of place’ and George William is a scholar aged 12. Perhaps by now, Nicolas Daniel had fallen on hard times and Charlotte had had to take in washing to make ends meet.

Nicolas Daniel died at Les Rouvets on 12th September 1886 and was buried at St Saviour’s four days later. He was aged 63 years 8 months at the time of death. His copy death certificate records his death as follows:

No 11, 1886 September 12th Nicholas Daniel Torode aged 63, Father: James Torode, mother’s maiden name, Caroline Allez. Died Les Rouvets St Saviours, rank: smallholder and labourer: cause of death, apoplexy and heart disease. Registered 1886 September 17th.

His death was reported in the Island’s Monthly Illustrated Journal for November 1886.

TORODE: on 12th September, Nicolas Daniel Torode of the Rouvets, St Saviour’s, in his 64th year.

He was buried 16th September 1886 aged 63 and this detail is recorded on his grave monument in St Saviour’s churchyard. Thus he did not live to see the marriage of his daughter Ellen in 1892 nor of his son George William in 1894.

Nicolas-Daniel’s widow Charlotte continued to live at les Rouvets and in 1891, the census return shows her living in 4 rooms in the lower cottage which had been inherited by her son George William.

Charlotte, widow aged 64 born Forest

George , son, aged 23, agricultural labourer

Alfred Brouard, boarder aged 28, single, agricultural labourer.

Living next door at Les Rouvets, upper cottage, which he had inherited from his father pre 1877, is James Torode, single, aged 58 carpenter on own account and Caroline Torode, his sister, widow aged 61.

James and Caroline are siblings of Nicolas Daniel and therefore Charlotte’s in-laws.

Charlotte died on 13th December 1897 at Les Rouvets

13th December 1897 Charlotte Allez, widow of Nicholas Daniel Torode aged 72. Father Helier Allez, mother Judith Bourgaize. Died Rouvets, St Saviour’s of natural causes. Registered 16th December 1897



George William Torode

George William Torode, one of the two surviving children of Nicolas Daniel Torode and Charlotte, nee Allez, was born on 9th July 1868 at Les Rouvets. He was baptised on 2nd August following, when his godparents were his father, his mother and his step- brother Alfred.


In 1871, when 3 years of age he was still living at Les Rouvets with his father, aged 49, Charlotte his mother aged 44, William Allez his step brother aged 13 and Ellen his sister aged 8. Charlotte’s first husband had died in 1856 prior to her marriage to George William’s father Nicolas Daniel Torode but in the meantime she had given birth to an illegitimate son, William who took his mother’s maiden name of Allez.

In the 1881 Census the family is still living at Les Rouvets where George William is aged 12. The household, in addition to George William, comprises his father Nicolas Daniel aged 59, his mother Charlotte aged 54, sister Ellen aged 17. George William and Ellen were still unmarried.

Next door to the family lived George William’s uncle, Nicolas-Daniel’s brother James, still a bachelor. By the time of the 1891 Census George William’s father, Nicolas Daniel, had died – in 1886 –but George William aged 23 was still living in the paternal home at Les Rouvets which he had inherited from his father, with his widowed mother Charlotte (Allez), aged 64, and Alfred Bourgaize an agricultural labourer as lodger. Alfred was single and aged 28. Next door to them at the upper cottage, still lived George William’s uncle James, the bachelor now aged 58 and living with James was his widowed sister Caroline aged 61, George William’s aunt. James Torode and Caroline his sister, are still living in the house in 1901, while in the neighbouring house still lived their nephew George William Torode, son of Nicolas Daniel and Charlotte, who by now, had married.

George William aged 26, had married Mary-Ann Torode, daughter of Nicholas . The marriage took place in St Saviour’s Church on 31st October 1894. Mary Ann was born on 10th May 1872 and was thus nearly four years younger than her husband.

Nicholas Torode228 (2)mary-ann-torode225.jpg

Mary Ann was the daughter of Nicolas Torode, of le Mont Saint where in 1881, both he and his wife Mary nee le Cras are aged 31, living with their family and Mary le Cras’ mother, also Mary, a widow aged 62.

Later, Nicolas and Mary moved to live at Ivyleaf, Grande Rue, St Saviour’s.

Mary Ann had a brother William, a brother Nicolas born 1874, a brother James born 1875, a sister Alice born 1877; another sister Ada born 1878, and a third sister Helen born 1879. William emigrated to Canada, Ada married a Mr Mollett and Helen married on 5th August 1900, Henri Duquemin, a mason and son of Frederick. Henri died on 5th October 1946 aged 67

Helen and Henri Duquemin had three children, Henri who married Ellen Tostevin; William; and Winnifred, who married Amos Duquemin – they had a son Clem(ent).

In 1901 George William and Mary Ann were still living at les Rouvets, and still next door to uncle James and aunt Caroline. George William is described as an agricultural worker aged 33 and his wife Mary Ann is aged 29. The have a son George aged 5 born at Les Rouvets in September 1895; another son, Wilfred aged 2 born 27th July 1898 and Elsie Maud aged 1, born 25th May 1900, both at Les Rouvets. George William and Mary Ann’s marriage happiness did not last for long. After just ten years, Mary Ann died on 21st September 1904 and was buried on 26th.


George William Torode

Children of George William Torode and Mary Ann nee Torode (half aunt and half uncles)

G.Torode & Rheta Duquemi230 (2).jpg

George and Wilfred Torode

George, born 1895; died 1960


G.Torode & Gwen231 (2)

George Torode with Gwen


G.Torode Shop & band235 (2).jpg

George Torode’s shop and band


Wilfred born 1898; died 1967 (See below)

Elsie Maud born 1900

Elsie Maud Torode002 (2)

Elsie Maud Torode

Auntie Elsie Torode004 (3)


Wedding photo of _003#9B61 (2).jpg

Elsie Torode’s Wedding. George William Torode to her left

Auntie Elsie Torode004 (2)

Wilfred, George’s brother and second son of George William Torode and Mary Ann Torode, was born at Les Rouvets on 27th July 1878. His birth certificate adds ‘Nicholas’ as a second name. He was very much a loner and yet later, he was dearly loved by his stepmother Marie Louise nee de la Mare. The 1911 Census shows that he was living with his father and stepmother, his brother George, and his half sister Mildred and Florence at Le Moulin,at Saviour’s.

1911: Les Moulins – 4 males, 3 females, in 3 rooms

George William Torode head, aged 42, married 1 year. Labourer worker. B St Saviours

Marie Louise de la Mare 35 married 1 year, housekeeper B St S

George, son, 15 single driver B StS

Wilfred, son 12 single B St S

Mildred dtr 1 B St S

Florrey dtr 4 BSt S

Joseph Denil, border from France.

Where was Elsie Maud? The same Census for 1911 lists Elsie staying at the home of her grandfather, her mother Mary Anne’s father. It must be remembered that in the above Census George and Wilfred – and also Elsie Maud- are the children of George William by his first marriage to Mary Ann Torode fille Nicholas :

1911: Greenleaf Cottage, St Saviours, 4 rooms.

Nicolas Torode, Head aged 61. Married 39 years. 11 children – 6 living 5 dead. Born St Saviours. House carpenter self employed.

Mary T , wife aged 61, married 39 yerars.

Elsie, grandchild, aged 10, scholar. Born St Saviours.

This Nicholas’ father, also named Nicholas was the son of Nicholas Torode and Rachel de le Ree .

Wilfred served in the Royal Artillery during WWi and on demobilisation, he did not return permanently to Guernsey but worked in Worcestershire as a gardener. Eventually he went into digs with a Mrs Lewis at Winterbourne near Bromyard and Worcester. Mrs Lewis had been blinded during WWii while she was in service in one of the royal London households. They lived in a little cottage on the side of the main road, a cottage with no mod cons, but they were extremely happy and self sufficient. Wilfred died in Worcester Hospital on 19th February 1967 and was cremated in Worcester. I took Mrs Lewis to the service – only four or five of us there, and on leaving the crematorium, she touched his coffin and said ‘Wilfred, I’ve always loved you, Goodbye and God bless’ and I then said my farewells to her and she went off with her son. I visited her on two further occasions, but on the third visit, she had moved from the cottage and her whereabouts were unknown.

Army Records give the following information about this somewhat rebellious and undisciplined

Member of the family:

Wilfred joined up in the Royal Guernsey Light Infantry in 1917 at the age of 18years 9 months, and his address at the time was Victoria Terrace, St Peter Port. He had previously served in the Royal Guernsey Militia as a driver and had been discharged in December 1916.

Wilfred Torode241 (2).jpg

Wilfred Torode died 19th February 1967

His 1917 signing up papers are dated 10th April 1917. He is described as being 5feet 6 inches in height with a chest girth of 34 inches with 3 inches expansion. On entry his weight is given as 126 lbs and he is fair haired and bears a vaccination mark.

His next of kin is given as Mr George William Torode, his father, of L’Escelle, St Saviour’s, Guernsey.

He was posted to France on 24th October 1917 and disembarked at Le Harvre the following day, 25th October.

On 26th October 1917, just six months after enlisting, Private Wilfred Torode, was apprehended in ‘town’ – Rouen – without documents and one week later was sentenced to 7 days Confined to Barracks. He had joined the 46th Infantry Base Depot only the previous day.

On 9th October the following year – 1918 – he was accused of being ‘Deficient of Iron Rations lost in the Field’ and for this he was deprived of 7 days pay. Corporal S M Seally was the chief witness.

The following year, 1919, on 25th February he embarked for the UK on the Jan Breydel and the next day, February 26th 1919, he returned from overseas where he had been with the British Expeditionary Force in France and was immediately admitted to hospital in England, seemingly with tonsillitis. On 3rd March he was transferred to Newton Abbot and on, 28th March, 1919, we find Wilfred of the RGLI ‘A Corps’, ex WOW, at hospital in Exeter. By 7th April he had been transferred to Plymouth General Hospital – Private Torode, Wilfred No 1424.

In May that same year, he was back in Guernsey having been granted furlough with an address of 59 Mount Durand. He did sign a statement stating ‘I do not claim to be suffering disability due to military service.’ However he absented himself without permission for one day, and was confined to Barracks for 5 days with the loss of one day’s pay.

On 24th May following, he broke out of barracks and remained at liberty until 26th May. Private Torode of A Company, 2nd Regiment of the RGLI was sentenced to 8 days confined to barracks and fined 2 day’s pay.

On 2nd June he was missing between the hours of 2pm and 5.30pm for which he was deprived of 3 days pay and confined to barracks for 8 days.

What a record, but there is more!

By 3rd July 1919, he had been transferred to the Reserve.

A short time later, he signed a certificate stating that he had received an advance of £2 from the pay office in Guernsey. His address was given as 57 Victoria Terrace, Guernsey in the Theatre of War, His date of birth is also given again – 1898 – and his medical category is BN – British National. Place of enquiry in case of emergency – Guernsey.

A Casualty Form, Active Service gives a summary of his Career:

Enlisted 10.4.1917 , for duration of the war – Transport driver- Private.

Embarked Guernsey 24th October 1917

His next entry reads – Place of casualty, Guernsey – but no further detail is given.

Posted to France 24th October 1917

Disembarked at le Harvre 25.10.1917

Joined 46th Infantry Base Depot on 27th October 1917

He was at Rouen 26th October 1917 and lost 3 days pay.

Rejoined his Unit 3rd May 1918.

Hospital – tonsillitis 1919

Embarked for UK 25.2.1919

Posted 28 2.1919

Transferred to Reserve 3. 7 .1919

Awarded British Medal and Victory Medal

Not a very glorious time of service and Wilfred was always known as a wanderer, an unsettled rover. He did not settle in Guernsey and this was always a source of regret to his stepmother, Marie Louise. Aunty Millie, Wilfred’s half sister by his father and his father’s second wife, Marie Louise Bourgaize, nee de la Mare, wrote to Wilfred immediately after the death of Marie Louise in 1961.

Dear Wilfred, thank you for your letter and words of sympathy. Also for the money. As you know since Wednesday this has been a very sad house and today was the worst of all. But mother is better off. We would not wish to see her back as we have seen her the last few weeks, getting thinner and thinner and weaker and weaker, but she has not given us a ha’peth of trouble. She was so very patient, never asked for anything not even a drink if she thought we were busy doing something else. He would wait, but I must admit that I was always up and down the stairs to make sure that she was alright. Flo has been living here for a while and we have been staying up nights with mother, for a long time. I managed well on my own but the time came when I could not turn mother on my own, so Flo lived here so that mother always had company night or day. We have cried and cried for mother because we miss her so much but we have nursed her through her illness and have been kindness itself to her . Nothing was too much trouble so we have a clear conscience, and what’s more, mother appreciated it very much. We have done our duty to her during her illness. As she used to say, many children put their parents in hospital but I am lucky to have good children.

She took to her bed about six weeks ago, and she went the same way as poor George-no food so she could not possibly last like that. But thank God she had no pain, or at least she said she had none, but she had bed sores which made her uncomfortable. Poor old soul but she did not complain. She started slipping into a coma on Tuesday and by Wednesday dinner time she was not conscious of people around her or so the doctor told me. He said she would probably last four to eight hours but she lasted until 10.50 that night.

At four o clock I had hoped she would breathe her last. I walked up and down her room saying Please God, take my mother now but He was not ready to take her until 10 t 11 that night. I had never seen anyone die or dying before and I pray God I never will again.

We ordered a wreath from you before we had your letter and we were going to pay for it for you, but since you sent the money I suppose you would rather we paid for the wreath and then you will know that it was really from you. The only thing we did not put Mrs Lewis name on it as we did not expect her to send any money as she did not know mother. So we put on the wreath, In loving memory of my dear step mother from Wilfred ( Worcester). However I will leave you to sort that out as far as Mrs Lewis is concerned. I must say it was very kind of her and the wreath did cost £1 and so did ours and Flo’s.

We are sorry you are not very well – only the Good Lord can help you Wilfred and we hope he will. Flo went back home to live last night so apart from missing mother I miss Flo as well. But she has been kindness itself to mother and to me and so has Eddie. You have the consolation of knowing that you made mother very happy by being with us last October. She loved having you and never got tired of saying so. It’s a very good thing that you came over. I hate going to bed at night Wilfred. I have to pass mother’s door as you know and there is no one there, no light, and no one to say good night to. It is awful but I will have to get used to it but it will take time.

Flo and I slept in the basement living room on Wednesday night, Thursday, Friday and Saturday but I went up to my own room last night.

Brian is here for a fortnight . We are all glad that he came over the week before last for a few days because mother was able to recognise him and speak to him. If we had waited until term finished last Thursday it would have been too late as Brian could not get here until Friday morning, and he had a shock when he was told the news. He has taken it very hard. Cliff had to support him in church and Esmee‘s husband had to take him away from the grave. He loved his old granny and she loved him, he knows that. Mother grieved when he went away and he thinks he was the cause of her death although we have talked to him and begged him not to think that. It is no fault of his at all. Anyway he is young and when he gets back among his friends it will wear off a bit. Please give all lour love to Mrs Lewis and accept same for yourself. Hope you will improve as the fine weather comes. Flo is going to write to you soon. Eddie Brian and lice, flo and Ivor send their love, not forgetting Cliff, and

Your sister Millie xxxxxxx

PS: Have you heard from Elsie yet?




After the death of his wife Mary Ann in 1904, George William continued to live at Les Rouvets and on 16th March 1910, married a widow, Marie Louise Bourgaize, nee de la Mare.

Marie Louise de la Mare was born on 9th September 1876 at St Saviour’s. Her parents were Abraham de la Mare and Marthe – pet name Patty – le Cras. She was baptised at St Saviour’s Church on 24th September: Her baptism entry reads – (original in French):

Marie Louise, daughter of Abraham de la Mare and Patty le Cras his wife, born 9th September 1876, was baptised privately on 24th and then presented at church 8th October following.

Her godparents were Abraham de la Mare (her grandfather) Patty le Cras, (her mother) and Mary Mahy (her mother’s mother, ie her grandmother). The Register entry is signed, J Girard. Rector.

Marie had two brothers and one sister none of whom survived infancy.

Abraham, born 2nd May 1872 who died seven months later on 25th December;

Joseph born 5th December 1880 and who died twenty four days later on 29th December;

Alice Mary born 23 July 1874 who died four months later on 28th November 1874.

Marie Louise de la Mare’s first marriage to Edmund Bourgaize.

Marie first married in 1894 – or lived at St Pierre du Bois at La Pomare with – Edmund Alfred Bourgaize, born 12th December 1871 and who died 18th December 1904. Edmund Bourgaize was the son of Alfred and Marie (Mary) Bourgaize nee Brehaut of L’Eclet. She was the daughter of Pierre Brehaut and Marthe de Jersey. Edmund had two brothers and two sisters, all born in St P du Bois.

The 1881 Census records: Salene Road, Rocque Balan:

Alfred Bourgaize, Head, 26 Mar, Ag Lab, Born St Pierre du Bois

Maria Mary wife 32 mar

Marie Louise dtr 12 scholar

Alice Elizabeth dtr 11 scholar

Edmund Alfred son 9 scholar

Walter son 6 scholar

Alfred Peter son 2

The 1891 Census gives the address as Roque Poisson and the other details are the same apart from ages of course and the addition of

Margaret dtr aged 9

Edward son aged 7

William son aged 5

Elsie dtr aged 3

Wilfred son aged 6mts

Marie Louise now 22 and Alice Elizabeth now 21 have obviously left home or died.

The 1901 Census record is as follows, showing that Edmund has also left home and is married to my grandmother Marie Louise de la Mare and they have one son, John Cecil Bourgaize.

2 rooms, Ebenezer La Pomare

Edmund A Bourgaize, Head married aged 29, farmer, employer born St PduB

Marie Louise wife married aged 24, farmer’s wife born St Saviour’s

John C Bourgaize, son unm aged 1 born St S

Walter Bourgaize boarder unm aged 25, agricultural labourer ,born St PduB.

The Walter Bourgaize is brother of Edmund.

Edmund and Marie Louise also had a son, Edmund, born 2nd May 1897 who had died aged 10 weeks( see below)

It must be remembered that for Census purposes, the number of rooms does not include kitchen, toilet, scullery etc, only living rooms and bedrooms. Even so, two rooms was barely adequate for a family yet alone a family with a lodger.

Interestingly enough, in the same house also living in two rooms were Marie Louise’s parents:

Abraham de la Mare, Head, married aged 63, agricultural labourer worker, born St PduB

Patty wife, married, aged 53 born St S

William Guilbert boarder unm aged 14, agricultural labourer born St S.

Edmund Bourgaize was addicted to alcohol and was found dead in a shed at St Pierre du Bois on Sunday 18th December 1904. The Guernsey Evening Press gave a full report of the subsequent inquest on 22nd December 1904.

This day, before Sir H.A.Giffard, KC, Bailiff and Jurats H le Coq, F.B.Mainguy, E.C.Ozanne and Julius Bishop,


An enquiry was held as to the cause of death of Edmund Alfred Bourgaize aged about 32, who was found dead in a shed at St Peter’s about midnight on Sunday.

Mr Walter Robin, Constable of St Peter’s said he was called at 1.45 on Monday morning by two of the witnesses. He found deceased on his back on a bed in a packing shed at L’Eclet. The body was still warm. Witness at once telephoned for Dr Benson, who arrived shortly afterwards. Deceased who lived at Sous l’Eglise, St Saviour’s was addicted to drink. Mr Pierre le Cras lived in the same house as deceased who had appeared quite well of late. After dinner on Sunday, deceased went out about 2 o’clock. He was quite sober and had only drunk about half a pint of cider. Witness did not see deceased again.

Mrs le Cras gave corroborative evidence.

Mr Jean Tostevin who resides at L’Eclet saw deceased about 4 pm on Sunday and gave him a glass of gin. Deceased had evidently been drinking and he remained at witness’s house during the evening. Eventually he was placed on a bed in the packing shed. He was then sufficiently sober to walk. Witness saw deceased between 10 and 11 o’clock and shook him but obtained no response. At first witness thought he was drunk but on realising that he was dead informed the Constable.

Corroborative evidence was given by several other witnesses who were in the company of the deceased and Jean Tostevin at L’Eclet on Sunday evening. All stated that Bourgaize drank his gin ( Old Tom) without water. Mr Jean de la Mare who lives at Le Douit, near L’Eclet, was called about midnight on Sunday by the Tostevins to see Bourgaize. He at once realised that the man was dead.

Dr D’A Benson, was called about 2 am on Monday to see deceased. Witness had known the man for years and did not remember having ever seen him sober. Witness was of the opinion that death was the result of acute alcoholic poisoning. There were no marks of violence on the body.

A verdict in accordance with the medical evidence was returned.

The Inquest – Levee de corps – page 307, December 1904 Greffe Records.

In French – the following is a translation from the original:

The Court having been informed that Edmund Alfred Bourgaize aged about 32 died in a building situated at L’Eclet in the parish of St Peter in the Wood, during the night of 18-19 December 1904 and the Procureur du Roi having called for a doctor, (Dr Benson) and other witnesses sworn on oath to discover how he came to his end. The Court after having heard the said witness on oath, listening to the conclusions given by the Procureur du Roi, gave permission to those to whom it belonged, to bury the body of the said Bourgaize, the which was addicted to drink, having passed part of the afternoon of Sunday 18th December with Mr Jean Tostevin at L’Eclet; being drunk was put to bed on a feather bed in the said premises between seven and eight in the evening; he was visited during the night and towards two in the morning the Constable and Dr Benson were sent for. There were no marks of violence on the body. He had died about midnight and his death was caused by alcoholism.

I gather from what my father told me that Marie was very cruelly treated by Edmund her husband, due to his drink problem and many a time she and the two boys slept in fields or in hay ricks to escape his violence.

MarieLouise and Edmund had three issue.


John Cecil

John Bourgaize012 (3).jpg



Alf & Annie Bourgaize010 (4).jpg

Alf Bourgaize & Millie061 (2)

Alf and Annie Bourgaize

The Marriage of George William Torode and Marie Louise Bourgaize, nee de la Mare.

After the death of her husband, Edmund Bourgaize, Marie Louise veuve, married George William Torode widower.

Marie Louise and George William Torode may have been living together when Florence was born, as Marie was a widow and George a widower. However, before George and Marie Louise were married they had a further two children – twins John Clifford and Clifford John, born on 29th March 1909. When on 16th March 1910 George William Torode and Marie Louise de la Mare were married by Licence at the Greffe his address is then given as Rue a l’Or St Saviour’s and hers as La Cache, St Peter in the Wood. (The Rue a l’Or home was one of the houses which is now at the bottom of the Reservoir.)

The details on the marriage certificate state that George’s father was Nicolas Daniel Torode and Marie Louise’s father was Abraham de la Mare. George is described as a widower and Marie Louise a widow so there must have been a marriage to Edmund Bourgaize but I have not been able to trace one so far. Both George William and Marie Louise signed their own names, but the witnesses – Marie Louise’s father Abraham, and Julie le Cras – a cousin of Marie Louise, could only put their mark with a X. It is interesting that there is a sworn statement included on the Certificate as follows:

We the undersigned, George William Torode and Marie Louise de la Mare hereby acknowledge Florence de la Mare, natural child of Marie Louise de la Mare, born on 17th March 1907 at Les Rouvets in the parish of St Saviour in the Island of Guernsey, to be our child.

At the time of this marriage Florence was exactly three years of age. Thereafter presumably, Florence became legitimate, as Florence Torode, but I have not yet seen her baptism nor death certificates which I will do in due course


Marie Louise Torode with Florence and grandchild


George Willam Torode226 (2).jpg

Showing George William Torode

George William died in 1943 and his death certificate reads as follows:

Island of Guernsey, Certified copy ( made 7th April 1961) of an entry of Death in the parish of Saint Peter Port, in the Island of Guernsey.

No 41 1943 March 7th 4 am. George William Torode, aged 74 Father: Nicolas Torode, mother, Charlotte Allez. Died 29 George Street, gardener born Guernsey. Cause of death, senility. Dr Rose. Death registered 1943 March 8th



Un named men224 (2).jpg

George William Torode

The announcement in the Guernsey Star on 9th March 1943 is as follows:

Died at his residence, 29 George Street, St Peter Port, George William Torode, beloved husband of Marie Louise de la Mare, passed peacefully away aged 74 years and 8 months. Deeply regretted. Funeral at Bordage Mission Hall, Wednesday March 10th 1943 at 3 pm. Relatives and friends please accept this intimation.

Funeral arrangements were undertaken by F Beckford, 21 Victoria Road, and the invoice contained the following information:

To furnishing Funeral for the late G W Torode:

To coffin £8.15.0

Foulon Fees 17.6

Gratuities 8.6

Press and Star advert 7.0

Hearse £2.00.0

2 carriages £2.10.0

Braugham 12.6

Attendance and cartage £1.10.0

Funeral requisites 5.0

Bearers £1.08.0

Sub Total £18.13.6

Sales Tax on coffin 14.7

Total £19.18.1

This account was sent on 1st April and paid on April 5th 1943 by son George of Ville au Roi.

George William’s wife Marie Louise had purchased a grave at Le Foulon the day after his death:

States of Guernsey, General Cemetery, Foulon Vale.

In consideration of the sum of seven pounds and ten shillings, received from Mrs G W Torode, 29, George Street St Peter port, Guernsey, the exclusive right of burial in grave space Section DD/BB No 18, in the General Cemetery, Foulon Vale, is reserved to the aforesaid Mrs G W Torode and her heirs in perpetuity. The same to be held subject to the Regulations herein endorsed and to such regulations as may hereafter be adopted with respect to interments in the said Cemetery. Harold Brache, Supervisors asst secretary. States Office, March 8th 1943.

Marie herself died 22nd March 1961 and was buried on 25th from Salem Chapel in Vauvert.

The Evening Press announcement of Marie Louise’s death on 25th March 1961 reads as follows:

On March 23rd 1961, Marie Louise, nee de la Mare, widow of George William Torode, at 93 Victoria Road, in her 85th year after a long illness patiently born. Deeply mourned. Funeral will meet at Salem Methodist Chapel on Saturday at 2 pm. Relatives and friends please accept this intimation.

Marie’s death certificate records cause of death as carcinoma of the left ovary. 93 Victoria Road was where Marie was living with her daughter Mildred. Both George William and Marie were buried in the same grave at Foulon Cemetery – no tombstone at present.

The Guernsey Press Reported the funeral as follows:

The funeral service for Mrs Marie Louise Torode, nee de la Mare, widow of Mr George Torode, who died at her home, 93, Victoria Road, in her 85th year, was held in Salem Methodist Church where she worshipped faithfully until illness prevented her. Of cheerful disposition, and blessed with a sense of humour, Mrs Torode bore her illness with courage and patience. The service was conducted by Rev W Horton. At the organ, Miss Hetty Abbott played music which included Handel’s Largo and O Rest in the Lord.

Hymns sung were The Lord’s my Shepherd and Love Divine, all loves excelling.Mr Horton’s appropriate address was from the text – And who shall separate us from the love of Christ?

Mourners were Mr EJ Torode, Mr Mrs A Bourgaize, Mr J Bourgaize, son and daughter in law; Mr Mrs Ivor Ward, Mr Mrs C Shilvock sons in law and daughters; Mrs G Torode, daughter in law; Mr Brian Torode, Mr Mrs D Ward, Mr Mrs D Donovan, Mr J Plumley; all grandchildren; Mr J Selous nephew, Mrs A Renouf cousin.

Friends present included Mrs C Le Huray, Mrs A le Huray, Mrs Gladys Falla, Mrs Brehaut,Mr W le Lievre, Mr John Falla, Mrs E Tostevin, Mrs W Samson, Mrs Wearing, Mr Rouget, Mrs R Falla, Mrs J Way, Mrs Castell, Mrs B Tozer, Mrs Simon, Mrs N de la Mare.

Interment was in the Foulon Cemetery. The lovely wreaths were inscribed:

Happy memories of a dear kind mum, from Millie and Cliff; Your broken hearted daughter Flo, and Ivor; Loving memories of a dear mum, Eddie and Alice; In loving memory of dear mum, Alfred and Annie; John Gordon, Doreen and children; Dear stepmother, from Wilfred, Worcester; Dear Ma from Ann; To mother and grandmother, from Hilda, Lionel and Ronnie; Gran, from Brian; Esmee Don and Shelagh; Margaret, Dennis and children; Gran from Shirley and Don, Basingstoke; Gran, from Betty, Joe Diannne and Steven; Gran, from Gwyn; Aunt, from Arthur and Win; John and Nora Selous; Cecile and Ivy; Gladys and Bill; Eva and family; Members and friends, Salem Methodist Church; Mr Mrs A Le Huray and family; Alice, Bill and all at 11, Victoria Terrace; Mr Mrs Roberts; Billy and Richard; Eve and Vic; Mr Mrs Ian Young; Ivy and George; Mr Mrs Wearing and Carey; all at Carfin; Archie and Unie; Doris and Ernie Dodd and family.

The funeral arrangements were undertaken by James Way, Beckfords, of Fermoy, Bosq Lane and 21, Victoria Road. The Invoice was addressed to her daughter Mrs Shilvock (Mildred) at 93 Victoria Road.

March 23rd To furnishing funeral for the late Mrs Marie Louise Torode:

Polished Elm coffin, complete with 3 prs handles, nameplate and linings £14.14.0

Delivery of coffin and removal to Salem £ 1.05.0

Hearse for funeral £ 3 12.6

Two cars Mourners at 30/- each, one car at 20/- £ 4 00.0

All attendance £ 3 00 0

Cash payments

Salem caretaker 10/- Minister 10/- Organist 21/- £ 2.01 0

Press adveritsement twice £ 1.03.6

Fouylon Cemetery Fees £03.12.6

4 Bearers £01.00.0

5 gratuities to rivers at cemetery 12.6

Total £38.04.0

Children of George William Torode and Marie Louise Bourgaize, nee de la Mare. (Aunts and uncles)

Marie Flo Millie017 (2).jpg

Millie, Flo and their mother

Marie louise Torode018 (3).jpg

Millie and her mother

Marie louise Torode018 (2).jpg

Millie and her mother

Florence, born 1907; married 1925; died 1982

John Clifford, born & baptised 1909; died 1909

Clifford John, born & baptised 1909; died 1909

Mildred Marie, born & baptised 1910;married 1929; died 1991.

Edward John, born & baptised 1913; married 1941; died 1993.

Uncle Eddie & Alice039 (2).jpg


Brian Torode with his grandmother


From correspondence dated 20th August 2010:

My vertical descent: Nearly all taken from actual Parish registers at St Saviours as the Rector was a friend of mine and gave me ready access. My degree is in French so I could translate them fairly easily once I had deciphered the writing!!


            Jean Thoraude


                Colas du Lorier

                                      |                                |

                Colas du Lorier fils Colas, fils Jean, m le 2, mardi 1601 Philippine Noel fille Louys


                Charles fut marie avec Marie Martel, le 8 jour de jouillet 1643 (Note no r in the register entry)


                Charles fils Charles m Marie le Ray le 7 novembre 1695


                Charles fils Charles m Marie Priaulx 19.juin 1725


                Charles des Issues

m (i) Rachael Priaulx d 12.jan 1757 aged 35, morte au couche (in childbirth)

                                                      (ii) Marie Robert at St Andrew’s on 4.1.1758.

                Nicolas fils Charles des Issues et Rachael Priaulx

m 12.decembre.1784/5 Rachael de le Ree


                James of Les Rouvets fils Charles et Rachael de le Ree

m 14 octobre 1821 Caroline Allez


Nicolas-Daniel des Rouvets

m (i) Patty le Huray at St Martin. She d 14.0ctobre 1859 suite de couche) (after childbirth)

                                                                      (ii) Charlotte Allez widow of James Torode, on 31 octobre 1861

                George William des Rouvets

m (i) Mary Ann Torode 31.0ctobre 1894 at SS

                                                                        (ii) Marie Louise de la Mare widow on 16.March 1910 at St P P


                Edward John m 14 Feb 1941 Alice Salmon St PP.


                Brian Edward unmarried, (ME).born 1941 at Catel Hospital Guernsey, lived St PP. Only child.


Your ETC 001:

Colas Thoraude b 1578 @ Lorier SS. The Register says “son of Colas son of Jean. Married the 2nd ,Tuesday, (no month if I have copied correctly, or year given, but listed under the general heading 1601), Phillipine Noel fille Louys.

I had her born 1579 but her death and burial are new information to me – many thanks.

I have no details about his father Colas, b 1553 , nor about his brothers or sisters so would love to see your ETC 108.


Colas born 1578 continued:

I have for his children the same as you for Colas b 1608.

For Charles bapt 19.1.1611 his godparent was Jean le Messurier. He married Marie Martel “le 8 jour de jouillet 1643 or possibly 1645 as the register writing is smudged. She was buried 17.8.1684 as wife of.Charles which means that he was still alive, otherwise she would have been vve (widow of )Charles. I don’t have his death date.

For Jeammes I did not have a birth but agree with your death date and marriage date but have her birth as 1611 but no actual proof so yours of 1615 may well be true.

For Jean I did not have a date of birth, but I agree with the baptism. Jean’s godfather was Jean Ales. I do not have date for his marriage to Rachel de Garis but the deaths need a little clarification which I am sure you are aware of but I’ll include it just in case – Jean died 20.10.1699. Rachel died 5.3.1699 a widow because actually March 1699 was the old calendar which ran from April to March in the following year, meaning that she died in 1700 – and was rightly a widow. The new style calendar, which we use now came in early in the 1700s – I have the exact date somewhere and will fish it out if you would like it. It does help to tidy up some discrepencies at times.

Colas Thoraude b 1608 @ le Lorier I have the same as you but nothing on Rachel Gallienne. Their children I have the same as you but you have a lot more information than I have – I had no marriages and therefore no offspring. I look forward to seeing your trees for that line. For the child Jean bapt 23.10.1655 the register entry reads Jean, son of Colas son of Colas of le Lorier.

Charles Thoraude and Marie Martel:  Their issue I have as follows:


Charles died 9 12.1652 infant.

Marie bapt 30.3.1644 godparent Jean Thoraude, uncle. Buried 9.10 1710.

Susannne bapt 28.4.1651 godparent Abram Allayre.

Jean bapt 22.1.1653 fils Charles, fils Colas, et Marie Martel, godparent Abraham Martel fils Thomas. Married Rebecca Noel 26th 10 1676.

Charles bapt c 1656, bur. 29.10.1745 – Charles fils Charles age de 89 ans environs (about). Married 7.11.1695 Marie le Ray. She died 24.12.1726 wife of Charles.

Colas bapt. 30.1.1659

Possibly William c 1661


Jeammes Thoraude and Marthe Breton; Their issue I have as follows:


Thomas bapt 20.9.1635 godparent Jean Breton des Moulins. Married (i) 7.11.1658 Marie le Raie

                                                                                                                                    (ii) 25.2.1668/9 Marie de la Mare

Jeammes bapt 7.5.1637 godparent Colas Thoraude.

Marthe bapt 2.7.1643 fille Jeammes fils Colas , et Marthe Breton. Godparents Colas fils Colas son oncle. She married James Galienne. She died 2.7.1709

Nicholas bapt 15,5,1645 fils Jeammes fils Colas.

Marie bapt 30.3.1651

Jeammmes bapt 11.4.1652. Buried 27.4.1653

Jeammmes bapt 24.7.1653 godeparent Colas fils Colas Ales. Buried 18.2.1660

Jean Thoraude and Rachel de Garis. Their issue I have as follows, which is slightly different to yours. Any suggestions?

Nicolas bapt 21.3.1646 godparent Colas fils Colas. Died 18.9.1647

Rachel bapt 30.7.1647

Nicolas bapt 1.12.1650 gpdparent  Charles Toraude son oncle. Died 4.11.1651

Colas bapt 5.12.1652. died 22.12.1652.

Jean bapt 17.12.1653 died 26.10.1758. Married Marie le Tellier.

Susannne bapt 16.11.1656. Died 14.12.1656

Susanne bapt 16.5.1658 died 26.5.1684.

Pierre bapt 10.10.1661 godparent Abraham Simon.

Jeammes bapt 11.2.1666. Godparent Jean Mollet and Abraham Toraude.

All the baptisms and deaths and marriages recorded above are at St Saviours unless otherwise indicated.

Hope that you can read all this – let me know if too small and I’ll enlarge next time. Takes a long time but certainly has refreshed my memories. I have lots of personal details as we come nearer to the 1750s, especially about houses and land ownership. All for now, will continue tomorrow if I have time.


28 comments on “Torode Family of Guernsey

  1. Jan Smith
    January 29, 2016

    enthralling! Just discovered my late ex-husband (and thus two sons) are descended from rachel torode who married jean le page. Love to know more

    • Keith
      February 1, 2016

      Many thanks for adding this information. You are very welcome to add any more details that you have concerning the descendants of Jean and Rachel Le Page. Richard Barton

      • Jan Smith
        February 2, 2016

        Hi Keith, No, I don’t know a thing about them apart from the marriage. But were the ever Jews or Jewish? My mother in law was convinced her fathers family were, ie via his mother Caterette/Catherine/Harriet..

      • Richard Barton
        March 16, 2016

        I would think it highly unlikely that any of these people were Jewish. There may have been a small mediaeval community on the island but they would have left long before the Reformation. Brian was fascinated by Judaism so he would have picked up upon it straight away if it existed. His research would have been largely sourced from the island’s church registers – i.e. baptisms, weddings, burials. With every good wish Richard Barton.

  2. Stephanie Porter
    March 16, 2016

    I am curious to know if Elsie Maud, born 1900, daughter of George William Torode and Mary Ann nee Torode married Wilfred Heaume who had two sons, Ernest Heaume and Eric Heaume?

    • Richard Barton
      March 16, 2016

      Yes, she was Brian’s half aunt. I will send you full details in an email attachment. Richard Barton

      • Stephanie Porter (nee Heaume)
        March 21, 2018

        I love the photos that you have added of Elsie Marie and her husband Wilfred. You even have a photo of them holding my brother David.

      • Richard Barton
        March 21, 2018

        I am so pleased that you approve of the photos. I think I have some more to add. Good to keep in touch. Richard

  3. Elizabeth Board
    September 17, 2016

    I am a decedent of Jean and Rachel (Torode) Le Page as well. This is my direct maternal line. Thank you so much for putting this information online.

    • Richard Barton
      September 17, 2016

      Thank you and please let me know of any corrections and additions you can make. Great to hear some feed back!

  4. Michael Torode
    December 7, 2016

    Hi there, Brian sent me all information relating to my direct ancestry I am currently writing a book for my immediate family, so sad to hear of Brian’s passing, I was wondering who holds the information now?

    • Richard Barton
      December 7, 2016

      Dear Michael, Good to hear from you. You are welcome to use or even add information, as appropriate, to what is published here. The result of Brian’s research is available on this blog site but I do have all of his written notes etc. With kind regards Richard (Barton)

  5. michael torode
    December 7, 2016

    Thankyou Richard, do you have all the charts? would be interested in obtaining them all if possible, would be happy to pay into a fund or charity on Brians behalf in return

    • Richard Barton
      December 7, 2016

      I will take a peep at the file and see what I can find.

  6. michael torode
    December 19, 2016

    Thankyou Richard my e-mail is

  7. Cathy
    May 10, 2017

    My 9th great grand parents were Colas Torode & Philipine Noel. I follow the same family line as Brian Torode for my 8th, 7th & 6th grand parents. My 5th were Charles & Marie Robert. My grand parents were Dunstan/Dorey.

    • Richard Barton
      May 10, 2017

      Thank you so much for leaving a comment as Brian would have been delighted to have heard from you. Do you live in Guernsey now?

      • Cathy
        May 16, 2017

        My family moved from Guernsey to Canada in 1921. Brandon, Manitoba was where they lived until the early 1940’s. They moved to Toronto, where most of us still are. My dad was one of 11 children.

      • Richard Barton
        May 16, 2017

        Thanks Cathy

  8. Raymond
    March 14, 2018

    My father was Donovan Torode. His father was Scott Torode. Scott’s father came from Guernsey and moved to South Africa . Anything on the South African Torodes?

    • Richard Barton
      March 14, 2018

      Brian never mentioned any South African Torodes but you are probably distant cousins.

  9. Alison Mauger
    August 18, 2018

    Hi Richard

    I am trying to trace my great grandmother Marie Torode who married Jean Breton and had several children including Henri Breton in 1710. Jean was from St Saviours. Jean died in 1737 and Marie in 1731.

    I have not been able to find their births or marriage.

    • Richard Barton
      August 18, 2018

      Hi Alison. Thanks for your enquiry. I will see if Brian’s notes offer any clues but it may take a few days to find them. Kindest regards Richard

      • Alison Mauger
        August 18, 2018

        Thanks I appreciate that.

  10. Michelle Miller torode
    December 10, 2018

    This was so very interesting I’ve looked at this before but today I actually took more time to read our family history, I live in America now but my father and Aunt still reside in Guernsey my father is Dennis torode and my aunt is named Jean… Thank you for doing this

  11. Michael Torode
    October 30, 2019

    Hi Richard

    We spoke a few years ago, I want to thankyou for all your work for Brian and keeping alive our geneology, I am currently working on compiling and investigating further, I was wondering if you would be able to send all the charts, it would be much appreciated, I would of course add any information that I can find

  12. Helaine K
    July 5, 2020

    Yay! This page helped me break through a brick wall on my family history. It appears my 4th Great-Grandmother, Rachel Torode (Daughter of William Torode and Rachel De La Rue) married Lorents Hamilton on 12 Jan 1804 in St. Peter Port, Guernsey.

    According to church records they lived and raised their family in Halden, Østfold, Norway, where their daughter, Elisabeth Jeanette Henriette Lorents, married Halvor Johansen.

    They have numerous documented descendants in Norway and the US. My Great-Great Grandmother, Rachel Helene Saxlund (Halvorsdotter/Johansen) emigrated to North Dakota, USA along with some of her grown children (she had 10).
    I still don’t know where Lorents Hamilton was from prior to their marriage.
    I am so pleased to find such a richly documented Guernsey heritage to explore.
    Thank you!

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