A tribute to the life and work of Brian Torode

William Hill Knight, 1814 –1895

To download Brian Torode’s essay on the career of the Cheltenham architect, William Hill Knight (1814-1895), please press the link below:

Family Letters:

From Ron Hankey:

‘Here are 2 letters from WH Knight to my great-great-grandfather, the one from 1855 I copied onto a typed page back in 1980 so the quality is not the best, we didn’t have a very good typewriter then, the one from 1881 I never transcribed. I’ve included a scan of each original letter.

8 comments on “William Hill Knight, 1814 –1895

  1. David Grahame Sutton
    May 22, 2016

    A friend of mine who lives near Cheltenham has recently discovered a photograph that would appear to be if William Hill Knight. It is a pity that Brian Torode isn’t around to see it.
    We have contacted Cheltenham Museum and Art Gallery (The Wilson) but they haven’t replied to our email.

    • Richard Barton
      May 23, 2016

      Dear David,

      Thank you so much for adding your comment. It would wonderful if your friend would allow me to add a copy of the photograph to Brian’s W. H. Knight file. Any further information concerning Knight would also be much appreciated. With kind regards, Richard

  2. Chris Shoults
    May 17, 2020

    I am a metal detectorist and today found a 2d token, on one side it says “The Ready money Tea” and on the other side ” W H Knight” across the centre with “Evesham” underneath and thr word above looks like “Ren-eworth” the – being an rnknown letter.

  3. Richard Barton
    September 24, 2020

    Dear Ron, thank you so much for sending me the links to these photographs of W. H. Knight and I would really appreciate it if I might add them to this article please? Brian was hoping to produce a short biography of Knight, to accompany his volume on John Middleton, his competitor, but he died before this could happen. I have always intended to add some images of his buildings so your communication will encourage me to do this. The letters that you mentioned would be a fascinating addition too – my email address is:

    With kindest regards


  4. Ron H
    September 24, 2020

    Mr. Barton

    Certainly, I will scan these pictures again at higher resolution and send you copies of the letters I have. I am descended from Charles Hastings, he is Matilda’s brother, not from WH Knight himself. Feel free to use the WH Knight photograph I am sending you in this article.

    I thank my grandmother, Gladys Hastings, for saving what we have, her parents had a large collection of letters but most were lost in a fire.

    I’ve always dreamed of going to Cheltenham and would love to see the places mentioned in this article.

    Best Wishes
    Ron H

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