A tribute to the life and work of Brian Torode

The Story of Tivoli

Download here to read the full text of Brian Torode’s book on Tivoli:


This story of Tivoli has been written after several years of collecting material both written and oral, about one of Cheltenham’s most attractive areas. It is not written as an academic study, but as a tour of an area which will be of interest to the inhabitants of this part of the town as well as to the casual visitor. Much of the information has been borrowed from the wealth of histories of Cheltenham and from Parish Magazines, which contain many details about persons living in the parish since the Church was built. In addition the resources of the Cheltenham Reference Library, the Gloucester Library Local Studies Collection and the Gloucester Record Office have provided much original material.

I am also indebted to the reminiscences of the late John Crook of Tivoli Street and of Mr Alfred James of Lypiatt Street; to Mr Eric Williams for suggestions and resources placed at my disposal; to Janet Johnstone for the information relating to Cheltenham Ladies’ College; and to the many `locals’ who have supplied hitherto unpublished details about Tivoli and its people.

Mr Roger Beacham and the staff at the Cheltenham Reference Library have been of invaluable assistance and always cheerfully responsive to the many demands I have made of them. This applies equally to the staff at Gloucester Record Office and Gloucester Local Studies Library. To them all my sincere thanks.

To Michael Staite who has spent many hours providing guidance and practical computer assistance I am extremely indebted as I am also to Richard Barton for his invaluable assistance with research assistance and proofreading.

To the many Tivoli residents who have encouraged me in the production of this book, I am indeed most appreciative and hope that their enthusiasm has been justified.

Since the publication of the first edition of this study, much new material has come to light and corrections and additions have been made where appropriate. However, any errors are my responsibility and I would welcome notification of these, as well as any additional information which readers may care to share with me.

Brian Torode. 1998. Revised and updated 2005.

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