A tribute to the life and work of Brian Torode

Ozouet Family of Lithaire in La Manche and Jersey

Please click on the following link to read interesting details of Brian’s family history… Ozouet Family of Lithaire in La Manche:

‘… We know that Aimee Celeste Ozouet (nee Le Forestier), mother of the three girls, continued to live for some time in Lithaire after the death of her husband and she was present at the marriage of her daughter Agathe, in Lithaire, to John Louis Salmon in 1845. She attended both marriages of her daughter Eugenie in 1869 and again in 1873. However, as we have seen above, in the Jersey 1861 census return, she is listed, under her maiden name of Le Forestier, as a border in the house of Jean Baptiste Richcoeur and his wife Jospehine, Aimee’s daughter.   Aimee is then aged 55 and she is described as a widow, born France. Her occupation is given as mantua maker – a costume pattern maker or a coat pattern maker…’


Pierre Lozouet I baptised Lithaire (1692c-1772) and Catherine (Marie?) Haize (1707c-1749)


Pierre Lozouet II (1723c –3rd December 1800)   baptised Lithaire, died Lithaire. Married 11th June 1750 Jeanne Demarencourt (1722-1793), who was baptised at Varenguebec. Daughter of Guillaume Demarencourt (27 Feb 1678 – 23 Aug 1749) and Jeanne Lepesqueux (6th December 1671 – 23rd January 1754) both baptised Varenguebec).


Simeon Ozouet (born 7th February 1758 Lithaire – died 25th March 1810 Carentan). Married 11th August 1786 Marie Magdalene Lemonnier (born 15th April 1766 Doville; died 2nd September 1819 Lithaire), daughter of Michel Lemonnier and Jeanne Marie Legastelois, both born at Doville.


Leonor Pierre Michel Ozouet (born 30th June 1791 Lithaire; died 29th August 1841 Lithaire) Married 17th November 1823 Celeste Aimee Henriette Le Forestier (born 4th July 1805 Mobec, died 3rd August 1879 Jersey), daughter of Jean Louis Francois Le Forestier, born 1775 Mobec, and Jeanne Aimee Charlotte Biard, baptised at Varenguebec.


Agathe Marie Celeste Ozouet (born 25th February 1827 Lithaire; died 12th February 1900 Lithaire). Married 28th November 1845 at Lithaire Jean Louis Denis (Desire) Salmon (born 5th May 1818 Gorges, died 23rd June 1857 Jersey). 


Senateur Desire Jean Baptiste Salmon born 22nd July 1846, Lithaire; d Guernsey 5th August 1911. Married Emelie Bisson, born Jersey 30th July 1861; died Guernsey 25th July 1934.


Alice Beatrice Salmon born 25th September 1903, Guernsey; died 22nd January 1993 Guernsey. Married 2nd February 1941 Edward John Torode born 11th November 1913 Guernsey, died 15th January 1981 Guernsey.


Brian Edward Torode born 4th July 1941 Guernsey, died 4th March 2014 Cheltenham.

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